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  1. BSB liked a post in a topic by LordMagus in Back to the WoW   
    Yes indeed, an opinion.
  2. BSB liked a post in a topic by The World's Dementia in Who Was the most Annoying boss for you in video games to defeat but in the end you enjoyed the fight   
    Ursula from KH, I beat her 10 levels too low, lmao.
  3. BSB liked a post in a topic by E NOMiNE in Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 will be free to play tomorrow !!!!   
    News from PCGAMER:
    " Yes, it's FREE...By navigating to (http://store.steampowered.com/app/35450/ ) and downloading the game tomorrow after the promotion starts and before it ends (the promotion will last 24 hours), the game will be free to keep forever ! "       
    Now everybody let's join this fight !!! URA !!! 
    Original article link : http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/04/23/red-orchestra-2-one-day-deal-will-let-you-download-and-keep-the-game-for-free/
  4. BSB liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in What I fear Star Wars Battlefront 3 will be like.   
    You mean 69 dollaz.

  5. BSB liked a post in a topic by GodPlzStopMe in Watch Dogs[Gameplay/Interviews]   
    Spider Mini-game alone is worth 60$
  6. BSB liked a post in a topic by BlondishMist748 in Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer   
    OCTOBER 7 ! 
    Also if you don't like it, you are not healthy
  7. BSB liked a post in a topic by Gone too in Musical Association: What do you Game to?   
    I like to listen to the OSTs myself most of the time. Whenever the game has no soundtrack I get my... Wait for it, soundtracks folder! FPS with no music usually go to my techno collection(Prodigy, Fatboy slim, Juno Reactor, Pendulum, deadmau5 and what-not.) I hardly listen to Metal or music that has lyrics in general as it easily gets in the way.

    In general the techno bands I mentioned go with Valve shooters(other than hl2 that is.) for example. Also Bobby Prince and other classic FPS tunes. I like to Battlefield to Battlefield themes(2, 2142 and the first one had a lot more tracks than the ones today.)

    Strategy games I like to listen to Frank Klepacki or other composers like the Blizzard guys - Tracy W. Bush, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes & Glenn Stafford

