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  1. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by NordicThunder96 in PlayStation 4 PSN ID List   
    Looking forward to playing with all of you in Destiny! Finally found the PSN page after two months!
    PSN: NordicThunder96
  2. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by MechromancerNLD in TwistedPixel.nl   
    So there are some good website in the Netherlands, but they all kinda lack some kinda AJSA experience which is Community for the Win! So i decides with my buddy to setup a website and Youtube Channel and more Social Media stuff of course to serve the Dutch community a new experience. Website's here are getting old and show no more than a copy of news from the big sites.
    The articles will be in dutch but we also wanna do more in like Cosplay, Artwork and so on. Made a trailer 2 days ago, let me know what y'all think.
    Be sure to follow Twitter @TwistedPixelNL and on Facebook also TwistedPixelNL (or Google+ if u use it, kinda not breaking through in the Netherlands though)
  3. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by ChaserTech in Desktop Sharing! Post your current Desktop   
    I decided to make a thread where people can just post their desktops or wallpapers to show them off to the AJ community.  Feel free to give out any customization information about your desktop (what mediaplayer, apps, programs you use and etc.)
    Here's my desktop as of now. I plan on changing it whenever I get bored of my current setup.

    I use Rainmeter for the apps that are seen around the wallpaper. It's a pretty nifty program that allows you to customize your desktop into your personal space, basically. I recommend it if you have a computer that can run it without heating up. Older laptops might not be able to handle Rainmeter while having other applications running.
    I didn't know whether to put this thread in "Community Content" or "General Discussion" so I just decided to post in the General Discussion threads. (Hopefully this won't cause too much of a problem)
  4. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by Delrith in AJSA Twitch Streams   
    Hello there! This is to promote the AJSA twitch streams.
    First of all, I'd like to point out that you can find all of the streams on the front/main page to the AJSA Forums, on the right hand side of your screen. ( http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/index )
    We here ask that you check out each individual stream (Joe's, Mine, and the community) and follow them pre-emptively before any of them go up.
    We have an absolutely STAGGERING amount of people on this website and we can always help Joe promote the community and this fine place all the more by following!
    The twitch streams are as follows -
    Angry Joe's: www.twitch.tv/AngryJoeShow
    Content: Watch Joe play games, live! It's everything you love about Joe but in a live fashion with actual responses. It's extremely important that you follow Joe's twitch.tv and help this community grow even larger! On days that Joe cannot stream you will also find Delrith, SgtRoss and Tons0fun.
    Community:  http://www.twitch.tv/team/ajsa
    Content: Various community streamers of the AJSA gaming community, from there you can see who is online and can go straight to their channel!
    SgtRoss: www.twitch.tv/sgtross_usmc
    Content: This is SgtRoss' personal twitch channel and the info there will fill you in on his schedule and plans
    Tons0fun: www.twitch.tv/the_tons0fun
    Content: This is Tons0fun's personal twitch channel and the info there will fill you in on his schedule and plans
    Be sure to follow in and be apart of the livestreams! I only hope that when I personally stream I can be as entertaining as Joe is to all of you in general.
    **Updating with relevant information pertaining to Twitch.tv
  5. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by Iceman2232 in Some user tags   
    So these are some user tags I made. I hope you like them: 
    I have two different styles of these, and if someone wants to use them then they can. I just thought id share. 
  6. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by ArtMonkey in Kill all Mages! Angry Joe cartoon   
    Please see the below link, it takes you to the youtube video I got the idea from.
    I hope to share more cartoons, Angry Joe and video game related from my tumblr and redirecting them to this thread. Didn't see any other place to put it. If there is an already, cartoon/comic thread that is for everyone to post this kind of stuff. Let me know. Thanks and enjoy.
  7. RetroRanter liked a post in a topic by MechromancerNLD in The Joker Fan Art   
    Awesome... love the art
  8. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by CyberGothRadio in Come by and Say Hello   
    Come by and say hello, I talk back! Facebook username Rust Soda (super manager at Kmart)

  9. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by DTakes23 in Mass Effect Fan Art   
    This Vector of FemShep was created by my brother, Omar Sangiovanni:

  10. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by RetroRanter in The Joker Fan Art   
    ive been getting great feedback from the community on my work so far so i thought id upload this picture im working on of the joker he still needs some touch ups but i can regard him as a game character anyway hope you like this one

  11. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by Noody7 in Zelda Fan Art by Noody7   
    Hello this is the drawing I made for my first speed painting video. I used both painter and photoshop. I'm very new to using painter but I'm hoping to get better at it.

  12. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by megadrivesonic in WildStar Fanart   
    I thought It be cool to start a thread about fanart of the upcoming MMO Wildstar. Anywho of you who want to share their fanart of wildstar please don't hesitate to. Ill start by submitting my speedpaint of voxine here.

  13. Hulk liked a post in a topic by MechromancerNLD in What you think will have a better Launch: Xbox One vs. PS4   
    I'll go with the PS4. Owning an Xbox 360 now, but man did Microsoft fuck this one up. Releasedate in the Netherlands, mid 2014. Are u shitting me~
  14. RetroRanter liked a post in a topic by MechromancerNLD in Street Fighter II Ryu fan art   
    Looking really awesome~
  15. Nikish liked a post in a topic by MechromancerNLD in Your game collection!   
    Owned so many many games since the Atari2600. A Shame most got lost throughout the years, sold, missing in action, trash, lended to a former friend and so on. Every Euro made was going to games. Since my first job till now.

    Consoles with a shit load of games: Atari2600, Commendor64, NES, Sega Mega Drive, N64, Playstation, Xbox1, PS3, Xbox360. Going for a PS4 i guess.
  16. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by SarcasticZebra in Persona And Bebop Fan Art   
    Hey there folks, I'm putting my computer art skills to the test with these next few images I've done. Enjoy, and tell me which one you like best! 
    1. Some love for the Kanji fans out there! 

        2. Nothing beats Edward/Ein!   
      3. Some Teddie, in a variety of colors!   
      4. Finally, a rough GIMP edit of Teddie in a conference room (okay, I'll admit it's not the best, but I find it awesome.)  
  17. MechromancerNLD liked a post in a topic by trexrell44 in Trexrell pixel and things   
    A quick Angry Joe Sprite.