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  1. An old 4X Strategy game is getting a reboot, Master of Orion. I've been interested in trying a 4x strategy game of some kind, and this is one title that I am VERY interested in. What is especially interesting is its voice acting cast! Mark Hamill, John De Lancie, Robert Englund, and more! Now, I don't know anything about 4x but the basics so I can't say much but I am highly interested in playing this game when it becomes available for early access on the 26th. 11 alien races, fully animated and voiced conversations and diplomatic scenes, neat designs, etc. One thing I am concerned about is that so far I haven't seen any videos of more then 6 players on a map. I haven't heard or seen anything to confirm if you can have more then six players but I hope that there would be AT LEAST enough slots for one of each race. Also the fact that the Terrans are collectors edition ONLY and also appear to be just reskins of humans when you compare 2 of their ships. Fortunately it seems the collectors edition is $50.00 so at least its pretty cheap compared to the usual CE price. So what do you all think? Want to see Joe stream this game? Also, what are your thoughts on Galactic Civilizations 3? Another game I am looking into.
  2. So, I haven't played a COD title since Modern Warfare 2, and from what I've seen the franchise was mostly the same from MW2 to Ghosts. Copy and paste, point and shoot, campaign is there just to fill a check box, and the gameplay in each game had been bare bones and basic and more or less have been just AAA rage games. However, when I played the beta I thought the gameplay was quite fun, vastly different to what MW2 had to offer. So I pre ordered the game and attended the midnight release (surprisingly not a single kid but a large crowd of people in their 20's or older) got my game and gone home and started playing. Generally I have been unimpressed with the COD franchise and its lack of innovation and the fact that it is just the same game over and over, but this game was different. Actual Review____________ As the campaign progressed I noticed that the plot was not the typical "anti terrorism" story, and nor was it a war with the Russians. In fact the nationalities that get involved besides America are the Chinese and Egyptians. The plot soon unfolds into something Bizarre with mystifying visuals and backdrops and more emotion then any other COD campaign in recent years. Its actually a story I do not wish to spoil. This time In call of duty, from beginning to end you are playing as your own character, customized by you and fully voiced. Sadly the faces you can choose from are pretty limited, but as you progress you unlock more outfits and helmets which have some neat designs. again, I am not going to spoil the plot, but does this sound like something you would expect to see in a COD campaign: Massive living tree stretching high into the clouds, its bark as black as charcoal and blue streams of energy flowing through its branches and roots. You enter the roots and after fighting through soldiers who appear and disappear in clouds of ravens you see a massive beating heart linked to the tree at the end of this tunnel consisting entirely of these roots of dark wood and blue streams. Meanwhile a voice is telling you to let yourself go, to calm your mind, imagine yourself in a quiet place, a frozen forest. this title has gone from sci fi to fantasy in a very impressive way. The campaign also has its own progression system, just like every other mode in the game. You have 3 Cybernetic core ability sets, control, martial and chaos. Each one focuses on something different. control hacks and manipulates machines and robots, anything from making their power core explode to taking direct and full control over a massive mech! Martial focuses on melee combat and allows you to bull-charge through groups of enemies for massive damage and even cloak and release massive and deadly shock waves with a powerful smash move. Chaos is focused on disorienting human combatants but at the same time it seems like potentially the most evil core with deadly abilities includiing some firefly nanomachines that set soldiers on fire, or an ability that forces the affected targets to experience extreme muscle pains while they choke on their own vomit! There are many more abilities that each core set can do and you can jump between each one between missions at will, you don't have to "commit" to one, you can max out each one if you want. The campaign is also far longer then any other COD title that has been released in recent years. It felt like it was closer to 10 hours! Another great feature is 4 player coop! I haven't tested this out but I read that you can play the campaign with one other person for a 2 player local coop and the other two players would be on another console, while all other game modes can have 4 players locally. The coop is a lot of fun as well, allowing you to combine the 3 core sets for fun strategies. When you complete the campaign you unlock another campaign called "nightmare" which changes a few campaign missions into a "zombie" variant with a new story. I only played one level of that so far but its interesting to see the story retold with zombies by another character. I have not tried the full fledged zombie mode yet but from what I hear it could be interesting. another mode is "freerun" where you run obstacle courses of varying difficulty for the best time. The multiplayer has some fun gameplay with the new-found mobility and specialist abilties in addition to scorestreaks, which replace killstreaks. Scorestreaks function just like killstreaks but this time they are MUCH harder to acquire, so I noticed