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    Good games. GOOD games. To hell with DLCs. I don't care WHUT those developers say about the 6-8 weeks period, Day 1 DLC is BULLSHIT
  1. I always play dwarfs. Always, Short, bearded and grumpy forever. =P Can't wait
  2. Go to the AngryJoeShow, open the links for the top ranked games, and watch the reviews. Play the one which seems the most interesting. That's how I started Civ 5: Brave New World. Caused me to barely sleep for 3 weeks straight Oh. AND how I got Southpark: Stick of Truth. If you haven't played that then you're SERIOUSLY missing out
  3. Some good games that aren't on the Top 10 list. Those you can get at any game review site. Fantasy wars, star wolves, nexus: jupiter incident, freelancer, startopia, icewind dale 2, commandos 2, wizardry 8, total annihilation
  4. Freelancer. Old as heck, but..... the genre is undeveloped. As far as I can remember, if you want a first person space combat simulator Freelancer is pretty okay
  5. I always thought it was kinda dumb. Like, The Empire fighting with the Stormcloaks? Why? The worship of Talos is banned OFFICIALLY, so let them worship unofficially? AND they're killing the Thalmor; hey, that's a good thing. "We need the Empire united"...so you can lick Thalmor boots as one? Why not let Ulric mess up the Thalmor and you can gain some breathing space for a while?
  6. Hmm. Easier with new tech, yes, in a way. Still hard and can kill you at any time, yes, it still does. Go ahead and get it. Near the end it's not easy; it's just less back-breaking. Example is you have tech that prevents your best soldiers from dying; they will instead bleed out...so you are less likely to lose the whole game because of a few mistakes. I don't think that that's a bad thing? Liking a challenge is one thing, wanting to die horribly is quite another =P Let's just say it's much harder in the early to middle stages without serious planning, and less brutal in the end IF you managed to do everything right up to then
  7. How bout some older games? Some are still good as newer versions have not come out: Freelancer Nexus: Jupiter Incident Startopia Red Alert Series Starcraft Series Warcraft Diablo II and III Sacred Demigod (Kinda like Dota; pity they didn't develop it further) Mechwarrior Series Star Wolves (Star Wolves II and III are SHIT, but Star Wolves 1 is so good....) Kohan (Kohan II is okay but meh) Mechcommander Gold Medal of Honor Warhammer 40K Dawn of War I, Dawn of War II, Dark Crusade (Hohoho, chef's favorite...but don't play DOW Redemption cos' its BULLCRAP) Lots of games that make you go WAOW, despite the fact that they're more than 10 years old
  8. Something strange. On my 2nd playthrough, I don't get any of the cutscenes when the MEC KOs an enemy. Mechtoid, Berserker...nothing. AND my MEC is doing 27 damage with it's punch. Thought it was supposed to be 18? Hmm.
  9. Good idea. But I think a bit more focus on the fact that they're releasing another DLC BEFORE fixing the existing problems; that it shows they couldn't care less about releasing an incomplete product, and that they just want to move on to the next money-making venture.
  10. Considering that Star Citizen and Mandate will not be coming for a while, I have decided to dig up this old Space Strategy game to tide myself over until they come. Anyone played this before? AND if you have, would you agree that it is a one-of-a-kind space strategy game? With delicious complexity, once you get the hang of it, and we absolutely need a sequel? Well, that's not likely to happen, but at least Star Citizen and Mandate will go some way to easing the hurt. Just wanted to remind you guys of one of the really unique games that absolutely need to be not so unique anymore (give us sequels!)
  11. I think I have...don't recall seeing anything different? Lemme go punch one again and see =P
  12. No question: Tiberium Wars. Don't even mention Red Alert 3 in the same sentence. DO NOT. You can try Red Alert 3 just for completeness, but if it's one or the other definitely go for Tiberium Wars
  13. I'm assuming you're a console player, otherwise, yes, you'd be the only PC player who prefers sitting on the floor =P
  14. I like the series, but the expansions to GalCiv2 were a bit overwhelming...specific tech trees that took AGES to complete...and of course the main thing that puts people off the game is the OMG THE DREAD LORDS HAVE 292dmg!!! WTF!!! Yeah; it's quite difficult even if you DO know how to play it. Fun though.