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  1. Steam Name: regoating How many hours/games played: 4000 hours MMR: 4025 Timezone: GMT Availability: 10am - 10pm What roles you can fill/you are most comfortable with: Mostly play carry, but can play any role. Any heroes you'd like to play on team/Most comfortable heroes: PA, Alchemist, Chaos Knight Dotabuff: http://www.dotabuff.com/players/103560976
  2. I don't play LoL much but i've played a few matches over the last few days without any problems. However, I went to play a match yesterday, got in fine, picked my champion and then the loading screen which should show all the players just turns black and I have to use task manager to close down LoL. It's really annoying me and it's happening every match I try to play now! - Any help would be appreciated
  3. Play Rough seas ahead, crew. Strap me to the mizzen when I give the word. Good o'l Kunkka.
  4. So basically I bought the Compendium and both weeks i've put a load of rares and other items into the offering for the hope of something good in return. But both times, I have got nothing. Any ideas as to why there is nothing returned. Do I get them at a later date? Give me your thoughts.
  5. Anyone wants to play hard and serious then i'm on often and got 1500 hours, usually playing semi/hard carry. - Can fit any role though - Add me: Fuzzy
  6. Improve the awful matchmaking system. For about 2 weeks I've been place in matches where I cannot do anything due to awful and abusive team mates.
  7. I'm up for if whenever, playing anyone.
  8. Thanks a lot, I'll have a look
  9. Hi, i'm really looking for a decent team of 5 people to play online with on DOTA 2. I hope for this team to be comprised of people that have played, say a few hundred hours, but are still good at the game. This is really for players who aren't really experienced enough for tournaments and hardcore competitive, but just want to play casually with other players of their level and knowledge. If you're interested, just post your game time, favourite hero/class and how good you think you are, or just add me on steam. So I have 397 hours, and I like to play almost any class, and any hero, and i'd say i'm pretty good at the game. Look forward to playing with you guys
  10. I'm looking for a team to play with, got over 300 hours in game and i'm pretty decent at almost every hero (I suck with Meepo/Invoker) I don't play anyone in particular, but can fit a variety of roles including main carry.
  11. As far as i've heard (and I play LoL ocasionally), the LoL community is terrible, but i've known the DOTA 2 community to be pretty stale as well. The one single thing that almost ruins DOTA for me is the Russians on European servers. Its not that I don't like them, its just that they are usually awful, make stupid decisions and never listen to what you tell them to do, mostly because they all speak in their language.
  12. Hey people! I'll be playing Diretide all for the rest of the weekend so if anybody feels like playing just add me on Steam
  13. Orge Magi from Dota 2 ... and pretty much the entire cast from Red Dead Redemption.
  14. I really just wish there'd be more Tidehunters online, his ulti is so underrated