fewer streaks in each match then what I got in MW2, making it feel more like you earned them. there are private and custom matches where you can alter any condition as you see fit and you can even add bots of varying difficulty levels! You also have emblem customization that is really impressive. you can arrange up to 64 objects/layers in any shape, size, angle and color you want, making for some pretty cool emblems. there is even a community browser to see some of the top rated player-made emblems! The gameplay and story aside, there is another thing I really like about Black ops 3. it features each and every mode and feature that should come standard with any FPS, but most, if not all companies seem to be cutting a few out. campaign with coop and worth replaying. splitscreen customization, private and custom multiplayer matches, local and offline. side challenge modes. Theater to watch previous matches. Think about this, how many FPS's have been released in recent years aside from COD, that feature each and every one of these features? Halo 5 has taken out splitscreen entirely. Battlefield and Destiny have no private matches. and most games that are coming out or are out have some form of unnecessary microtransactions, sometimes using them to replace progression entirely. BO3 doesn't even have DRM! you can play offline with no connection to the internet if you wish! COD has none of these trends that have popped up recently in games that could ultimately hurt gaming as a whole! This may be because I personally haven't played a COD title since MW2, but BO3 feels like a breath of fresh air, bringing back all the features that an FPS is SUPPOSED to have without cutting ANYTHING that could have ultimately improved the experience. In short, the campaign is actually very cool and imaginative, the zombie mode looks crazy, the multiplayer is fun, and every mode is worth revisiting. This is the best COD title in YEARS. The only thing that I think is hurting the game now (aside from the PC launch) is the fact that Activision has been publishing a new COD title EVERY YEAR! people are getting tired of hearing about a new COD title and they want something new! Well, to me this is new enough where you can ignore the fact that its CALLED Call of duty and just enjoy it for its on merits. I half-expected to see some crazy visuals from Treyarch because they developed one of my favorite titles for the Sega Dreamcast, Draconus: cult of the wyrm. (but thats a discussion for another time.) So, have you guys played BO3? what did you think about it?
  3. I personally will say no. The gameplay seems decent with authentic-feeling audio and environments, But it seems they missed what made Battlefront 2 unique. below is my response to all the confirmed details on the game. Diverse units: In B2 you have a ton of units, each with unique abilities and designs for each faction. Imperial officers provided buffs to nearby allies, dark troopers had an arc cannon and was the only unit (aside from the clone equivalent) to have a jetpack, engineers repaired tanks and droids and provided health and ammo, stuff like that. Battlefront is taking that feature out entirely and allowing you to make your own loadouts. now that sound fine, but then that means people are likely only going to use maybe 3 different types of loadouts. Heavy gunner with tons of firepower, or a sniper or an "assault medic." maybe a few minor changes here and there but most people are likely to be using the same kind of loadouts. Heroes: Its cool they brought them back and they seem to be fun to use from what I seen during the beta. But my understanding is that the list of playable heroes is pathetically small! Luke, Darth Vader, The emperor, Solo, Chewy, leia, and bobo fet. if there are more feel free to correct me, but I read that Yoda and Obi wan will NOT be playable! In battlefront 2 you had just about every single Jedi and sith and other that was mentioned in all six movies! Besides, from what little I had read and seen in the extended lore I am pretty sure there are more characters in the background that could have been added. Campaign: Obviously this is a big problem: no campaign at all! Another aspect that was cool in B2 was that you were able to fight in most, if not all, of the major battles in the movies, and a few that were not! In SPACE or on the ground! Why omit this entirely!? Other: Now a lack of space battles is obviously a problem. Especially in STAR WARS. in B2 it was awesome to land on the enemy ship and disable key systems, steal their own fighters, or to man various turrets on your capital ship and fire upon hostile fighters or the enemy capital ship! None of this is going to be in the game at launch?! $15 please! (probably.) Also the "Galactic conquest" mode was a fun mode in B2, it made an FPS also a strategy game and progressively building up your fleets and armies and purchasing various upgrades was a really fun feature! Battlefront will not feature this mode either apparently. With all these missing features they are expecting us to buy the game for $60 when all it has to offer is a few coop challenge modes and multiplayer with a handful of maps and a few other game types? On top of that sell us microtransactions? There is also the issue of it playing at 900P on PS4, and 720P on xbox one. This is not because of console limitations, its because EA/DICE is being lazy and is failing to optimize it for the consoles! These consoles are far stronger then they give them credit for! (even the Xbox one, especially with its updates with DX12.) So, my vote, again, is no. EA is stripping all the fun modes that B2 had on the ORIGINAL Xbox and the PS2 and giving us a fraction of the experience for a ridiculous price.
