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About Brandonket

  • Birthday 05/03/1994

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    Writing books, playing the usual shogun 2 grind, strategy games, shoot em' ups, and pretty much any game that I can play that involves me shooting someone's face with an AK.
  1. PSN: Brandonket
  2. People add me too. PSN: Brandonket, and I am an Assault Master!
  3. I wrote books. Do I count for something?
  4. I ain't no greedy fool! Haha, jk. I love money.
  5. Privates better. Why not organize the Army into several smaller crews? Now that there's this website, we could have people create new crews that fly under the AJSA army. More crews, more leaders, one entity; it could work!
  6. Ayo, what up my fools!? Bout to get hot up in this army, cause' I'm about to BLEEOOOWWW! ---------------------------- But in all sense, hi, names Brandonket, Brandon for short, named kethwef on Steam, and a newcomer in the PC gaming world. I've joined this army because I believe in the quality, beauty, and fun factor of games on all platforms for generations. I wanted to have fun with games, not just sign in and play with some random fool who doesn't talk while he whoops my buttocks, hell naw! I want to play with people who are connected and compassionate; true players who have fun while kicking ass! I don't shy away, and I don't keep quiet while in the heat of battle, but I will fight for the army till my last breath not as a soldier...but as a gamer. While I am not able to play so many games on PC as I wanted to due to the obvious factor of having the required funds T-T But whatever, I still have ONE...Shogun 2. And man was I good at it. In strategy war games, I believe in one thing: Hit them first before they hit you first. Strike first to win! You don't think that makes sense? PROVE ME WRONG.