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  1. ydna69 liked a post in a topic by ShotgunRaider in My Top 10 of 2013   
    Simple Question: What Games do you want to see in Angry Joe's Top 10 Best Games of 2013?
  2. ydna69 liked a post in a topic by Cryogenicnight in Angry Joe - How would you make VGX Better?   
    I would have preferred a performance from the games such as "Will the circle be unbroken" Or even something like a combo of all the nominated songs performed together. Then I would have wanted someone who was really passionate about gaming to host like Jack Black. Finally they need to show the awards more and work on their decisions of the winners. How is GTA V losing it's own category and winning GOTY? It doesn't work. I love all the world premieres so keep with those but they need to just build up the rest of the show
  3. ydna69 liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in Angry Joe - How would you make VGX Better?   
    So the VGX Awards show has just wrapped up!
    This year the show was shown online completely without a televised run. It was clearly much smaller in scope, but at the same time felt more up close and personal.
    My opinion? Tons and tons of thoughts, I'm considering making a VLOG if I can get my hands on some footage of the show.
    Basically, it boils down to I liked the new format. Not only is it free from its television overlords and overbearing corporate advertisers, but it felt a lot more gamer-centric. I especially liked the piece on the Kong competition; it even highlighted how games are being played and enjoyed by professional doctors. More of that. There were tons of cool announcements (NoMansSky in particular), and obviously lots of media and trailers which I all liked. 
    Joel Mchale as a host seemed very awkward, disinterested, and made a lot of jokes at the expense of what people USED to typically view gamers as---basement dwellers, etc. Some of his material was cringe worthy. Hell, at times I thought that Geoff was going to punch him for all the layers jokes he was making and busting his balls over, lol. I was hoping for a fist fight by the end. You could tell how uncomfortable Joel seemed to be making Geoff at times. Now that would have been something, huh? Lol, anyways.
    Its time for the Angry Army to once again come together to help improve something in gaming. I think that Geoff has an incredible opportunity with this new format free from many of his old advertisers and TV contracts. And I think that we can help him make a better show.
    In this thread I'd love for you guys to simply write:
    What you thought worked. What you thought didn't work. And what you would like to see in next years show if they move forward!  
    I still have his personal email address from 2011 that he gave to me when we ran into each other on the floor of E3 and discussed my first rant on his VGA's back in the day. I intend to use it again here to give a focused well put together list of criticism and improvements for his new format going forward!
    Lets please use this as an opportunity for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, if you want to blow off some steam do it in a vlog or in the other VGX thread located HERE!
    All of your feedback ill sort through, see things that I perhaps didnt see in my viewing that some of you brought up and include them in the email directly to Geoff Keighley!
    IF YOUR POST IS NOT CONSTRUCTIVE and you just say "ITS BAD JOE" and nothing else. It will deleted.
  4. Arakiiel liked a post in a topic by ydna69 in Recommend me some games for PS3   
    Well I can recomend Resistance: Fall of Man/ Resistance2 and Resistance 3, The Assassins creed Series, COD: Modern Warfare 1,2 & 3 as well as Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vagas and  Skyrim, Also Borderlands 1& 2 and Bioshock series and DCU online. and  Brutal legend also quite good. Hope these few are helpful for you I'm sure i could come up with a few others  also such as  the Dead space series.
  5. bartoman liked a post in a topic by ydna69 in pissed off at AC4   
