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  • Birthday 12/22/1982

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    the Netherlands
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    Editor-in-Chief @ Cross Gamerz Network || Twistedpixel.nl

    ''Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.''
  1. Finally the search is over in the Netherlands for me. Just got my brand new and very shiny PS4 Wtach_Dogs bundle delivered~! PSN: MechromancerNLD
  2. Dust is kinda cool looking with the hand drawn artwork....
  3. So there are some good website in the Netherlands, but they all kinda lack some kinda AJSA experience which is Community for the Win! So i decides with my buddy to setup a website and Youtube Channel and more Social Media stuff of course to serve the Dutch community a new experience. Website's here are getting old and show no more than a copy of news from the big sites. The articles will be in dutch but we also wanna do more in like Cosplay, Artwork and so on. Made a trailer 2 days ago, let me know what y'all think. http://youtu.be/8u4xBm89i5M Be sure to follow Twitter @TwistedPixelNL and on Facebook also TwistedPixelNL (or Google+ if u use it, kinda not breaking through in the Netherlands though)
  4. Just ordered the game... just because... Awesome and Stuff~!
  5. The only person(s) to blame here are the parents. An underaged kid isn't most likely capable to buy a €50,- game here in the Netherlands at least. The parents who buy these highly rated games are the ones to blame...imo
  6. No there are some awesome desktop walls here... like the art-style
  7. Really..? I played it 2 days ago. It was ok, but short. The he Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler was really really short, except for the Granda Torque storytelling.
  8. I saved the Geth of course.... High-Tech stuff right there....
  9. Very Very Very Very Cool~!
  10. Man oh man... i got the fourth one standing... still going.. but if this one breaks im done. Then there an PS4 with Destiny pending....
  11. Awesomeness~
  12. Awesome... love the art
  13. Holy Crap that is Awesome~