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  1. My personal opinion on TTK...I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a little bit of buyers remorse. It hasn't gotten much better storywise. Sure the cutscenes and extended dialogue help, but still think it's poorly done. The Crucible is still fun. I'm very glad certain guns like the thorn were nerfed. However Warlocks ability seem to be a tad OP. I have a warlock and I look down the entire team with one special. This happened twice today. You could argue it's not much different than the Hunters bladedancing but still. I like the fact that everything is basically reset. We just went from a game where everyone had all the exotics and the same gear and was just farming nightfall after nightfall. I'm sure the playerbase will get to that point again, but at least this way it makes finding all the rare guns fresh again. Don't think it was worth 40$. Final Fantasy 14 expansion was 40$ and has 100x the content. Yeah it has a monthly fee but it's still a worthy expansion.
  2. Hello fellow Angry Army members. I was posting on here because people on these forums are typically nice and willing to lend a helping hand. I need help clearing Turn 13. I'm currently on Diabolos and don't plan on leaving it as my current FC is comprised of people I know in real life, however they are way behind where I am at right now and it's been a struggle to catch them up. I've tried joining Duty Finders and Party finders, had a static at one point, and I've just had no luck. I've gotten Bahamut down to 24% so I know the fight. People on my server are charging 15 million gil for clears....it's rather ridiculous. Nobody helps out anyone on the server. The only other Turn 13 groups I see are farm parties, however since I haven't cleared and have that 100 soldiery bonus they will not let me participate. I just want my clear so I can join other T13 Farm groups and get the rest of the gear for my classes. I really don't want to have to resort to spending 15 mill for my clear unless someone is willing to donate that amount, I'm not saving that much gil for a clear. If anyone is on my server my characters name is (first)Fuzz (last)Duck if you're willing to help me out. Whether it be running me through it, forming a static or just donating. I have a i129 DRG and i125 Ninja that I can run with. Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading.
  3. I know that most people have given up on the game, but I'm trying to make the best out of a disappointing situation. Already have the expansion pass and I'm sure a few others do too. I will be attempting the Raid right when it releases supposedly around 3AM Central time tomorrow. Pretty early I know lol. I'm level 30 and would like others to join me. PSN N7ReaperFuzz Shoot me a friend request and we can tackle this thing.
  4. lol the one good thing about Destiny was the Raid. Pretty much done with this game. Went back to FF14. At least that game has content.
  5. Don't get me wrong because I do enjoy The Crucible, however things about it really bug me. 1. The Shotguns I see 90% of players running around using those blasted shotguns. I even use the shotguns often because they clearly get the job done and are one of the most effective methods of killing another player. You probably see level 5 characters clutching to these because it's hard for them to compete with level 20s any other way, but they really need a nerf of some kind. I recently did an exotic bounty and unlocked the Invective shotgun. That thing has regenerating ammo and it's fully automatic. A fully auto shotgun in Destiny is pretty much an anti-noob gun. Except you're like a super noob for using it. So to kill shotgun noobs you have to become the noob in a way. I've barely seen scout rifles or pulse rifles used and those should get a buff in my opinion. 2. The Aim Assist This definitely needs a nerf or a complete removal. Whenever you play people in games like COD or Battlefield, you can usually tell who's good at aiming and who's terrible. I feel like this game babysits you too much with the aiming. Nearly EVERYONE is pro at aiming it's ridiculous. Which is one reason I think people have resulted in using shotguns because they keep getting annihalted by rifles so they one hit kill you and think they're beast. I applaud people who use Snipers in this game, at least when I get killed by a sniper I feel like the enemy deserves the kill as they put a little more effort into getting it. 3. The guy in first place or MVP should always get rewarded. I cannot tell you how many times I go like 20kills 5 deaths in matches and I get nothing! Then the guy in last place that went 4 kills 20 deaths will get a legendary engram... 4. Super moves should be nerfed or disabled in PVP Don't get me wrong. I think the super moves are cool and flashy and they can help in a tight spot, but I feel like I've gotten so many undeserved deaths and even kills because of these. One time I was on an 18 kill streak!! 18!!! Then I get killed by a Golden Gun! It was a little annoying to have my streak ended by a Golden Gun of all things. I feel the Hunter is the most OP class with those specials. The Warlock and Titan specials are annoying too, but at the very least they are guaranteed 1 kill and that's if they aim it right. Sometimes they can get group kills and score 2 or 3. Hunters however with BladeDancer and Golden Guns are pretty much guaranteed 2-3 kills every time! There's even a perk on an Exotic Hunter helmet to grant them a fourth shot with the Golden Gun! Which means if you are MVP of the game and have crazy intellect...you are going to have nearly 10-12 free undeserved kills...That's enough to turn the tide of a game. I've even come in second on free for alls because Hunters end up taking first place thanks to the Golden Gun. People who think Titans and Warlocks are annoying probably pay as Hunters. 