    I can sympathise with your predicament in Assassins Creed 4. I too was never a Big Online Fan and finding Certain Games NEEDED  an Online completion to get 100% in the game was to say the least frustrating but I live with it and do occaisionally go online to try and complete a few of the online trophies/ achievements. And What is even more frustrating that everytime you do go online as soon as your in a game  YOUR a NOOB who ends up as Either  Instantly Cannonfodder or gets nobbled when in racing mode that it sometimes Peeves you off  and Might Harden your resolve to STAY OFFLINE. Whether We Like it or Not Most of Us Will probably go online And When Games manufactures Produce Most games Now they will try and Focus More on  the Same Online Experiance and as mentioned elsewhere Will Charge us for the privilage to getting extra content/skins/weapons and playable maps ect. But Not ONLY that BUT Sucker us out of even more Money By Releasing ALL Content out in a GAME of The Year OR Limited Edition Versions months or more After Buying All the content Online !!
    Lets Face it - Gaming manufacturers Know Gamers Are Sheep and will play on that assumption even when most of us aren't that gulluble BUT will know that we'll go out and buy these additions to have the extra content - take DC for instance with versions of  DCU-online  And Injustice- Gods Among US  Ultimate editions coming out on Xbox1/PS4 With all addition DLC and at the FULL New Game Price....Who's Fooling Who?  IT's just a pity That Single Player Campaigns Have to Suffer and most online gamers just ignore them for the online experiance. MY take on the whole gaming franchise is If You buy a game BUY it For the Campaign Game !st - even if it might look like S**T After All if theres EVER another time Sony OR Microsoft EVER Go offline  Again From a major hack attack  and gamers Start to B***CH and WHINE  on other Gaming Forums And Magazines about Not being Able To PLAY With Their Online Friends....Get A Life ! You Should buy it For Campaign  playability / Replayabillity NOT JUST FOR ONLINE!!!! - OK Rant Over.
  6. Nikish liked a post in a topic by ydna69 in Your game collection!   
    Great collections. Mines just a little more modest and  is for the PS3.
    They are :          Assassins Creed : Brotherhood.     Assassins Creed: Revelations.  Aliens V Predator.    Aliens: Colonial Marines.
                               Alone In The Dark.  Alpha Protocol.  Assassins Creed.  Assasins Creed II. Assasins Creed III.  Back To The Future: The Game.
                                Batman: Arkham Asylumn.  Batman: Arkham City.  Blur.  Brutal Legend -( 100% Complete Yipeee!!    ) .   Burnout Paradise.
                                 Call Of Duty: Black OPs.   Call Of Duty: World At War.  Call Of Durez: Bound  In Blood. CSI: Fatal Conspirisy.  D.C. Universe Online.
                                   Dead Nation. Dead Space 1, 2, & 3 . Dead Space: Extraction. /   Ignition.  Duke Nukem Forever.  Eat Lead.   Fallout 3. Fallout:New Vagas.
                                   GTA IV.   Heavy Rain.  Hitman: Absolution.  L.A. Noir.   Little Big Planet 1 , 2, & Karting.   Medal Of Honor : Frontline.  Medal Of Honor.   
                                   C.O.D: Modern Warfare 1, 2 & 3.  Monopoly: Streets.  Motorstorm : Apocalypse.  Motorstorm: Pacific Rift.  NCIS: The Game. 
                                   Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.   Need For Speed: Shift 1 & 2.  Poker Night At The Inventory 2.  Prince Of Persia. Resistance: Fall Of Man.
                                   Resistance 2 & 3.  Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves. Saint's Row The Third.  Split Second.  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.  
                                   Test Drive Unlimited 2.  Wipeout HD.   Wolfstein.  W.W.E: Smackdown V Raw 2010.
  7. ydna69 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in What finished game do you go back to play when there's no new games to play?   
    I use to always play Fallout 3 but then it got stolen
  8. ydna69 liked a post in a topic by nibbler1010 in Emulators (Good or Bad)?   
    I have been playing on a lot of emulators recently. Someone told me that I should actually buy the games and not get them illegally, but I  don't have the money to go out and buy a new N64 with all the games I want. Do you think it's OK to use emulators? Why or why not?   
  9. ydna69 liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in AJSA Chain of Command - Ranks   
    All [AJSA] Individuals must obey the Chain of Command or Risk Strikes or possibly a Ban. Please be respectful to Officers and obey our structure of order. We anticipate large membership so this is very necessary to make the Angry Army function at its best! If you have a problem with authority or the reverse, with power trips, please do not apply to our community, you will be removed as soon as it become an issue. We are trying to create a fun and friendly gaming environment for all types of Gamers! Thank you for your cooperation.
    The Front Line

