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Everything posted by Scohui

  1. I haven't posted here in a whiiile but Game: Serious Sam 3 BFE When: Sometime this year lol Game was fun I suppose, after the first 20 minutes the formula won't change much, only the intensity. There were times where I felt completely overwhelmed and thought I was never gonna be able to finish the game, but I guess you can always run and shoot a bit faster and harder. Was strange that I barely got to use the sniper rifle, and never found the laser gun, and I don't even know if I missed anything else. Last levels were seriously insane. Last boss fight was too easy, in comparison.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKq899gt4kU Jeez finally done with this one lol
  3. As I've seen being done, I'll dump my let's play of this wonderful game here, in case anyone wanna watch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lASD7a801Ow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5CRDIn8jHQ
  4. A little video that I made that was supposedly just to recycle game footage while I made the review of the game (emulated), but it's just not happening anymore because I took too long to record it and now, well...corporate copyright stuff stuff WHEE! So enjoy this dumb little thing.
  5. Game: The Stanley Parable When: 21/02/16 Well it's been a while since I've beaten a game...but I also haven't been playing much. Decided to pick up this game because I thought it was short and I always wanted to play it, so I did. Very interesting game, very funny game, I liked it a lot. I'm not 100% sure if I have experienced everything in this game, but I think I've experienced enough. And it is quite the experience. I would like that narrator to narrate my life lol.
  6. "I can't die and go to hell. I'm out of vacation days."
  7. Git on me lvl m8. (seriously tho I'm about to get myself killed.)
  8. Game: Ironsnout When: 31/01/16 Well I think it's safe to say I've seen everything this game has to offer. I don't know what to say about it, it's like one finger death punch but with a pig, and you just play until you have this enormous pain in your wrist. Good for wasting time.
  9. I haven't died yet? Wow I really underestimated that eyepatch.
  10. I will die for my sins. My sins being wearing an eyepatch while having 2 functional eyes.
  11. I wanna be a Man-at-arms cause that eyepatch looks dope.
  12. But a format fixed it so I don't think that was the case. I will probably clean the lappy anyway.
  13. Hey guys I have a bit of a problem, I'm not sure how to explain... But basically my computer decided to just...become unusable suddenly. I had to turn it off with the button, then it took a loong while to start up (yesterday it took 1 hour). I've identified and removed malware that I apparently had, but the problem remains. The only concrete error I've received to so far was Catalyst Control Center popping up (after my computer had froze up for about 10 minutes and it suddenly started loading everything) with the message "System.OutOfMemoryException activated", which made me think that maybe catalyst was acting up (this was before I found the malware) Today I managed to start it up rather ok, but I can't open skype or steam, I can't play music using KMPlayer, GIFs occasionally don't work (don't work on 9GAG, they work here). Explorer.exe hasn't crashed in a while but it used to crash every 5 minutes. (EDIT: It crashed when I tried to check my graphics card while writing this. EDIT2: Twice and I was opening Device Manager btw.) My graphics cards is AMD Radeon HD 4500. Sorry that all this information is shotgunned in here but I don't know what's going on and so I can't explain it in a way that makes sense.
  14. Not usb, the rest I'm not sure. What's a PCI?
  15. Ok so I formatted my pc, turns out only needed to format one partition, and it works now. So I guess the initial problem is solved. But can you tell me how to be able to connect to the internet through wifi? Do I need a driver?
  16. My dad ran a chkdsk /f on cmd and now I can open skype and steam but I still can't open a png image without my pc going apeshit so I wouldn't say it's fixed just yet.
  17. Darn I would really like to avoid formatting...but I guess if I have no choice it will have to be. I have been told that when it's formatted it's on C: that is whipped out and not D:, is it true?
  18. Not a bad idea, I look into it. Might be better to have someone do it for me, as last time all the dust went straight to the fan and stopped it.
  19. 40 minutes into reboot and chill and it gives you no look because it's dead inside I'll post the performance task manager prints. Eventually. EDIT: Turns out I was waiting for nothing all I needed was to start explorer.exe manually. Sigh. Anyway, Right after I read the post After clicking on skype to open (it didn't) On boot, I think I'll run the CCleaner like Crazycrab said in the meantime.
  20. Very difficult on a laptop might as well just get a new computer. Which isn't happening, unfortunately.
  21. Ok so probably not the case because I'm home (I was at my grandma's) and the microphone works fine, charging. So I guess the problem really is the outlets :/ So I'm guessing at this point there's not anything you guys can do, right?
  22. Hey guys I have a bit of a problem in my hands. Apparently, on my laptop, if I have it charging, which is all the time, my microphone will pick up this weird buzzing but if I unplug the charger, it's gone. Now I've seen some stuff online, with people reporting the same problem, but what I don't understand is, this never happened before, why is it happening now? Is there really nothing I can do besides messing with the outlets and stuff? I just really don't like the fact that I can only use my mic when I'm not charging because 1- My laptop's battery doesn't last that long, 2- How the hell do I play games if I'm unplugged. Thanks.
  23. So let's say I make toast. Would I be able to post it here?
  24. Define self-made meal without help.