5. The Marks Earned When you win you get 3 marks, when you lose you get 2. Which means to hit your weekly cap you are going to be playing a maximum of 50 matches per week. I believe the winners should get like 5 marks for winning. Or what they could do is if you were on a winning streak you'd earn more as you went up...3 the first game, then 4, then 5, then end at 10 per game if you kept winning over and over. Or if you win like 10 games in a row then you get a free legendary engram or a couple of strange coins? Reward that hard work damnit! 6. The Delay This is quite annoying because if you've played Crucible as much as I have then you no doubt have come in contact with this problem. You'll be in close quarters combat or even in a rifle fight and when you deliver the killing blow sometimes the enemy has a full second before the game registers that they've died and they end up taking you with them. I get so many cancel outs with rifle fights as well. 7. The Grenades I shouldn't be killed in one hit by these things unless it sticks to me...it seems I get one shotted by these things too often. That may just be me, but i don't know. Whenever I throw grenades it removes shields and take away half their health. Similar to Halo. currently can't think of anything else. I'll edit the post if I think of anything. Feel free to discuss your opinions or things that bother you if you wish.
  6. The Raid is easily the best thing about Destiny PVE and not everyone has gotten a chance to play it because lack of matchmaking. Communicating and Teamwork is amazing in the raid when you can get 6 people together. Having to work together and the fact it requires so much team work is what I was expecting the ENTIRE game to be. The only teamwork youll be doing on strikes is..."Oh I'm down...Can you get me? Oh it's cool I'll respawn in 20 seconds so lay low if you can" "Ok I've respawned." I've done strikes with friends and we do those missions by barely talking or just talking about everyday life. In the raid, my friends and I were constantly talking and even though we wiped a few times it never took away from the fun because we were having so much fun re strategizing and triumphing over our foes. Lack of communication in a team based game is also a failure. Even people at Bungie admitted the game failed in several areas because of last minute changes. I honestly don't think this game is going to recover. They can't redo the story and a majority of the players hated it so adding on to the non existent story further won't change anything. They released their pilot episode, they didn't draw in a big enough audience, the ratings are showing, and the shows getting canceled. Maybe next time Bungie.
  7. I can take requests yeah.
  8. Meh. This patch seems to have come too late. I do like the Crucilbe matchtime reduction on larger maps, but the legendary engrams thing should've been fixed immidiately. Nearly everyone in the game has exotic and legendary weapons at this point. At least it's fixed.
  9. I got the Exotic Shotgun in a day...it's fully automatic. My Kills have gone up EVEN MORE since I started using it. It's undeniably cheap.
  10. Soooo basically we have to pay money for the next part of the story which won't be out until December according to the article...of course... That is unacceptable. It also looked like the weekly heroic and nightfall strikes were added in the strike playlist which means hopeful matchmaking. Why don't we have matchmaking for those now? I swear if I pay 15 bucks for a few new repeat missions and a raid I'm going to be pissed...now if they said "Hey you know what you get in expansion 1? We are bringing in Mercury and Jupiter with tons of new content, multiplayer maps, and weapons!" Then that'd be okay.
  11. The free games Warframe and Blacklight Retribution are also good choices. If you like MMO's check out Final Fantasy 14. It's cross platform with PC and PS3 and PS4. Amazing game and definitely worth its monthly subscription.
  12. LMAO that was fast.
  13. I need some more practice with Photoshop so I am willing to start making signatures for people. I'll even take personal requests. Example my friend Reclaimer52 sent me a picture of his Spartan in Halo 3. Then he ended up with this Also I don't mind doing animations similar to my current sig. Or this I also don't mind doing clip sigs such as this. No idea why it's moving slow but it's whatever. If you want a certain picture or background just post it here. I'll get to it when I can.
  14. I have 2 friends that recently got the game again and have yet to run any of the DLC campaigns. I have already done everything on the 360 and have a level 61 on there, but I plan on rebuying the game so I can play with my buddies on PS3. They are level 35 however and I was seeing if anyone can power level me to 35 that way I don't have to play through the campaign for the millionth time. I'll be on tonight around 10:30 central time if anyone can assist me. PSN N7ReaperFuzz
  15. LMAO was that him who got screwed over on those exotics?