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  1. GNOW PSNID: Johnster42
  2. Predictions: Halo 3/MCC on PC Red Dead Redemption 2 Final Fantasy XV
  3. Predictions: KOTOR Remake/Reboot Bioware's new IP Dylan Visceral Star Wars Game Mass Effect DLC
  4. Predictions: God of War (Last of Us Clone) Spiderman Death Stranding Devil May Cry 5 Phantom Weil (the rumoured new From Software game) MVC infinate character Trailer Monster Hunter 5 Coming to PS4/PC Horizen Zeror Dawn DLC
  5. Predictions: Starfeild (Bethesda Studio's) new IP Doom Expansion similar to Wolfenstien the new colossus Wolfenstien the New collousis Prey/dishonoured 2 DLC Elder Scrolls Online news
  6. Predictions: Scorpio details Halo 3 or MCC PC (either on their stage or at the PC Gamer Show) Halo Wars 2 DLC CupHead Forza That's all I've got for them don't have much hope for them
  7. Ill post my predictions on the other threads just to save space on this thread
  8. GNU Johnster4
  9. GNW PSN:Johnster42
  10. GNO PSN: Johnster42
  11. GNPP Johnster42
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  14. GNR PC Version Steam ID: Johnster4