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  1. In short. Yes. But I don't see what other choice the devs have. They fucked this game up when it could've been gold! All they needed to do was to add a few more months work in, maybe even less. They're desperate now and it's showing.
  2. Yeah there's still a fair few playing in EUR
  3. I'll be back playing once this new update with the new game modes comes out.
  4. Well it's more than bug fixes etc. So as far as update's go it is a major one. Sure we would like more, but it is a major update.
  5. Reposting from my blog: This should have happened a long, long time ago and I’m still hella annoyed off that they removed 2 game modes when there was already so few. Titanfall is another to be added to the list of games that had so much potential and simply did not deliver. Mega disappointed with Titanfall. It’s fun, but it’s just lacking content…a lot of it! Titanfall Expedition DLC will release this month on Xbox 360 (if it hasn’t already) http://wp.me/p2DgSH-QE Thoughts? Are they too late?
  6. I've added you. I have same username as on here. Could definitely use some help with Ahri and just ap mid in general. Finding her to be the most difficult champ I've tried yet. I can play sivir, jinx, janna and I'm ok-ish with lux
  7. So I am relatively new to LoL, I've been playing for a few months (Lvl 20) I'm looking for other FRIENDLY (sorry, with LoL you really do have to stress that ) players of around the same experience to play with. I play mainly adc/supp but I'm starting to move to mid lane now. I'm online most evenings (CET) If you're up for it, let me know
  8. Confirmed. The original posting by Respawn is here: http://www.titanfall.com/news/addressing-updates-to-pc-playlists One of the responses summed up my views (except that I don't play the modes they removed) Reaspawn logic: charge full price for a game that is online multiplayer only, with a decent amount of maps but very few weapons and no customisation options or little extras like that; then a few months after release, remove half the game modes. This change doesn't affect me, but I'm pissed that I've paid for something that was already very skinny to begin with and now they're taking even more away...AFTER I BOUGHT IT! You don't see retail stores taking back 2 of the 5 socks I bought because I don't use them much.
  9. I want new weapons and game modes, not maps!
  10. R-101C - Autopistol - Charge Rifle - C4 Occasionally I'll take the CAR if its a tighter map.
  11. Decided to change my vote. What's in this game is good, very good in fact; but it lacks so much and is simply not even slightly worth full price. On the down side, a price drop is unlikely to happen for a long while anyway.
  12. If you haven't played it then you should =P
  13. Added
  14. So I recently found a good place to play CAH online and was wondering if there are any people who would like to play on a regular basis. I love the game and managed to convince my entire family that we should play on Xmas day, unorthodox, but they loved it =P If you're not sure what it is, check here. Here's an example
  15. They should have spectator modes to watch them rage =P