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  1. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by CommLeopard in PlayStation 4 PSN ID List   
    PSN ID: CommanderLeopard/CommLeopard
    Games I'm playing at the momment: Any Ps4/ps3 games I can FIND!
    Games I'm playing in the future: Any future MMO's on the PS4 counting ESO:TU and PS2 and even EQN. But also other multiplayer games.
    I do want to join a PS4 AJSA ROOM!
  2. CommLeopard liked a post in a topic by littlemowgli in Anyone hyped for WildStar?   
    UUhhhh yes, I'm super exited for that game, i will do whatever i can to persuade Joe to play that game with the Angry Army if he so choses to play the game.
  3. CommLeopard liked a post in a topic by Cole in Wildstar or GTFO <3   
    I'm really excited for this game all around. The style, the way the dev's are interacting with the fan-base pre-launch, is great. It shows dedication to the community off the bat. They do AMA's on reddit and all sorts of stuff. The combat looks absolutely fantastic compared to every other MMO i've seen and the writing looks to be done in a style that i think will pull in alot of new players to the genre. Really excited to get my hands on this!
    All in for an AJSA guild when it drops by the way (hopefully within the next year!)
  4. CommLeopard liked a post in a topic by KhanJareck in Wildstar or GTFO <3   
    I gonna play in for sure. Going to build some bar's for all of u 
  5. Lival liked a post in a topic by CommLeopard in Should there be DLC or no?   
    Best = Mass Effect 2 - Lair Of The Shadow Broker was high quality DLC but it wasn't that long...
  6. CommLeopard liked a post in a topic by Lival in Should there be DLC or no?   
    The age old topic. Should there be DLC. In my opinion. No. But in some cases maybe. Now some DLC are worth the extra $15 for example the Citadel DLC from Mass Effect 3. It was so funny and it really let ME3 go out with one last good bang. it let you know that this is the end for Shepard and that a new hero will emerge. But there are some DLC that just isn't worth the money like the little packs of armor or in some cases skins for fighting games. I think those kinds of things should already be in the game and not have to pay $5. that is not worth it. I do argue no for DLC though. DLC is content that should already be in the game, for example day 1 DLC. What the hell. That one day DLC should be in the game already! I already payed $60 why should i pay for another 5 just for an extra area or character!
    There are good DLC and just ones that should not be the price that it is given. Whats your opinion of DLC and what are some of your best or worst DLC that you have come across?