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  1. I agree. Not much more I can do.
  2. With Craigr910 leading the Destiny community, will that change anything in regards to the DOTA community's leaders?
  3. Sorry to see you go, MrDerwisj and DStBone. Was fun playin' with you guys. That said, I appreciate so many people getting behind this.
  4. We're not trying at at all to shame people, we are more trying to call attention to the issue. Our goal is to get people talking about it, because that is really what brings change. I personally don't think anyone needs to "prove their worthiness", simply being there to communicate is all we are looking for. Everyone can certainly have different levels of commitment, we just want a little bit of a baseline. Don't worry about being hunted down and removed from the group, either. The "spring-cleaning" idea would take more the form of an opt-in, where if you want to join, you can join. People taking that little step can give us the baseline we need.
  5. To Craigr910, mrfool, DStBone, Thrower, TimidT (AKA Ziggy), and whoever else it may concern- We, and several others, would like to propose a refresh of the DOTA 2 Guild and the correlated Steam Group. There is one reason for this: lack of commitment. “Represent [AJSA]” is point 4 on the AJSA Code of Conduct that all forum members agreed to. Part of that rule stated that members should have an AJSA tag in their name in games that the AJSA is active in. This is a fairly common sense rule, and at least for DOTA 2 players, it is very easy to implement; there isn't much of a reason not to follow it. However, this rule is blatantly disregarded by a startlingly large amount of Guild and Group members. In the in-game Guild, there are 443 members at the time of this writing. However, only 69 members have the '=AJSA=' tag, 7 members have the '[AJSA]' tag, and 5 members have the 'AJSA.' tag. That is 362 members (18 pages in the in-game member viewer) that do not have any kind of AJSA tag. In addition, the DOTA 2 Steam Group has 664 members in it. Only 59 members out of that group have AJSA in their name. That leaves 605 Steam Group Members without any AJSA tag. We see little reason for this discrepancy between AJSA tag holders and AJSA members. If people are playing other games and do not want to wear the tags there, that is fine, but it is simple to change your Steam name when playing DOTA 2; the DOTA 2 client even lets you change it in-game. However, we know not everyone is doing this, because from the Steam Group (where only 59 members have a tag) we have seen 100+ members in DOTA 2. This exemplifies a lack of commitment perfectly: if you forget, are too lazy, or simply don't care enough to add all of 6 characters to your name, you are likely not committed to the AJSA and are not representing it in-game. “Stay Active & Participate” is point 5 on the AJSA Code of Conduct. This rule is extremely self-explanatory. However, we have witnessed multiple times where an announcement about an inhouse game will be made to the Steam Group, and too few people will show up. Many of the people that do show up will not have forum accounts and will not have ever connected to TeamSpeak before. Tournaments come and go with comparatively few people participating. It is usually the same small group of people that are active on the forums. We understand that this is very subjective to criticize people on. However, given the fact that this kind of thing keeps recurring, we think it is something to take into account. We believe many active members would not disagree with us stating that the community generally feels stale, uninspired, and dull. In other words, for such a large community, nothing ever seems to be happening. In addition, not only are people not participating, but several dozen members of the Steam Group have not been online in the past 60 days, the limit of absence stated on the Code of Conduct. Several users have not been online in more than 100 days. Our proposed solution is as follows. In order to remedy the problem, we need to increase commitment of AJSA members to the in-game Guild and related Steam Group. What we suggest is to post announcements to the online forums, Group, and Guild instructing members to post into a forum thread with their Steam name they can be contacted at. To eliminate the problem of people changing steam names, members could be asked to include their Steam ID (the unique, unchangeable identifying number in the format of STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) or their Vanity URL (the unique, changeable identifying web address your Steam Profile can be reached at, in the format of steamcommunity.com/id/XXXXXX, which can be changed in your Edit Profile page on your Steam Account). After a certain period of time, perhaps 30 days, a new AJSA DOTA 2 Guild would be created, along with a correlating Steam Group, and all users who posted their Steam name to the forum thread would then be invited to those two new organizations. After all the users were added, the old Guild and Group could be deleted. This functions as a form of spring-cleaning; users that don't bother reading the notifications they receive from the Steam Group, checking up on the online forums, or keeping tabs on the Guild would essentially be removed. Those members who might not have added their name to the thread before the old Guild/Group deletion could always go onto the forums and request to be added. This provides a fairly painless, thought-out, and respectful way to insure that those who are in the Guild and Group are committed to the AJSA. After that step, the next action would need to be ongoing: keeping people engaged. There are a myriad of ways to do this. Something that was briefly experimented with was the idea of having weekly inhouses. We believe a lot of players would enjoy taking a break from the toxic community of DOTA 2 pubs to play against other AJSA members. During the International 4, there was almost an informal viewing party on the TeamSpeak as members would join to collectively watch the games. If those were more publicized, they would be a great way for members to interact with each others. Natural Delema has volunteered to help run an AJSA DOTA 2 YouTube Channel, which could post highlights of AJSA players or inhouse games, stream tournaments in addition to Twitch, or release comedy pieces (if you don't know what we are talking about, check out here, here, and here). Tutorials could be posted there, and the videos could be promoted through the forums, Guild, and Group. Additional officers could be initiated, perhaps from US time zones, to help more regularly organize events. The idea is simply to keep people engaged, which will keep them committed. The system will begin to sustain itself, as over time people will step up to be leaders as other leaders move on. Together, we believe