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  1. Y U DISABLE COMMENTS idk, u might want to make it more concise
  2. hahah i had just come back to post about this, well done sir
  3. I aprove of this comment! Although you can be outgunned by other cqc weapons, this certainly retains some pretty good capabilities for range AND it works for all classes (except max of course) BUT it does cost you 1000certs /700 SC as opposed to 250 for the medic ones I suggested Keep in mind though, if you are cross faction buy this with SC so you can get it on all your characters regardless of faction
  4. I would go med-tool, you revive so fast that it is almost like bf3 reviving In terms of guns, theres a funny story, the best weapons tend to be the ones that are 250 certs (for medic at least) for medic TR = TAR, NC= Carnage BR, VS= HV45 keep in mind these are regarded as best at CQC but are still quite devastating at range As a side note REMEMBER: ANY "NS" CLASS WEAPON IS UNLOCKED FOR ALL FACTIONS IF YOU PURCHASE IT WITH STATION CASH any other gun bought with SC will unlock across all characters but of same faction only
  5. you know i figured by now someone would have made this, at least on the HOW-TO-JOIN as it is absolutely the most requested thing on this forum lol
  6. IMPORTANT: In order to recieve the tag, and be in the community group with the AJSA, you MUST BE ON THE SAME SERVER. The SERVER you must choose in order to be part of the community is "WATERSON" (its a U.S EAST) - keep in mind when making a new character to click the option "show all servers" if you can't find your desired destination That being said, if you don't have a character yet check out the link in my signature for some free start up goodies (your account has to be new or have been inactive in order to use) To answer your first question: Ok, so the rules of the AJSA state that WHEN possible, you should wear the tag AJSA on all your games. However planetside 2 does not allow you to do that because in PS2, Outfits = Clans, and the Outfit tags/Clan tags are unique to each outfit EVEN if they only have one member. To answer your second question: In order to get your tag/get in the outfit at the same time you have to message one of these guys in game or possibly add them as a friend, and ask them for an invite: DortorEvilWarkingsSparroMortravenYou can add anyone even when they are offline, but you cannot recieve an invite to an outfit while offline (because planetside) So best time to get in touch with them would be probably before the event this friday at 5pm EST and 9 pm EST Waterson OR you can catch them on the AJSA TS: ts3.ajsagaming.com
  7. The most obvious all around tip is play in groups, join a squad/platoon, so long as they are friendly they should give you tips as you go along. When in groups remember: To join a squad or platoon press "insert", it will drop you into a rnadom one OR press "P"Pressing P will show you the list of platoons/squads avaible with info such as current continent (INDAR - desert. ESAMIR - snow, AMERISH - forest/mountains) and what outfit they belong to.To listen for ordersTo follow waypoint (Green = squad) (yellow = platoon)A squad is formed of 12 players, and a platoon is formed of 4 squadsthe waypoint you have to follow depends on your current leadersYour platoon or squad leaders can occasionally disconnect, and YOU will be given lead by deafult: make sure you check if you are platooon or squad leaderIf you are number one in the squad=> then you are squad leader, or if you press "P" and your name is highlighted yellow => you are platoon leadMake sure to bind your push to talk keys in game to something comfortable depending on what you use mostSquadPlatoonProximityOutfitOther helpful tips Hear someone spamming music nearby or in other chats? NO PROBLEMYou can mute him by pressing "enter" on the numpad while they are talkingHear someone speaking too low or too loud?You can press +/- signs on your numpad to turn them up or down while they are talkingBe a team player!If you are engineer - repair / give ammomedic - healREMEMBER TO SPOT with "Q"You can change firing mode with "B"This lets you change to/from semi-auto/auto/burst fireit also lets you turn your engineer turret into an ammo pack
  8. I think you haven't played since prob 3 months after launch. Just to get this out of the way, if you are really serious about a change in the game, it should be on the official forums where devs can look at it, or reddit if you are not afraid of downvotes xD Also this post from the forums was from nov 22nd 2012,,, anyhow....heres my stance: Rocket pods have been nerfed into oblivion ​​They hardly have any splash damage - you actually have to aim at infantry for an extended period of time Above statement is horrible playstyle for an ESF - you are open to be dumbfired or shot by a tank (OHK) They can only kill armor in one pass IF they hit ALL rockets in a mag hit the back of the tank (this is incredibly hard against any decent tan driver and magrides, lightnings for small profile, and vanguard because of their shield ability) They were never that accurate, try firing from some real distance, you are not going to kill anything Rcoketpods make a lot of smoke and fire that you can't see through, so in order to use them properly you need thermal (200 certs) since nightvision doesn't work like before which was only 50 certs. Additionally, thermal and nightvision ranges were nerfed a long time ago, they barely have any range on them now EDIT: I should also add with rocket pods, you give up extended fuel tanks, which is very important in air to air dominance Essentially: you are not going to win in doggihts if you use rocket pods as opposed to fuel tanks (also, lock ons are a joke to good pilot with falres, so dont even try it lol)
  9. Hi! My names in game are ThePeruvian (BR 100 TR), ThePeruvian01 (BR 49 VS), and ThePeruvian02 (BR 59 NC) and I thought I'd share my knowledge of the game for anyone who is new to the game or existing player. Just so you guys know: I've played all factions (TR, VS, NC)I've played all roles (medic, engi, heavy,....)I've used all vehicles (even cross faction but tanks not so much)I'm a flying llama, who will eventually become dragon llamaI've used all vehicles in TR to very high endsI'm a pilot across all factions (ESF primarily, Liberator, Galaxy -occasionally)I've played both playstyles (Solo and in squads/platoons)So got any questions? Or did I make this post for no reason *sad llama face*
  10. id actually like to know myself lol, ive played a few but other are sitting on my steam unused till the time they are needed most!!
  11. idk odnt have it, waiting for a sale....and time....lots....of time....
  12. Soldierfront 2 is a giant Pay to win fest im all for dota too....except its alrdy on the site xD duno wut crossfire is though
  13. im personally waiting for HL3 and L4D3 which L4D3 is OFFICIALLY announced in production, but HL3 isnt... even with the trademark reserve... Regardless, if youve played any valve game and are looking forward to the sequel DONT HOLD UR BREATH Valve is so notorious for pushing things back and taking their sweet time that it has defied the laws of physics (although if u apply theory of relativity maybe not xD) by creating Valve Time Proof: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time
  14. I heard its only 2 hours of gameplay.... is that true? that is weak for a $15.00 dlc, maybe not by standards but imo it shouldnt be standard
  15. actually OMFG (Operation make faster game ~ this was a patch) just dropped like a couple days ago, so IDK what your PC specs are but just about everyone has experienced a huge frame increased (a few ppl dropped frames but that is to be fixed soon) Also a couple crashes here and there but overall impressive job by SOE