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  1. So I discovered this earlier today.. Through i'll share it here.. Apparently just before the sale, the price of the "Mustang Pack" which was originally $19.99 was raised to 27.99$.. Typical Gajin I say... Watch the Youtube clip 0:00 - 1:55 More here
  2. It's sad to see you chicken out like this Goodbye Gobu I guess Have fun, Mondez. -.-
  3. Welcome to the AJSA! Be sure to check out the AJSA Teamspeak
  4. I unfortunately don't have any experience with your above posted keyboards.. But what I can do, is show you what keyboard I currently use, with great joy, and no complains since I got it last year Sep. http://gaming.coolermaster.com/en/products/keyboards/devastator/ Perhaps take a look at Cooler Masters other keyboard products
  5. Here's another viewpoint from TotalBiscuit. He had the same reaction as me.. When we reached the Anti-aliasing at the graphic options
  6. This showed up on @BatmanArkham twitter some time ago.. It might clarify some questions for the PC gamers we have in here. https://twitter.com/BatmanArkham/status/613576136308580352 http://community.wbgames.com/t5/Official-Announcements/Update-On-PC-Performance/td-p/572899 I think this is some bullshit, RocksteadyGames & WBHomeEnt really screwed themselves on this one.. This game was clearly made for the damn consoles again, and then very poorly ported to PC, which makes no sense to me. Why decline your best paying and most advanced costumers like this. Steam is already overflowing with bad review's because of these performance issue's on the PC version. Personally, after several crashes, glitches, bugs. I wouldn't even consider sitting down to play this, for any reasonable amount of time, just because of how poor the performance is on my HIGH end PC, if I had paid for this game, then i'd be asking for a refund. Thankfully I got the game for free. This is one of the worst PC ports I have ever seen in my life. For right now, the game is trashed for me.. I'll much rather play my Witcher 3 as a example or Elite Dangerous because does are just 200% better optimized games, i'll rather spend my time playing games that are made by developers that give a damn about the PC community, unlike this pile of bullshit which I wouldn't give to my worst fr-enemy. Batman Arkham knight's performance issue's really came as a surprise to me, why? because this is very uncharacteristic for RSG & WB, they should be ashamed. Looking back at Arkham Origins. This game is just crap, compared to performance and graphical settings available etc etc... I could keep going, but I won't cause i'ts simply pointless.. DO NOT BY THIS FOR YOUR PC. Yet?
  7. I've now been a yearly subscriber since launch of the game on the EU section.. , I haven't regretted it yet, the game keeps improving even after all this time... Once again I can't waiit This might actually be a possibility for me to join the AJSA SWTOR ranks, since I do not have to replay any levels, with the new boost system on the NA servers.
  8. We still wish you luck.
  9. AJSA War Thunder Race.

    Repeated WEEKLY EVENT! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission Time : EST - GMT -5 Taking place 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM (Recurring Event) Mission Location: War Thunder, AJSA Teamspeak: ts3.ajsagaming.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission objective: To race for the win. So once logged in, look for menu, custom battle's, filter to realistic, and spot the race leaders room via name. Room passwords will be given out via Teamspeak. ONLY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission description: We'll be racing for 2 hours. In reserve planes, so everyone can participate. No guns, realistic mode, unlimited re-spawns. Clear skies, sunny. Custom Battle setup : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- To prepare for the fight, we'll start the race room 15 minutes before official race start, in this period we'll be arranging team setups & plane organisation. The Intel : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The new race mode brings more opportunities into War Thunder, thus opening new horizons for cyber sport aviation and along with that - for creating racing camouflages, maps and even aircraft, making air sport contests a logical development of the cyber-sport aspect of the project. Along with aerobatics, this type of contests shows the pilot’s skills: his reaction and vigilance and strict criteria for situational awareness allow to discover the best racers in the available game modes. Intel 1x Intel 2x The newly introduced race track “Tropical island” is abound with cascades of unexpected turns and hazards, which keep the pilot in constant strain. The traversing of the track requires vigilance and attention to achieve most efficient flight trajectory, so that you won’t loose a single second due to mistakes. Several machines racing in three dimensions will allow to find out who is the most cool-blooded master of speed track traversion with most self-confidence. Intel 3x Intel 4x The Race : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- At this point we should all be ready, and our race judges will start the race. Once inside, we'll be spawning in the air, and after a 20 second race start countdown, we'll be launching for the real deal. 2 laps, 2 winners "First & Second place", unlimited re-spawns for maximum screw ups and good laughs. No guns. Oh and DON'T forget, AIM for the rings
  10. So in the middle of the night, if you from europe, a shame...
  11. http://www.pcgamer.com/witcher-3-mod-adds-free-camera-and-unlocks-console/ I think the game might get even better soon. The modding community is doing a awesome job. Thoughts? The mod is now available via nexus mods. Link here : http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/28/?
  12. I am never going to touch another Mass Effect game again.. ME3 was more then enough BS for me.. You do not go back to a broken firecracker
  13. This is news to me.. I'll be checking out Wildstar again! Its's about time
  14. You should be able to refund the preorder, if its done before the release date. And then rebuy it. But be warned, sometimes refunded money can take a while to arrive. I had a bad case with Steam/Paypal once, my money arrive 8 mouth later.