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    United Kingdom
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    Films, games and have massive love for Childish Gambino ygm...
  1. PSN ID: CommanderLeopard Games I currently play: Monster Hunter World, GTA Online, Games I'd like to play: Planetside 2, Tera, Final Fantasy XIV, Warframe, TES Online. I would like to join an AJSA PS4 chat room.
  2. ^ Yeah Withastick what's actually going to happen here?
  3. Lol maintenance day one.
  4. Is there an official AJSA Planetside 2 PS4 Europe outfit? if there isn't if anyone wants to make an unofficial one message me! PSN: CommLeopard
  5. Is there a guild of the AJSA in Final Fantasy XIV (EU) PS4? If there is I would like to join: PSN: CommLeopard (Odin) Character Name: Nathiel Trevelyan If there isn't would anyone like to start one?
  6. PSN Name: CommLeopard/CommanderLeopard Role: Engineer EU Server!
  7. PSN ID: CommanderLeopard/CommLeopard Games I'm playing at the momment: Any Ps4/ps3 games I can FIND! Games I'm playing in the future: Any future MMO's on the PS4 counting ESO:TU and PS2 and even EQN. But also other multiplayer games. I do want to join a PS4 AJSA ROOM!
  8. PSN ID: CommanderLeopard Games excited for: Destiny, Planetside 2, Everquest Next and any other online game coming out on the PS4. Console: PS3 and PS4
  9. Yeah, can't wait for Tuesday..........argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Anyway if anyone wants to join up in the game with a fellow AJSA member add me PSN: CommanderLeopard
  10. My PSN ID is CommLeopard. Add me!!!
  11. Im in beta as AsiaNHitman5012 or AsiaNHitman
  12. Best = Mass Effect 2 - Lair Of The Shadow Broker was high quality DLC but it wasn't that long...
  13. Falskaar I thought was pretty spectacular. URLO has made my game so much sexier. I really want to play Skyblivion, skywind and luftharaan dlc like mods they all sound awesome.
  14. AJSA Guild has to be on this game as soon as it comes out, im so excited for this game!
  15. My favorite was actually 3 after my 5th play through of the whole trilogy, I thought it was awesome and well-done till the ending of course I thought I was going to get a really satisfying ending as I did everything right well full paragon in the games. Mass effect 1 and 2 especially both had really satisfying endings I was shocked by how bad 3's ending was.