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  1. this would be amazing if this came to ps4. I am mainly a pc gamer but I started off on consoles, but I do enjoy my console gaming - mainly for console exclusives and couch coop, but an MMO like everquest next on ps4 would really be sweet in my opinion.
  2. I must say I am a little bit worried about server population for this game, since like you said there is no cross platforming I'm wondering if there will be enough players to really give the true planetside experience. Of course, it helps that the game is completely free - smart move in my opinion, but what with console games probably being split in half between the xbox and the ps4 I can't help but be worried. Maybe cross platforming would be a future option? Who knows
  3. I would be super pumped if Crash did end up coming to ps4. Hopefully a solid developer with good platform experience would be tasked to it - naughty dog doing it would definitely be a dream. It is always scary though when a beloved franchise gets revived and just dies off because the game was poorly handled, probably because it relied too much on a nostalgia factor or a loss of sight of what fans actually want. Hopefully that wont be the case this time
  4. Being a support player, I am in love with earth spirit!
  5. Hello there! I am xenopuff and I am a guy who likes to play support roles. In battlefield 4 and Planetside 2 I focus on being the squad medic and in Dota I play mainly support heroes. I love gaming and am open and love trying new games. I am not a very competitive gamer, the most competitive i get is in dota 2, but even then I focus on having fun and trying to be nice. I enjoy teaching new players for Dota and I like gamers who can put aside winning and just focus on having a good time - but yes, winning is nice : P I vow to serve the Angry Army with my life!