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  1. Okay, to start things off: I don't want to hear anything about the Xbox One. I've made up my mind: I'm not buying it. Thank you. Now, I was simply wondering if the PS4 is worth the HEFTY price tag, or if I should wait awhile. I'm an avid PC gamer, but I've been attracted to the look and feel of the PS4, and am seriously considering it. Why should I, or should I not, buy a PS4. Please don't get into a fight or anything. Just people posting their own opinions.
  2. I played Recettear, and made a highlight's video. I had a lot of fun with this one: I got my professional audio equipment around the time I made this video. I'm still fairly new to the scene, and I am not afraid to admit that I am always learning. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment on the video or on this post. Thank you for your consideration and time. Go AJSA.
  3. Yes. I am still encountering the problem with simple random posts. No matter where I go in the community forum section. I was really looking forward to branching out in there... Where would be an appropriate place to bring this issue to light?
  4. Hello! I have a review that I would VERY much like to post in the Written Reviews section under Community Content, however am unable to do so. I understand this is a new website, and AJ and the moderators have a LOT of work to do around the clock. So this is all stated with the utmost respect and admiration, but it should be brought to someone's attention. Every time I write in my article, and hit preview, I am taken to a 404 not found page with logos and lettering all over the place. If I skip that step, and go straight to post, I get the same issue. I have been trying to make the post for days now. It's been about three. Any ideas? Thank you.
  5. Right! I should've posted it elsewhere. I will be more careful in the future. Topic can be dead, considering I have an answer.
  6. I appreciate the post! That second MSI looks promising. You have given me a lot of research to do. Thank you!
  7. So, my insatiably powerful ASUS is winding down to the end of its laptop-life. It could easily run any game (from Minecraft to Skyrim) on the highest graphical settings, and never miss a beat. I have loved the power and portability throughout my time with this. Alas, it is an older rig and I am looking for something much (much) sleeker. One of the reasons I was able to grab this baby for about $765 was because of the sum of its parts. Its innards were impeccable, but its features were few. It had a slow disk drive, terrible webcam, speakers that would make your ears bleed and the most unreliable set of USB ports you have ever seen. This was a trade-off I was willing to make. Now, to my question. Is it even REMOTELY possible to keep a gaming PC under $1000, and NOT compromise on these things? I need a (portable) laptop that can best (or at least match) these specs: 8gb Ram 750gb Hard Drive (less important because of my external hard drives) 1 gb Nvidia (must be Nvidia) i7 processor I would prefer not to invest in another ASUS. I am willing to pay as much as $1,200, but would prefer the price tag not breach one thousand. Thank you for your time, in advance. I really do appreciate this.
  8. Adored Kingdoms of Amalur. Never did quite get the hang of dispelling/disenchanting chests, but one of the best RPGs I've ever seen.
  9. This is exactly what I'm talking about. MMO's are flexible, and we can use that to our advantage!
  10. From what I have read, and seeing Angry Joe's rant, and reading your responses it would seem that EA and Dice really didn't pull through on this title.
  11. What about a guild on each server? If we are that scattered, could that work at all? Like a Jade Quarry division and others? Food for thought!
  12. Hope survives. Thank you Joe, for helping me find like-minded gamers.
  13. Thank you all so much. Based on your feedback I will wait for the price drop, and maybe then I'll jump on the Angry Army servers. Until then I'll stick to robbing banks in Payday 2. Thank you.
  14. Howdy, all! I decided to post this here as to not waste space in the Battlefield 4 information section. I have a dilemma: I cannot decide about Battlefield 4. I do not know if I should buy it or not. I think I will wait til Black Friday if I do, but is it worth the 39.99 to 69.99 drop? Here's some background: I LOVE games like Bioshock. I love shooters that are deep and make someone think about the story. On the other hand, I love shooters where I just get to blow stuff to hell. Payday 2 is a good example of a game where I shoot first and ask questions later, as well as Call of Duty (although I've fallen away from the series). I also like a game with a TON of features (i.e. offline modes, horde-mode, many multiplayer gamemodes). Is Battlefield 4 going to be a good choice for someone who fits that profile? Thank you SO much for your time, in advance.