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    Software Engineering, working out, reading and of course games.
  1. Also wanted to add, why not make Black Ops 2 a 75% discount. Also the price on the good old CoD 2 and CoD 4 is a joke.
  2. Ok, I think the title is quite self explanatory. I turn on my PC, I turn on Steam and look. - Oh good some new games! look Call of Duty Ghosts on sale. I think to myself it wasn't the best call of duty, maybe Activision will do a 50% maybe 60% discount. I mean they probably paid the game development on the pre orders. I see 33%, Ok not bad, then I look at the actual price 40.19€ (original price 59.99€ on steam), and then I think really 40€ for a a game that wasn't that great. And don't forget that this is without DLCs. I mean Batman Arkham Origins was like 24€ with 50% discount and was released around the same time ghost was. How do you guys feel about this? (I apologise in advance for any grammar error, English is not my natural language)
  3. Don't forget the PS4 DevKits, those things more be a fortune.
  4. http://www.gamesandlearning.org/2013/11/15/game-play-has-no-negative-impact-on-kids-uk-study-finds/
  5. That is so truth, but the worst is when you play support you spend a lot on wards and your team doesn't use them or even look at the map.
  6. Have anyone here tried the Shadow of Colossus HD for PS3?
  7. Yup also played the 3 uncharted games, really awesome. Have you also tried the last Tomb Raider? I also enjoyed it because has some of the same elements.
  8. Maybe the best of the series, I feel like this is the game ACIII was supposed to be, don't get me wrong I pre-ordered ACIII and enjoyed it but got a little disappointed. If you plan on buying it, you are in good hands a lot of open world to explorer and reasons to do so. Oh, and also Edward is a boss, I feel like that was a kind of the issue with ACIII, because Connor wasn't very charming.
  9. It's ok, check out the steam group for the angry army DOTA 2 you will find a lot of people to play with, including myself.
  10. I feel like Hand of Midas is very neglected, specially people playing with hard carries like alchemist or dk. And magic wand, that thing saved my ass a lot of times
  11. Ohh, that would be awesome if someone here would do some items for DOTA 2 with the AJSA name on it. And maybe we will be able to make Angry Joe play some DOTA 2 hehehe
  12. Maybe the most stupid tips, but here it goes, play random firstly on bots to get used to all heros or at least know their strengths and weakness. Nothing better than actually some trial and error
  13. I actually enjoyed earth spirit maybe because you can do a lot of different combinations and nuke the hell out of champs, but yeah it's kinda hard to play on your first time. Ember spirit is also nice, nice carry and good initiator. Storm spirit is maybe one of the most hards to do carry but so his skills are so awesome and simple, and can do a lot of different play strategies. I might record a full game with earth spirit and ember spirit and post it on my youtube channel.
  14. I guess any strengthtype hero, tank and carry, like dragon knight & alchemist are good picks.
  15. Oh by the way I'm starting to post DOTA 2 gameplays on my YouTube channel mainly to help my friends and people that I usually play with. Right now I only have the Alchemist gameplay video, but I plan (if my work allows it ) to weekly post a new hero gameplay. Please feel free to check it out and leave a comment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyIBwLymrhE