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Everything posted by ydna69

  1. Well As It's The Day to start to be jolly.......... To Everyone At AJSA and all Members Have A Very Merry Christmas and A VERY Merry New Year in 2014!!!! HO,ho,ho,ho,Ho!!! Merry Chistmas / Happy Hol(ly)iday!! .
  2. Hi Joe enjoyed your latest thread on the VGX Mess. All I will say is More Gamer content whether Playable demo's, A 10 ten Best/ Worst games ever played on all consoles and more article types whether moaning about bad Graphics/Sprite collision ect and the unintentional Glitches ect. Done with humour as well as Serious content. mDefinately have the likes of Jack Black Whil Wheaton and Even better Host TheLord High commander After all joe you know how to put together a good fun packed show. So More Games content, More Intervies and better humor . Lets hope it improves or its another wannabe Games show ready for the gutter. Keep up the great work joe.
  3. I can sympathise with your predicament in Assassins Creed 4. I too was never a Big Online Fan and finding Certain Games NEEDED an Online completion to get 100% in the game was to say the least frustrating but I live with it and do occaisionally go online to try and complete a few of the online trophies/ achievements. And What is even more frustrating that everytime you do go online as soon as your in a game YOUR a NOOB who ends up as Either Instantly Cannonfodder or gets nobbled when in racing mode that it sometimes Peeves you off and Might Harden your resolve to STAY OFFLINE. Whether We Like it or Not Most of Us Will probably go online And When Games manufactures Produce Most games Now they will try and Focus More on the Same Online Experiance and as mentioned elsewhere Will Charge us for the privilage to getting extra content/skins/weapons and playable maps ect. But Not ONLY that BUT Sucker us out of even more Money By Releasing ALL Content out in a GAME of The Year OR Limited Edition Versions months or more After Buying All the content Online !! Lets Face it - Gaming manufacturers Know Gamers Are Sheep and will play on that assumption even when most of us aren't that gulluble BUT will know that we'll go out and buy these additions to have the extra content - take DC for instance with versions of DCU-online And Injustice- Gods Among US Ultimate editions coming out on Xbox1/PS4 With all addition DLC and at the FULL New Game Price....Who's Fooling Who? IT's just a pity That Single Player Campaigns Have to Suffer and most online gamers just ignore them for the online experiance. MY take on the whole gaming franchise is If You buy a game BUY it For the Campaign Game !st - even if it might look like S**T After All if theres EVER another time Sony OR Microsoft EVER Go offline Again From a major hack attack and gamers Start to B***CH and WHINE on other Gaming Forums And Magazines about Not being Able To PLAY With Their Online Friends....Get A Life ! You Should buy it For Campaign playability / Replayabillity NOT JUST FOR ONLINE!!!! - OK Rant Over.
  4. Two games which come to mind are both on the PS3 - Eat Lead and the other Alpha Protocol (Which I got before Joe's review of it.). The 1st being a parody on the computer game industry where our hero is a former video game star of the 8bit generation brought out of retirement to star in a new generation Video game Only to find himself Trapped in the new game and your character must escape to foil the plans of the evil CEO Of the company who's hired you. Its a parody which makes refrence to the likes of DOOM,Duke Nukem, Mario,Lord of the rings and others inc. S.O.C.O.M or in this game as S.O.A.K.E.M and certain Japanese Text based combat games all of which is fun And It that Brings us to Alph Protocol Definately a good concept when originally thought up and is playable but does have some very annoying flaws which includes the Russian Tycoon whiz-kid who loves his speed habit and the Kill ratio factor it take to kill an enemy inthe game which can and is frustrating at times. So If you look up youtube and find Joe's Angry review of Alpha protocl you'll see what I mean. It's a spy/ espionage game that intrested me but I got BEFORE I came across the Angry review of it. So I'm Still plodding thruogh it and yes it's also helping I'm paitiently taking my time to complete it.
  5. Well I'd also say Aliens: Colonial marines as well as Injustice-Gods amaong us, or DCU online and not forgeting Skyrim
  6. Well I can recomend Resistance: Fall of Man/ Resistance2 and Resistance 3, The Assassins creed Series, COD: Modern Warfare 1,2 & 3 as well as Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vagas and Skyrim, Also Borderlands 1& 2 and Bioshock series and DCU online. and Brutal legend also quite good. Hope these few are helpful for you I'm sure i could come up with a few others also such as the Dead space series.
  7. Well for PS4 I'd SayAssasins Creed3, Dead space 3 and of course the latest ACIV: Black Flag and Batman Arkham origins But not forgeting SKYRIM and Aliens colonial marines(Yes It had a few problems but its an ok game and it least a certain question was answered in DLC) and two recent games mentioned may be my last gen games before moving up to ps4.
  8. Definately when I get the money...Will be going for PS4.But also to wait for a few more titles and any slight annoying problems to be resolved. I did the exact same thing when PS£ was finally Available after its problematic beginings.
  9. Personally I think there is STILL a few yrs left in the PS3 and Xbox 360 so I'm sure that most of the gaming Manufactures will still be developing a few more titles for this last gen as well as the next gen as Assassins Creed IV and Fifa 20 14 have shown so we will have to wait and See But to think that now the Worldwide Completion of final pase of PS4- Uk and Europe Today and last wks Xbox 1 with previous US release before the last 2 release dates will mean an automatic shutdown of games for the consoles and pc's of last gen. are a little premeture and that their Demise will be slow and graceful like the Ps2 and original xbox. So I assume many like myself will play on with the last gen consoles while buying the latest PS4/Xbox1 in a few months time once any small niggling glitches and problems are finally resolved.
  10. Enjoyed your latest update joe and good news about Mandate - it looks good. Also Definately Put killzone Walkthrough Rant on youtube and enjoyed xbox1 review and appearance by your Station 4....oops Playstation 4 . Anyway joe keep up the great work and hope you and the command crew had a great Thanksgiving. So will be good to now to know overall Consoles of Xbox and PS4 sold over the last 3wks inc. UK/European sales which Commenced 00:00 29th here. Cheers and Keep the banner flying :0
  11. Greetings Joe, I Just love this New look website and as I've been following some of your previous shows on you tube over the last few years and have occaisionally bought certain games for the PS3 such as Injustice, Alpha protocol( definately need some paitence with it), Assassins Creed Brotherhood/revelations, Colonial Marines,(For the WTF ending that involved a certain Captive) and would like to see in your Summing up of games for 2013 an Addition to Colonial Marines regarding the Dlc which goes somewhat to explain the aforementioned " Captive" . Either way these have been just a few, inc. Hitman Absolution and LA Noir which I've followed by your sage guidance and the utter briliance of the humourous ways you have done your shows (Such as GTAV) which would be worthy of at least 2hrs alone. Also Your even handed comments never pull any punches if certain software companies and games giants make real bad mistakes in any of the releases of all the major platforms and your reviews of films exct: are all done with honesty and passion and you've proved time and again that your nobody's Corporate Yes Man....You say it as You find it and I say KEEP UP the great work. So All the best with the site and Lets hope This Army Keeps on Marching!!!!
  12. Great collections. Mines just a little more modest and is for the PS3. They are : Assassins Creed : Brotherhood. Assassins Creed: Revelations. Aliens V Predator. Aliens: Colonial Marines. Alone In The Dark. Alpha Protocol. Assassins Creed. Assasins Creed II. Assasins Creed III. Back To The Future: The Game. Batman: Arkham Asylumn. Batman: Arkham City. Blur. Brutal Legend -( 100% Complete Yipeee!! ) . Burnout Paradise. Call Of Duty: Black OPs. Call Of Duty: World At War. Call Of Durez: Bound In Blood. CSI: Fatal Conspirisy. D.C. Universe Online. Dead Nation. Dead Space 1, 2, & 3 . Dead Space: Extraction. / Ignition. Duke Nukem Forever. Eat Lead. Fallout 3. Fallout:New Vagas. GTA IV. Heavy Rain. Hitman: Absolution. L.A. Noir. Little Big Planet 1 , 2, & Karting. Medal Of Honor : Frontline. Medal Of Honor. C.O.D: Modern Warfare 1, 2 & 3. Monopoly: Streets. Motorstorm : Apocalypse. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. NCIS: The Game. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Need For Speed: Shift 1 & 2. Poker Night At The Inventory 2. Prince Of Persia. Resistance: Fall Of Man. Resistance 2 & 3. Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves. Saint's Row The Third. Split Second. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Test Drive Unlimited 2. Wipeout HD. Wolfstein. W.W.E: Smackdown V Raw 2010.
  13. I'd say that between the Xbox 360 and PS3 there would be slight grey area's where sometimes the xbox May have been better for Some of the releases But in other circumstances it would probably be the PS3's advantage because of being the 1st Blu ray device that could hold more data on its disk than the 360 which sometimes would need 2. Now Each device has had its ups and down specificaly with 360's red eye and The Infamous PSN Meltdown due to hacking. But like IcedAjack, I too; am a little biased toward the PS3 (Not having a 360 myself.) but more for the fact that Sony have been around a little longer with not only PS2 and the PSX than microsoft's Xbox. So With the upcoming Round of who will take the Next Gen title ...well so far xbox1 has a slight advantage with 1 million world-wide so far sold BUT once European and US Ps4 Sales are tallied.. well, We'll Just have to wait and See.