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Everything posted by MiThiXi

  1. PoVGravs

    From the album Stuff I Have Done Through The Years

    One of my friends that wanted me to make him a logo for GameBattles so this was the end result

    © CrispyDesigns[HD

  2. From the album Stuff I Have Done Through The Years

    Made this in Photoshop

    © CrispyDesigns[HD

  3. SaVioR Screen Saver

    From the album Stuff I Have Done Through The Years

    Done in Photoshop when I was about 14 years old, so way back haha but it looks nice except for the bottom text lol

    © CrispyDesigns[HD

  4. From the album Stuff I Have Done Through The Years

    Done in Cinema 4D than taken into photoshop to add some effects.

    © CrispyDesigns[HD

  5. Hi there comrades. Im Chris, aka MiThiXi, and im a Canadian Teen in College for Game Development hoping to be a Level Designer some day. I do Graphic Design in my spare time, along with school work, and some stuff like hang with friends, play sports, work out, and obviously play video games. I have both PS3 and Xbox 360 so please add me sometime and we'll play. I have a Mac so I dont have any good computer games haha sorry, but im planning on buying parts for a PC im building so if you want to add my Steam account you can. Steam username is "crispyvoid". I hope to see all of you in battle and bring honour and glory to the AJSA!!!!!