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  1. Had another idea: How about a strictly Cyrodiil thread? [set up for both NA and EU] Subsections to this could be: - Special Event listings and sign-up (ala the event on 4/12). This can be linked back and forth between the even calander with emphansis on setting up meeting times and locations, grouping guidelines, teamspeak rules, and all the other "this and thats" that came up during the first event. (And yes, please yes, a sticky on how to behave correctly on the teamspeak channels during those huge events. Please. I'm begging. /beggar) - Cyrodiil dungeon crawls / Skyshard hunting groups - Getting groups together and scheduling days - Daily assult groups and schedules : this could be a way to find consistant grouping and a way to set up "shifts" to maintain our holdings and to take more [if we haven't dominiated the map by then]. - Sub-guilds (i.e. - the ASJA's platoons) - What I mean by this is signing up for specific squads that can have their own chat channel within the game and a way for squad leaders to keep up with who's active. [This could include squads like "Papabear's Cub Scouts" and "Morwenna's Queensguard"] This combined with the daily assult scheduling would allow us - ideally - to dominate the map and hold it as well. - Shout Outs and Awards - This could simply be a praise and bragging section where groups, leaders, players and all could swap stories, post screen shots, and celebrate heroic triumphs and comedic failures I'm sure I and others could come up with more, but hopefully this will help.
  2. How about posting a thread relating to UI add-ons? i.e.: Links for said add-ons, discussions on the pros and cons of specific add-ons by those who have used them (add-on reviews), maybe even discussions on how we as a guild can create add-ons [not only for the betterment of play but a way we can spread the word of the AJSA by posting our add-ons on ESOUI, Curse, etc.]. Here are some links to help: http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/04/08/elder-scrolls-online-top-addons http://www.esoui.com/addons.php http://minion.mmoui.com/ http://www.reddit.com/r/elderscrollsonline/comments/223okn/addon_recommendation_list_and_faq/ http://www.curse.com/teso-addons/teso/downloads
  3. Tola Srrup@TolaSrrup Khajiit NightBlade DPS w/some PBAOE healing - Medium Armor - Dual Wield/Archer Central Time Zone - Disabled, so on practically all the time. TS3 Handle - TolaSrrup (why over complicate it?)
  4. Me me me. @TolaSrrup sent
  5. If you're buying the trilogy set, you should be getting some of the DLC anyway. But I, for one, feel like all the DLC for ME2 and ME3 are well worth the money - that is, excluding the cosmetic and gear DLC. All the story related DLC adds to the plot-line and folds seemlessly into the overall narrative (if you have the DLC installed before your initial play-through or before you replay the series). Basically, I say, "Buy it. BUY IT!"
  6. I am, bar-none, the biggest fan of this series. I have played the games multiple times (in fact, I generally play the series at least once a year), I have read the books, listened to the audiobooks, and I read the comics. I've watched and made others watch "Red Sand" and "Paragon Lost" and I am currently salivating for the live-action movie to come out (dreading at the same time that it will suck). I, like so many others, prefer the story line of ME2 though I do prefer the game play of ME3. I have every expansion Bioware has produced (well, everyone except the one for ME1) and I feel like every one of the expansions were worthwhile and added to the overall content of the story. I was disappointed by the original ending to ME3 and was appreciative that Bioware responded to fan outcry and corrected their mistake and gave it to us for free (how often does that happen?). It is without a doubt the best, most immersive, story-driven RPG ever. [<sigh> I better say, "in my opinion." Though since I'm writing it, I feel it goes without saying.] I wish there were more RPGs (and for that matter, MMORPGs) that were in the Sci-Fi genre as opposed to all the Tolkien-inspired fantasy-based games out there. Oh, and I am squirming and twitching like a crack-head needing a fix waiting for the newest Mass Effect game.
  7. I'm not out to dismiss anyone's opinion, I just think that if one looks at it from a certain point of view, the actual price at release can been seen as $45 since you get the first month "free." The sticker price incorporates the first $15 monthly subscription fee plus the price of the game. Since I am still exploring Skyrim even well after I have completed the two primary story lines (not to mention the story lines from the expansions) and since the stand alone game is so very massive in itself, I believe that if ESO is comparable to Skyrim, $15 a month is not alot to ask for. It just depends on what one considers to be value. To reiterate, if the monthly fee incorporates monthly (or so) additions and updates [and I'm referring to content not just maintenance], plus to pay for online, live mediators that can be accessed in-game then it is well worth the money. If one doesn't get anything beyond an "on switch" then...well we'll see. I just think with the glut of mediocre free to play games out there, that the gaming audience has become spoiled and doesn't want to pay for quality. Metaphorically speaking, do you want a free slice of fried spam or do you want to pay for a perfectly cooked filet mignon?
