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  1. I understand this has some jokes on it but I would really like to see an actual True Gamer Quiz because I want to see what I would get and other things.
  2. Oh my God it's the Stargate guy! He was pretty awesome on Stargate: Atlantis.
  3. There's a sequel to Peggle?
  4. Like I said in the thread about this on the In The News forum I worry these guys are used to Joe Danger and can't handle a serious game. I will wait for more info before getting super excited about this.
  5. I want to be excited but this is coming from the Joe Danger guys and this seems a little too serious for them. From what I've read it seems pretty cool but I'll wait and see.
  6. First you get penalized for profanity and now you have to be always online unless you make a new file. Fuck 2K Sports.
  7. I feel like this is gonna suck, not sure why but I feel this game may be terrible.
  8. Stasis, Imagine Nations, Probably Archery, Residue, Turbo Dismount, and Zombie Grinder look cool.
  9. Fassbender is Magneto again, I'm already sold on Days of Future Past. Same here. Fassbender was an amazing Magneto. Also at least the sequel has a better name. Days of Future Past sounds pretty dumb to me.
  10. Little Shop of Horrors - If you don't like Rick Moranis or musicals, you will after seeing this classic! Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Great acting and writing. Also it has Alan Rickman, Mos Def, and Martin Freeman in it. Actually the cast is just amazing in general. 28 Days Later - This is one of the best zombie films you will ever see. Goodfellas - It's the quintessential Mobster movie. The Anchorman - Probably the best Will Ferrell film and one of the best comedies of the last 15 years.
  11. I though the girl on the cover was supposed to be Kate Upton.
  12. Damn I missed it. I will always take a free game.
  13. I've probably spent more time making my characters in that game then I have actually playing. It just doesn't make me want to keep playing once I start. It seems very casual to me when I play it for some reason.
  14. I'm still interested in the deal for Trine, I just haven't been online. I'll be online most of tomorrow afternoon.
  15. Good review with some nice points but I felt this was a little short. I'm sure you could have expanded this quite a bit to go in depth on each game like the fact that Altair does not have the climbing abilities of Ezio or Connor. Those little things added in would have been a nice accessory.