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  1. Waiting for next week for the physical copy to come out here at Gamestop. Gonna have to install off the disk as my current situation dictates that nothing can be downloaded. (60 gig data cap, and a cousin that tends to download everything anyway because he's an ass.) But I'm looking forward to the potential storylines and especially that Garrison. It looks fancy and fun. Also, I get more fun out of the game because I'm a roleplayer on the infamous realm, we avoid goldshire like the plague. For me and my guild, it's all about trying to escape from the day to day and take a look at a different side of life. It's fun, it really is. It's another piece of endgame content that doesn't rely on strength stats and loot. It's just pure imagination, with the added bonus of all the game's rich lore and content. I've got high hopes for this expansion, it looks better than MoP, but only time will tell.
  2. Ooooh, that. Haven't seen it, I'll check it out.
  3. Jesus, Sol. Dat Signature.
  4. Gotta disagree with you on Diablo, personally I'm still loving it. However the other two need to be destroyed in fire along with CoD.
  5. I presume you're meaning Space Engineers on Steam? Or is Space Engine an independent game? If you do mean Space Engineers, hell yeah! I do love Space Sims in general and SE is shaping up to be a fantastic sandbox game.
  6. Alright, I bring this up because I noticed today the way I relate the band alt-J to League of Legends. The moment I hear their music I start thinking of League and the character I often play while listening to them, Jayce. Similarly said is how I associate Fuel by Metallica to Test Drive: Off-Road Wide-Open. And again Massive Attack/Noisia to EVE Online. So what about you guys? Do you have a musical association that correlates between tune and controller trigger? I wanna hear it, let loose!
  7. [OOC Post] Is it at all possible to have this thread moved to the new Forum Game subdivision?
  8. Bioshock Infinite Despite the story, it felt very plastic.
  9. Survival Games are still one of my favorites, honestly.
  10. Little girls - it's even worse as I was at a gun course with my cousin, him learning how to shoot and the basics of gunmanship, when I hear a deep feminine voice of someone in their twenties to early thirties. I turn around and look down to this blonde haired little girl talking to her father while skipping about his feet. Teddy bear in one hand and drawing book in the other, overtly mature in her voice but utterly innocent in appearance. Creeped me the hell out. Hello, Annie. Yes, I do see your bear, Tibbers.
  11. Looking for some more active people to fight in Frozen Synapse. The low down of the game is simple - a tactical turn based chess board. That's the best I can describe it as on a base level, however it's a lot more in depth and concerns cover mechanics, semi-destructible environments, and a whole lot of shooty shooty action. It's a great game where what you think might happen never often does and the results are spectacular - also it's got a great sound track IMO. As of 4/18 (or 18/4/14 for others) it's $5 on Steam for two copies. Get one for yourself and for your buddy! Add me in-game (Hostone) and start up an extermination game or what have you. I'm loving this game to death and would adore the chance to have more folk to fight against. Cheers and I'll see you on the pixelly blue field!
  12. Would be interesting to change your colors toward one side or the other.
  13. Nope, back to the dungeon with you sir.
  14. Let me make this flat and simple, Joe - and the community by extension - follow their own schedules. The world moves to the beat of its own drum. This isn't about fairness, it's about time and what can be fit in where. I'm in the same boat as you bud, work, moving, etc is all getting in the way of fun time which I get about 10 hours out of the week if I'm lucky, otherwise I'm either packing or working. Flat-est and simple-est: Don't piss in their cheerios because yours weren't perfectly round.