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  1. Thanks. Professional Sloth, because that describes me and my field of study very well (computer engineering) and professional lazy person is too long. xD
  2. Hello folks, I was here back at the launch of AJSA in 2013, but had to leave because of school soon after I joined. Therefore, I thought a re-into was appropriate. My name is Oxyorum and I am was a professional otaku. Since anime quality has been on the decline as of late, I have abandoned that title. I'm from the U.S. I tend to play TF2 a bunch, with the ocassional SWTOR gameplay for the story, OSRS, space engineers, elite dangerous, etc. A full list can be found on my steam profile because I'm not typing them all out. I'm getting back into Warframe again, so if anyone wants to do T4 void, hit me up, my username is the same. (We're using your keys though, because I don't have any /s) Anyways, you'll probably see me around here fairly often, when I'm not busy. Hope to meet your acquaintances and such. Toodles.
  3. I'm not volunteering to build, since my building skills are still pretty meh. However, let me know if you gents need any help related to server setup, by PM, preferably. Been playing minecraft for about 3 years now, and I've been administrator for Tekkro Gaming Network for a year plus. I've managed various linux servers during this time for packs like Voltz, and FTB Unleashed, as well as coded many plugins for TGN. For those that want to verify, look up TGN forums. My name on there is "Oxy-sama"
  4. Favorite Class: Pyro Favorite Weapon: Backburner Favorite Sidearm: Reserve Shooter
  5. Just look at my forum title. 'Nough said.
  6. The good thing about Eve Online is that it is a sandbox game, and that includes moneymaking opportunities. You can literally do anything you want with your characters and engage in a variety of careers. Some can get you good money real fast if you have a thick skin and don't care of being a baddy. If you like playing on the straight-and-narrow, your options in the beginning are going to be limited, as far as I have as I have seen. Note that I haven't been playing Eve for the longest time, so take my comments with a grain of salt.
  7. If you are going to join Eve Online in the next few days, buy as many minerals and ores as you can. Easy money.
  8. I agree with the above poster. Eve is a game where you have to be attentive to many details. Play smart, you don't get screwed over.
  9. Any of you guys hear of Hummingbird? If not, you should try it out. Think of ANN, but with a fresher and streamlined look.
  10. Alucard (Hellsing Ultimate) & Gutz (Beserk) tied for my favorite.
  11. Dawgggggs <3 Cats are all meh.
  12. I am so happppyyyyy. I'm glad I came back from my short hiatus to this good news. I'll definitely either transfer my imp characters to Jedi Covenant or make a new toon.
  13. As for I would recommend, Read or Die the TV is a really good and often overlooked anime. It is essentially about three sisters that provide security for an author that seems to have a hit on her. Give it a try, its action-packed, has intrigue and has great rewatch value.
  14. Well, technology certainly makes people lazy. ;p However, there are many technological resources that can actually make you smarter if you look for them. If anyone is interested, the book Fahrenheit 451 by the late Ray Bradbury offers insight into what a world where technology completely dominates every aspect of human life would look like, without necessarily being sci-fi'ey.
  15. I'm a native english speaker and proficient spanish speaker, mainly because my grandmother used to make me read old spanish newspapers and then summarize them for her back when I was 5 or 6. As for languages I would like to learn, french, because I want to live in Europe at some point. I would also like to learn portugese and german. Oh, and japanese, since I can't really be a professional otaku without knowing the language.