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  1. Well, that's it for this.
  2. Politically Correct Master Race.
  3. Becareful, Sona also dresses up as Hagane Miku. And she won't take any of your shit.
  4. For you Evangelion fans.
  5. MGS HD is another superb example.
  6. I mean, it's not like Phantom Pain was ever going to be good. It's only because of consumer outcry against the price of GZ, that PP will be any good!
  7. I'd want this.
  8. I'll make sure to buy a costco size pack of tissues and lotion when it comes out. Amirite, boyz? Yeah? No? Okay... I'll leave... oh wait.
  9. Banned because goodbye.
  10. HD should just be that. A better looking version of the original that is ported to other platforms. If they got rid of bugs and what not, cool. If not, that's fine. What isn't acceptable is changing the game entirely or certain aspects of the game. Let my senpai, Demo, show an example. Another thing, they toned down the fog greatly. Silent Hill fans will know that the fog is IMPORTANT to the atmosphere. Atmosphere is important to Silent Hill. Since the fog is lifted, the player can see the ugliness and awful looks of Silent Hill. Jpeg images as backgrounds, mysterious floating objects going no where, and of course ruining the atmosphere of mystery and dread (like the first time you enter the town and see a monster walking away from you. Originally, you could hardly see it. In this, you can see it plain as day). Not to mention cutscene bugs, where the game skips cutscenes by itself. Of course, there are some exceptions. As for them, cross the bridge once people get there. But as a rule of thumb, HD remakes should just be that... A better looking version of the original, but still keeps everything as it was.
  11. Interesting. I hope 10 doesn't place my stuff in odd places.