  4. I explain more in my previous comments, but there is plenty of new free content that will be expanding the story and worlds FAR beyond its current state. There will only be TWO expansions you have to pay for and only because activision requires it. the rest will be free content that is added over time.
  5. I agree, if that was the case I would probably return this game before too long. However, this is not the case. Bungie has stated that they will provide new daily content which will add new missions, game types, locations and more over the next 10 years, all of which (except for two expansions) is FREE. In a few days they already have a new story mission coming out. Again, its free. Along with the Iron banner, Salvage (for a limited time) and various other things. http://www.bungie.net/7_Destiny-Events-Inbound/en/News/News?aid=12133 Yes they probably should have released the story more fully at launch, but at the least we can expect FREE CONTENT which will add to it for the next 10 years (which is their goal.) The two expansions are just their because activision required it in their contract, the rest bungie can do what ever they want.
  6. Well, the main point I am getting at is the game WILL get better. It will be interesting at least to watch the game as it grows and to be a part of it. Of course, there is still the wish that what we got a better first impression. (I still really like the game so far, a good 28 hours game time at this point. lol.)
  7. Now I can understand most of these issues, HOWEVER, this may be the official release of the game, but it is not the FINAL game. What most don't seem to remember is that bungie intends to release Daily content starting at some point which will expand the story, world, arsenal and more. All of it free! (except for the two expansions which were required by Activision.) I have a theory as to why the story is missing so much: Its possible that bungie released at launch the basic "here is what the world 'is'" and over time story missions will be released (FREELY except, again, for those two expansions, but most of the content will be the free daily stuff) and will make a more intriguing story. If you pay close attention you will see and hear SO MANY hints about what the story can be like and where it will go. Bungie even hinted before launch that we just might see MERCURY, also in the campaign there is a point where it is mentioned how the Vex turned mercury into one of their "machines" but the Traveler stopped them. What are these "machines" for? How did they accomplish that? what is the state of mercury now? Apparently there is even a multiplayer map on mercury that has been revealed. We might see if with the iron banner if it isn't in the game YET. There is also another hint from the Warlock vanguard of some more interesting story. She is speaking to someone and says ". . . no, that is what tempted the Osirus" Osirus is a faction that was announced long ago but we have not SEEN them in the game, but apparently something IN THE STORY happened to them and we may get to see just what that is later. The LORE is interesting and there is a lot to read about in the Grimoire section of your bungie.net account. The story just hasn't touched on it AT ALL yet. According to bungie, we should be seeing more story missions to expand and detail the lore a whole lot better. There is something coming up within the week as a matter a fact! http://www.bungie.net/7_Destiny-Events-Inbound/en/News/News?aid=12133 Quite simply, I say give the game some time. The story, lore, scenarios and more will likely be SIGNIFICANTLY improved as time goes on, as bungie said: The game you play a month down the line is NOT going to be the same game you played at launch. Personally I am having a blast with the game, just the campaign IS disappointing in its current state, I am just a bit more optimistic because the game is not over yet. more FREE content updates will be coming and will expand the world soon. (this is made possible by content being sent through their own servers, NOT sony's or microsoft's so they can keep adding stuff without having to pay to update their servers.)
