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    Lake Elsinore, CA
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    Lifting weights, running, chilling with the family at the desert along with riding my 250 Kawasaki. And of course video games. And being a Marine.

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  1. PSN - Tianwulf I've beem gone while, but been playing a lot again so add me if you want someone to play with. Been back into Destiny lately and have a 33 Titan. Got just about every decent game for the ps4.
  2. IGN- Tianwulf
  3. Anyone know why I am no longer in the clan in smite? I stop playing for 5 days and when I log back on i am no longer in the clan?
  4. Is it any better than Spotify or Pandora?
  5. Well I hope to go to the gym more. Maybe a Monday through Friday thing. We will see... ha
  6. I found a slight tear in mine a few weeks ago, I super glued it and have yet to see any increase in damage so if this happens just use super glue
  7. I have yet to see any justification on that amount. I don't know who buys this game but 1.5 stars on Amazon says it all
  8. Exactly, toward the end of the match for me as well. Just glad to hear it's not me since I googled and looked around and only saw posts from last month.
  9. Every time I play which is probley about 3 hours a day or more depending on the day of the week I always seem to go through the game crashing a couple of times each session, sometimes up to three times in the three hours of gameplay. Is anyone else going through this?
  10. PSN - Tianwulf Class - Engineer
  11. I have China Rising, but for some reason says I don't have the DLC
  12. PSN- Tianwulf I have about every game out
  13. I will only buy it if something comes out for it that catches my attention, other than that I'd rather get a new game with that money
  14. Yeah id be down to play with you guys
  15. Had ps+ for more then a year and it's well worth it