we can make the DOTA 2 experience at AJSA more enjoyable for all of us. Thanks for your time. If you have any thoughts, questions, or support our idea, let us know below. -- The Shnook, Natural Delema, The Winter Soldier, Sundaecat, The Dude, facd, digitalblade, Cthulhu Approves, and marve The Shnook’s Comment: “I’ve been with a lot of different communities and clans, but the AJSA certainly has the friendliest member-base of any group I have seen. I want the best for all of you, and I'm willing to do whatever I can to help.” Natural Delema’s Comment: “I have been with this community for a long time, and I really enjoy playing with all you guys. I really want our community to be the example that other communities look up to. I want to be going full steam ahead, 100 percent, the best we can be. I think our Dota community can be a really big draw for the AJSA, and we just need to take it to the next level. Thanks guys!” The Winter Soldier’s Comment: “I am loving these ideas and I really think this is a great asset towards a better and brighter AJSA to really thrive and bring out the best in the guild.” Sundaecat’s Comment: “There is much that could be improved with the current guild and I feel that this letter states some of the right steps that we could take to have a more active and communicating group that represents the AJSA.” The Dude’s Comment: "The AJSA Dota community really seems to be getting boring to me, especially in the recent months. I was here when the guild literally started and when it did it was a blast, with events going on every week, members looking to play with other members, and constant chatter in the teamspeak and guild chat. After a few months of the guild, it seemed like there were no events and really no communication within the community. Now there is almost complete silence in the guild chat, and there are rarely any guild parties. I think we can do better. Let's all bring this back guys! :D" digitalblade’s Comment: "I was only a grunt in the military a long time ago. I see that the AJSA Dota 2 Steam Group has 5 officers, 0 sergeants, and about 663 members (including the inactive ones), but that is not how a chain of command works guys. Other AJSA communities have plenty of sergeants below officers to do activities and such in-game, so the officers can focus on larger tasks and community improvements. The PlanetSide 2 community is run this way, and they have a fairly active group of more than a thousand players who regularly show up for events. We have a much smaller amount of members, but we only get 100+ people in-game, and even then we only get 5 to 10 people on TeamSpeak. I personally don't care who is officer or who is in command. This isn’t the military, but I think everyone likes some level of order. A little bit of order makes way for a lot of fun, and people will join events and participate in the community if it is fun."
  6. Strange Specialized Killstreak Liberty Launcher. It solves a lot of issues with the soldier: It can actually kill scoutsSnipers can't just strafe while scoped to dodge its rockets (they have to unscope)Most pyros will have difficulty reflectingRocket jump for daysGreat for killing other soldiers, especially black box ones, since if you get very close, you have a standard clip size and take significantly less damage from your own weapon. Liberty Launcher ends up providing more effective longevity vs Black Box if you are in each other's blast areas, because the net 50% self damage reduction on the Liberty will prevent more than 15 damage, the amount of heal provided by the Box.Doesn't look like a children's toy like the stock rocket launcher
  7. I am buying any and all standard steam trading cards for 1 scrap each. The standard ones are the ones with the blue border. If you have any foil ones (ones with a silver border) I will pay 1 reclaimed (3 scrap) each. This is a great way to make some easy metal if you have spare trading cards around. If you want to trade me, simply click this link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88629274&token=kW_K7KC0. There, you can add your cards, and then for each standard card grab 1 scrap from my backpack and for each foil card grab 3 scrap or 1 reclaimed. If you have any questions, or if there aren't enough scraps in my backpack ( ) then let me know below. Thanks!
  8. I'm interested in trying out for soldier, demo, and engy.
  9. Sure, why not. Steam Name: =AJSA= The Shnook Ranked MMR: Solo usually around 3700 Dota experience: >2000 hours, >2100 games played Server location: US East, US West, maybe Europe West Look in my signature if you want more up to date information.
  10. I realized that earlier today I played my 2000th match... How many matches have you guys played? Am I putting way too much time into this game?
  11. I generally hate routers, and I generally hate consoles. How do I trouble shoot thing I hate? Reset to factory settings. On your router it is probably some stupid little pinhole button on the back, and your console is Microsoft, so you might be screwed there. IDK, I'm not a console expert.
  12. Personally, I like the idea of playing in a 1v1 tourny... mmmm, fresh meat. And no, I do not play pudge. On a serious note, I think this is a great idea for newer players.
  13. On the controller side, something like a Logitech G13 might be easier for you to get used to than a keyboard. Just a thought. For hardware, you need a graphics card, bad. Something like a GeForce GTX 760 would be plenty of firepower for your games, and it should be compatible with your motherboard and power supply. I would also not bother with an IDE drive... those are slow, old, difficult to troubleshoot, and generally annoying as hell to IT/computer repair people. 500GB could very easily be enough, and if it isn't, something like a Seagate Barracuda ST500DM002 would be enough extra storage. Lastly, a software tip. In Control Panel, go to System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Device Manager. Look under all the drop down lists, and see if there are things with a little yellow /!\ sign. That means that Windows can't recognize and so can't use that device. If you see anything, let me know, and we can try to work it out.
  14. SD, Dazzle, Axe. SD disrupt, Axe then walks up and calls, and Dazzle uses heal on himself, SD, Axe, and the disrupt illusions all standing around the target. At level 2, adding in soul catcher, axe spinning once or twice, and dazzle having nuke, this can deal 900-1100 damage if done correctly. That all is fairly impossible to tell people in pubs, but in a group it crushes.
  15. Hmm. I'd say update your drivers, but you say its happening on the Gigabyte BIOS logo when your computer boots? That almost definitely alludes to a hardware issues either with your display or card. Try the switch to Intel thing, that will still find what is causing the problem.