  8. Now for everyone who has played through the command and conquer series will know that command and conquer has had a rough road since C&C 4 Tiberium Twilight. This franchise has turned from one of the best RTS games to an after thought. The series has more potential then that. Victory studios has final say with the franchise as far as I know, and C&C's future in unclear. This series does not deserve to simply die off and disappear. the past couple years it has been rough but there is still hope in this series. For many, this series was the first RTS games any of us had ever played, and we seen it grow and improve as time gone on. Command and Conquer Tiberum dawn: the first mainstream RTS, it opened the door for a new Genre of gaming, and ultimately inspired Warcraft, Starcraft and many other games to come into existence. This game introduced strategic planning and organization to achieve a goal. Introduced an interesting universe with a resource known as "Tiberium." and a mysterious backstory and a brilliant villain, Kane. The story has Grown in complexity as it moved on and with the conclusion of C&C 3 Tiberium wars/Kanes wrath, it built up for a finale that could tie all loose ends, open the doors for larger scale battles, and more. The series has only gotten better, Until C&C 4. C&C online could have been interesting, but it had its issues. Seems to me like EA had simply ran out of ideas and options and it is backfiring heavily. If they want Command and conquer to continue being successful, it is time they get a few members of the C&C community who are long time fans of the series to assist with the development and concept and story of the next C&C game. They will require outside help. A friend and I had worked on our own storyboard to how we believe the story should have ended. how the campaigns for C&C 4 SHOULD have played out for all 3 factions. Yes, the Scrin would return. Thought up gaming mechanics, game modes and more. Several game modes based on fan-made multiplayer modes from the old games like Red alert 2 and Tiberian sun. I won't reveal much as of right now, but I may with time, as responses and support grows. I am NOT asking for any money. all I ask is for your verbal, written support to send me to EA, have them notice and listen and allow my friend and I assist in the development, concept and story of a C&C 4 remake. Let them know that this series has a strong following. That its community is open to the possibility of a remake from scratch. This game cannot die yet. We grown up with this series and we know it deserves more. If EA sees the support, then hopefully they will see the potential of a reboot, and end the series right. Now, I am not a programmer, artist, or professional in any field, but I know the lore, and I know the story. I can point them in the right direction, if given the opportunity. Trust in me and give me your written support, and I can be your words and hands and ears, and as a community we can make this series strong again. I ask the support of the Angry army to help make this possible. Now this is not the only reason why I am here on this site, Angry joe is a great reviewer and helped influence me to get games like Guild Wars 2 and Battlefield 3. If I can get a chance to play a game or two with the Angry army that would be awesome, but back to the issue at hand: So please, like, share and spread this post: http://www.commandandconquer.com/forums/index.php/topic/32719-send-me-to-ea-for-cc/ let them see it and send me to EA!
  9. Cool question but, Can it wait a bit? I'm in the middle of some calibrations.
  10. Hello, Alastar here. I've followed Angry Joe for a long time, and I have enjoyed his reviews and blogs and I appreciate his honesty, clever jokes and informative critical analysis of movies and games he has reviewed. The first time I heard of him was his review for Fable 2 (which I actually bought the game before I looked up the reviews at the time.) and hearing about his gaming community for competitive gaming, a social and active community, and the launch of this whole site and system, figured I would join this community. I play alot of FPS, RTS and RPG and have played a wide range of games. I was primarily a console gamer for a while until a friend built my desktop for me as a gift, and now I find myself playing on the PC much more often. My accuracy in PC FPS's was not that great when I started but through counter strike, Planetside 2, Borderlands 2, and various other games (and an actual gaming mouse!) I have been improving quickly. I have also been working on making reviews myself, though the videos I do have i am not overly impressed with, but I have ideas on how to improve. I have some written reviews as well, those i think are better. (maybe I should write the review out in text and read it out to start with to help with my train of thought.) I would like to get a chance to play games online with the Angry Army in games like Battlefield 4, Planetside and other games. I have BF3 as well on the 360 but my tv is horrible. When zoomed in all the way in skyrim I can barely make out my characters eyes with how blurry the screen is! Still get mvp alot of Deathmatch of BF3 though inspite of that. Well, thats all I'll leave here for now, I'll see you all in the game.