  8. Sol Omega liked a post in a topic by BSB in Musical Association: What do you Game to?   
    Jesus, Sol. Dat Signature.
  9. BSB liked a post in a topic by Jaden Brixton34 in Regarding those who play Garry's mod who are also Members of the AJSA (Please Read)   
    Hello, Everyone of the Angry Army, Jaden Brixton Reporting in with some news that may or may not be important to you.
    This morning it was reported that there was an exploit detected in Garry's mods Source Files that could allow for malicious DLLS and other such files to be sent to players without them knowing it. There was a patch for said exploit released later this morning to fix the exploit and correct any other coding error that may have caused such a deadly defect to the game.
    Reason I bring this up here is Incase anyone hasn't been on steam lately to see the news on Gmod, also to inform anyone that they should immediately run a scan if they were playing on Gmod anytime between last night, and this morning to clear out any infectious files/malware that may have snuck in due to this exploit.
    I apologize if I wasted a topic and this was an already reported on subject, or if everyone already knew.
    Thank you for taking time to read this informitave post, and have a great rest of your day.
    -Jaden Brixton.
  10. BSB liked a post in a topic by Wolfspawn in [Forum Game] I Alone Own this Hill   
    One of the mods are going to do it eventually; don't worry.
  11. BSB liked a post in a topic by Sol Omega in [Forum Game] I Alone Own this Hill   
    This thing is back?
    I have the official deed of owner ship.
    Get off of my property, ya free loading, squatin, hippy young folk.
    I alone own this hill.
  12. BSB liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Games most people like but you don't   
    Wait, Destiny didn't even come out yet. Why do you hate it?
  13. BSB liked a post in a topic by Ickis99 in What are some some of the creepiest things in video games, that you normally wouldn't find to be scary in real life?   
    Clowns! In Games they are usually creepy as fuck and trying to kill you. In reality they are just annoying.
  14. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by BSB in Console players, get on teamspeak!!   
  15. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by BSB in Console players, get on teamspeak!!   
  16. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by BSB in Console players, get on teamspeak!!   
  17. BSB liked a post in a topic by ArmyofSage in FTL: Advanced Edition Released!   
    I've just downloaded the patch... yup.... free content! If you have never played this game before.. DO IT! If you have and always wanted more go check out your library on steam. New ships! New ship variants! New difficulty! More stuff! Ok, enough typing!
  18. iGun liked a post in a topic by BSB in Help Wanted: Physicist   
    Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. That is one of the key laws/theories of science that has been observed. If you're going to "teleport" an object what you're effectively doing is not making it cease to exist, but exist in another form or shape. You're moving an object as a string of atoms at the speed of light from one location toward another and reassembling them into their proper place with their proper bonds and placements. That is as close to teleporting as you're going to get. 
        But, throwing that theory out of the window; Space, when an object is present, is bent around the object and thus creating gravity. Now, when you remove that object in an instant without any warning you're effectively restoring balance to that part of the universe as the "hole" is being closed. (Easy to say and visualize if you're looking at it in a 2D view, but honestly there's likely other dimensions that we haven't yet discovered.)
        Space in recent years has been thoerized not to be that oh-so-empty void that we've believed it is. The hints to this are that no point in space has ever been recorded at absolute zero and that the universe is still expanding instead of collapsing in on itself as it should thanks to gravity - there's a force at work within the abyss of space that's acting on the bodies of the universe to perpetuate expansion. If you remove this matter from existence I believe you'd have a very different reaction. If Anti-Matter was to cease to exist the universe, all stars, planets and celestial bodies would react in one of two ways;
    - Gravity's effect is unrestrained leaving the universe to collapse in on itself over an instant or billions of years, depending on the speeds of stars etc.
    - Gravity would cease to exist, there would be no closure, and we'd all float away into a frozen oblivion in the depths of unbridled space to freeze. (I believe this to be more likely as anti-matter appears to be the gluing force of the universe.)
        Either one of these hypotheses would be devastation to our existence, but at least you'd have your answer.
        Ultimately, we can't know. There has never been a recorded incident of a celestial body ceasing to exist so there hasn't been any record of light's effect around that area being effected along with no way to test that actual space as it happened. Sorry bub, you can't get your answer until we can witness it. Gotta love how life is just so full of questions but so many little answers.
    Edit #2: Oh yeah, all of this was just postulation by me. I'm even hoping most of it's wrong so someone can tell me the real answer, haha.
  19. BSB liked a post in a topic by Wolfspawn in What April Fools joke did you successfully pull off today?   
    I think the lack of an April Fools joke would be a good one. Make whoever you want to play a joke on know you want to. Make it obvious. Make them anticipate a joke. Then... never pull one. Leave them hanging. It takes very little effort, but it's probably one of the best April Fools jokes you can do, without blowing everything out of proportion.
    Also, I haven't pulled any jokes today. Mainly because April Fools has only just begun over here in Amurrca. Also, because I'm a lazy bastard.
  20. BSB liked a post in a topic by Sol Omega in What April Fools joke did you successfully pull off today?   
    April Fools is just another Tuesday for me.
  21. BSB liked a post in a topic by StarTrek71 in Purchasing without looking at reviews   
  22. BSB liked a post in a topic by Rain in Troll messes up the AJSA Teamspeak   
    Bringing this to Council/Administrator's attention.
  23. BSB liked a post in a topic by Tons0fun in "Unfair" official AJSA games !   
    I came into this thread thinking I was going to have to try and set things straight... well, this is a perfect example of a community policing itself. Thanks guys.
  24. BSB liked a post in a topic by 7thFrost in "Unfair" official AJSA games !   
    Here's your answer right here.
  25. Tons0fun liked a post in a topic by BSB in "Unfair" official AJSA games !   
    Let me make this flat and simple, Joe - and the community by extension - follow their own schedules. The world moves to the beat of its own drum. This isn't about fairness, it's about time and what can be fit in where. I'm in the same boat as you bud, work, moving, etc is all getting in the way of fun time which I get about 10 hours out of the week if I'm lucky, otherwise I'm either packing or working.

    Flat-est and simple-est: Don't piss in their cheerios because yours weren't perfectly round.