  8. Arreyanne, I know you can still subscribe and get the game re-opened to what it was, I just didn't want to rant about how I felt blackmailed into subscribing just to have the same game I had before the free to play launch... For one thing, we were supposed to be discussing ESO so I didn't want to trail off more than I had already, plus - to be perfectly honest - I felt like it would have been counter productive to my arguement by being forced to subscribe. I mainly was trying to articulate that I, for one, prefer a monthly subscription than free-to-play with microactions as I feel we, as subscribers, get much, much more for our money than by randomly spending for what is ultimately either vanity items or pay-to-win gear. I have always prefered subscription models, if the subscription money is used for consistant content releases and to pay in-game, live mediators as I had grown accustomed to in the past. Most free-to-play online games that I have played (notice the qualifiers here) just don't seem to have the scope, depth, or customer service friendliness that I have become accustomed to in subscriber based models. Simply put, City of Heroes - one of the progenitors - did it right from the get-go and now I'm spoiled.
  9. Ugh. I really don't want to get sucked into another forum debate, but I have argued this point too many times on so many other games, I might as well. I've been playing MMORPGs since the original Everquest. The one I stayed with longest was City of Heroes. I played that game for 3 years paying for a $15 subscription the entire time. I still feel that every dollar I spent - for the game itself, its expansions and the monthly subscription - were well spent. Why? Because every month or so there was an update of somekind - whether it was new missions, new power sets, costumes, events, whatever - we got something for our $15. Plus when you consider the server maintenance, character backups, live, in-game moderators, and the ilk, $15 was a bargain. This, of coourse, was well before MMOs had any kind of voice acting. Then came along games with microtransactions... At first, these games did little to no business as many subscription games at the time came with all the bells and whistles that microtransaction games charged you for, not-to-mention there were rampant pay-to-win models out there. Somehow (and I believe the failing economy along with console proliferation and simply the time it takes for MMOs to be produced) microtransaction games gained momentum and with it the downfall of MMOs as a whole. Star Trek Online is a good example of this. I salivated at the very idea of this game when the first press releases of this game were released. I pre-ordered the collector's edition eagerly awaiting its release. Since it came from Cryptic - who originally released City of Heroes - I had high expectations that game would have shared the same integrety of CoH and that ships, costumes, respecs and the like would have all been related to questing (whether PvP, PvE, raids, what have you) and that any later released material would have been included with the subscription. However, Atari screwed everybody, including Cryptic, and Cryptic had to scramble for new money and now we have a microtransaction model where a player pays $25 on average to get a new ship ("Thanks" Perfect World ). In fact, you pay for new costumes, new playable races, keys to open boxes containing new and alledgedly rare gear, and so on. It sickens me how much they charge for what used to be grindable (for lack of a better term). Then we come to Old Republic Online. With my disappointment in STO, I though SWTOR was going to right the world for me, back to the subscription model, voice acted and Star Wars - what could be better? Then from out of nowhere, free to play was discussed. I ranted, raved, begged for it not to be true. But they caved. Now (or at least the way it was just as I quit) the choice for subscription is gone. If one wants to do anything worthwhile in the game, you pay through the nose. They have put so many caps on everything that to play without a subscription is pointless and you still have microtransactions on top of that. My point is this (yes, I know, finally): For those of you saying you don't get to try it out first before you decide on buying or paying subscription. Most games don't give you a trial period before you decide to buy the game. Did anyone get to play Skyrim before having to pay for it? As far as the subscription, everyone gets the first month free. Thirty days to decide IF you want to pay the subscription. Plus if you wanted to play early, there was always the possibility of being picked up for the beta (not a guarentee but still an option) and the likelihood of an large open beta hitting around March is relatively high so more people should be able to try it before it hits the shelves. The other, most obvious alternative is to wait. Wait for it to hit the shelves, see what the reviews are, see what people are saying on forums after it goes live, check out YouTube videos with ingame content and commentary to see if the subscription model is, indeed, worth it. No one is forcing you or even telling you to go buy it at midnight on the release day. To me, any service worth having is worth a subscription. I gladly pay for Netflix, cable television, and the internet. None of these are required for me to exist and live a relatively decent life, but these little bits of luxury make my life a little better and are thus worth the money. The same goes for a good quality MMO. If I want to play it and I think it's worth the money, I will happily pay it. If it isn't, I drop it and save my cash for something else. Right now, with what they have released about ESO, I will gladly pay a subscription. The game seems huge, alot more open-ended character developement (at least compared to other MMOs) and the voice acting list is like a who's who of British actors. I want to see them add new content in the future and therefore I am willing pay for the same high quality writing, acting, environments and gameplay with a subscription. I don't want to be nickle and dimed (which really means $10 and $25ed) to death for skins, gear, mounts and the like when a subscription would allow me to simply quest for the same things.