    Recruit - New Recruits to the Angry Army are welcomed with open arms! Recruits may participate in the AJSA and open gaming events but must prove their sincerity in participating our gaming community by “Earning their shield” and becoming a full fledged Member of the AJSA! They may do this by proving themselves friendly, dedicated, and competent on the battlefield and by participating actively on our forums.
    Recruits are Automatically Promoted to Full Member after (30 Days) with No Strikes on their Account.
    Veterans and Higher Ranks may recommend a Recruit to be Promoted sooner with at least 2 weeks of high activity.
    Officers will then review the Recruit and approve them for full membership.

    Member - Loyal, Trained and Skilled, these Soldiers are the Heart and Soul of the Angry Army! You have proved yourself among the best, congratulations! Members are also considered first over Recruits for Limited Events, Beta Key Giveaways, and AJSA Internal Prize Tournaments.
    Members represent the Angry Army within the Gaming Community and strive for excellence in any game they play!

    Veteran - Automatically awarded to members who have been in good standing for (90 days) during our first 6 months in operation. This Requirement goes up to (180 days) after our "Launch Window". Members of the Previous Angry Army may become Veterans Automatically with Commander Review and Approval.

    Veterans are considered Members for all rank purposes but whose service has been proven, respected and now recognized.

    Sergeants - An active member who goes above and beyond within the community. Training and Improving other Members gaming skills and offering regular friendly help to new recruits. This is the highest Possible Rank achievable before an Officer Rank.
    Sergeants are Hand Selected by Commanders for grooming towards an Officer Position or to simply help lead our Front Line Troops in battle. It is only from this pool that New Officers are considered in new and current games when needed. Only Sergeants and above may be considered to run new AJSA Official Games.
    When no Officers are present at an event or in-game a Sergeant will lead squads in game by default if they so choose. Sergeants do not have the power to moderate the boards or discipline other members but are trusted to inform Officers of any potential problems.
    Commanding Officers

    Game Specific Officers - These are members who have displayed an aptitude for leadership. An outstanding member of the community, they are responsible for scheduling events, meetings, training sessions and ensuring a positive gaming environment for all members in their respective game.
    Game Officers act as moderators on the forums and in game. They may add events to The Official AJSA Calendar only with Approval from a Commander. Game Officers are considered Sergeants if they are playing in a game other than their specified Game.
    (Coming Soon)
    Game Specific Admins -

    AJSA Commanders - These are Senior Officers who have displayed outstanding leadership skills. They must be diplomatic, decisive and adept at multi-tasking. They have all the powers and permissions Game Officers do. They may also act as the AJSA Server Admin’s if they have the required knowledge.
    This is the highest level of work and responsibility within the AJSA. It requires an immense amount of free time and flexibility. They oversee all of the AJSA activities within all our official games and are ultimately responsible for coordinating regular training, meetings and events with our Officers. Game Commanders are always considered Commanders regardless of what game they are playing in.

    The AJSA Council - These are the specific individuals that Lord Commander Joe relies on for advisement and executive actions. The Council determines the direction and focus of the Angry Army. Council members have the power to manage and administer all aspects of the AJSA’s direction on behalf or in advisement of the Lord Commander through majority votes. Game Commanders report directly to the council in High Command Meetings to give sit-reps on the state of the community in regular monthly meetings.
    Specialized AJSA Members

    AJS Video Personality -
    (Coming Soon)
    AJSA E-Sports Team (Captain/Member) -

    Gold Club -

    Platinum Club -

    Founders Club -

    AJSA Investor -
  10. ydna69 liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in AJSA Launch Day Debriefing! Nov. 7th, 2013   
    *Whew!*  WOW.
    What a day man. It's been crazy as hell over here among command during Launch Day for The New Angry Army! I am really taken back and humbled by how much support you guys have shown me and our new community!
    Get this... 5,814 Members, apart from our stealth launch where we got around 300 members, those all came within just one day, less even! We launched around 3:00pm. So its actually been about 9 Hours! LOL! Wowie!
    Good GOD! You see this is why! This is exactly why. I really respect the fact that when I make a video or ask for your support you guys come through, and so that's why I tried my best and worked my butt off to create something that looked good and had some of the best features around for you. Now I'm no where near finished yet, and now that you have shown us so much support im only going to redouble my efforts to make this the best community we can make it!
    As a direct result though you guys obliterated my dedicated server, lol. The site went down almost immediately. I got on the phone ASAP and was troubleshooting and tweaking the settings with my host nearly the whole way through! 
    I apologize for the crashes and slow loading times. Angry Bot on Teamspeak which assigns you guys the correct permissions also got knocked the eff out by your might, lol. I'm currently repairing him with his creator.
    Anyway the server people tell me that even with my current configuration there is not much else they can do if we plan to maintain these levels of traffic or if we continue to push very directed youtube traffic to the servers at one time. They have recommended me adding one possibly two servers and even a load balancer that should be able to offset this in the future. Unfortunately that's pretty expensive. They are putting together some options for us and will get back on Friday.
    On the flip side, we absolutely destroyed our November Site & Server Goals, hell it was at 95% just from the Stealth Launch Users alone! So what may end up having to happen is to raise this goal to cover the costs of running those new servers if we decide to upgrade and add em'! I want to personally thank (and have been in the forums) everyone who has donated so far, and everyone who has signed up to the Club Memberships we offer - the Club Memberships allow us to know for sure how much the guild treasury will have each month to cover our costs and allow us to do some of the cool things we have planned! Thanks to everyone who helped and to those who plan to help in the future!
    There still much I have to do, more people and club members to thank in the forums, features to fix and upgrade for the site yet. So please stay tuned for that!
    Also, the AJSA Recruitment video will be going up on AngryJoeShow youtube tomorrow, please be on the lookout for it and give it another view! Spread the word too! See you guys then.

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