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Everything posted by L!nk

  1. Gaming can actually be energy consuming when it comes to competitive gaming. Some people don't seem to understand modern games and it may result in negative prejudices towards gamers.
  2. It would be funny if there was an actual paid actress that the artist had used as model to create the cover art. Or something like that. Short googling: "The real woman who inspired GTA V‘s bikini gal was model Shelby Welinder. She was hired by video game producer Rockstar through her agency to model for the advertisement in the fall of 2012."
  3. I quit about 1 out of 1000 matches when I'm really tired, 3 players quit after whining 10 minutes how we are loosing the match, It's a normal match, and I would go to bed anyway
  4. I bought CS:GO week ago from the Steam sale. I've played cs1.6 a lot and a bit source too. I don't think the game offers really anything new when it comes to the gameplay itself. This feels like pretty much like cash in and it is. Sure there a lot new things in the game. But when you think about how long did we have to wait for it there should have been something really significant changes in the gameplay. Which is most likely the reason for the success of Counter Strike. Those are just my thoughts but maybe I just haven't played it enough to see the big thing the game offers.
  5. Wolfenstein 3d was the first FPS game I remember playing or was it Doom? Anyway W3D was such a maze in later game. Return to the Castle Wolfenstein was great reboot but it kind of fell flat when "the bugs" appeared. They should have put pigmans in it or something less magical.
  6. I have DoD 1.3.
  7. I only bathe my feet in moonshine while gaming.
  8. I would love to see Steam Box and SteamOS to be new competitors in the markets. It's just so hard to see Linux based OS to become successor even in five years. I'm sure that there is a lot of people supporting this but there is just so many games out there that are not supported by Linux and the benefits of owning Steam Box feals like unnecessary for the most people. Some Linux OSs that I have tested have felt kind of clumsy compared to Windows. Just basic setting up accesories and all those little things you want to do before you actually start using your PC although Browsing has been always easy. I'm sure they will make it a lot better than we have seen so far but will Steam Box actually replace your PC or console or will it just be another device out there? I'm not going to buy Steam Box until I see Joe's review of it and maybe some other reviews too.
  9. All hail The Angry One.
  10. Hi everybody! I'm here to support the Angry Army! How can I help you? Guys? Anyone? ..
  11. I remember watching Spoony's SWAT4 LPs. After that I got this "hang on second" moment and I got this idea of having seen SWAT 4 case somewhere in my house. After quick search I found it from the shelf unopened. That was kind of amazing coincident may i say. The game was fun to play. Although I found myself in sticky situations in the last missions which were kind of obnoxious when the whole basis was unreal. Sending five guys against army is total nonsense.
  12. Hello I've been encountering some really annoying bugs in XCOM:EU that you guys might want to try to avoid. Firing a rocket (shredded?) at mutons and berserkers may cause freezing if a muton and berserker tries to intimidate at the same time after the hit. A dead enemy (at least muton or cyber disc) in one square doorway blocks movement at next door. I shot at berserker which made him try to rush at me through the doorway but couldn't move so the game froze. In those both situations game froze like in a way that the animations worked but the game couldn't move forward with the turns. Then there is a bug that makes you spot enemies from other side of the map which activates their movement. The soldiers in psi lab may wear their equipment causing them to be unavailable in the mission lobby. In addition I must say that when they added "Make Items Available" button into Enemy Within but didn't put it into Enemy Unknown is bullshit.
  13. Here is some more minor bugs: Mind controlling the last enemy in the map does not end the mission. You can't shoot the mind controlled enemy although suicide grenades should do the trick. Then if an enemy kills your mind controlled enemy the weaponry does not explode into fragments. Sectopods seem to be able to attack you even if they can't see you and if they have zero chance to hit you. This may happen if you run away from them.
  14. I still play Civ 2 time to time. It's just that good game. Re-playability should be like name of the franchise.