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  1. I play GTA 5, halo 4 and Rome 2 feel free to add me on xbox and pc, I am mostly on at the weekends but do play through the week just depends on my shifts.
  2. This is exactly how I feel about Nintendo. I grew up with the NES and SNES and still hold them as great classic consoles, Secret of Mana is also my all time favourite RPG. The Gamecube was also a great console and had some real good games, Eternal Darkness and the remake of the original Resident Evil being among my favourites. For me Nintendo lost it when they released the Wii and went more family orientated, thats not a bad thing but like I said I grew up with these consoles, and as i did my taste in games changed and when I had a choice of Xbox and games like Morrowind and GTA over Mario goes shoe shopping or Mario does his tax returns I went Xbox . Like you said, Nintendo have a special place in my gaming history too. And they still have some good titles the Legend of Zelda series being one of them, there just is not enough to pull me back when you have all these AAA titles on Xbox and PS.
  3. I'm a massive RPG fan, as long as the game can pull you in to its story and world it does not make a difference to me if its sci-fi or fantasy, there are some great games out there in both settings.
  4. Played both and completed both, I had Doom on the SNES totally blew me away when I first played this it actually creeped me out a lot too, my biggest memory of Wolfenstein was the crazy robot Hitler, classic!!
  5. Deep character and item customisation, I always like making a unique character, plus a good story and world to explore.
  6. I'm a controller only guy, I'm yet to be impressed by any game that uses Kinect, so I will leave it diskinected.
  7. I am a fan of the fable, i like the world they created the art style and the music, but it feels like their losing there way with it kind of like one step forward two steps back, the whole holding hands mechanic was terrible and so was the whole emote system. although i am looking forward to the remake of Fable i just hope they have not stripped too many features that made the original great.
  8. There are still good games coming out now, it just seems companies want to stick to their franchises instead of pushing out new games and ideas.
  9. I play Total war, the only one I dont play yet is Rome 2 going to wait until its all patched up and the price comes down
  10. Got in on xbox a few weeks ago although it does have a few technical problems its still a great game. Any xbox players feel free to add me
  11. i would buy it on console, i just hope they build on the original 2 and not try to completely change it in to a first person shooter with the name battlefront 3.
  12. Dead island, not a terrible game but the amount of fetch this, get that, bring it here quests soon got boring and felt more of a drag to finish.
  13. Nintendo Gamecube was one of my favourite consoles, a time when Nintendo would still release more "mature" games and was not so family orientated, games like eternal darkness, remake of resident evil 1. But you cant beat the classics like Mario Kart and Timesplitters.
  14. I live about 2 miles from a castle so I would go there with as many survivors as I could gather and defend it Helms Deep style, and hope to make contact with an army base near by providing the army does not crumble like they do in most zombie films come on guys get them tanks rolling!
  15. "Secret of Mana" absolute classic game with a 20+ min ending! this was my first RPG and I still count this as one of the best RPG's ever, closely followed by Morrowind