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Everything posted by Nazaraka

  1. Is there one already? Because I am VERY interested
  2. Well it has one downside, no airdrops, besides those spawned by admins
  3. IGN=Nazaraka I just started playing but this game is pulling me more and more.
  4. I want a GIANT map.
  5. I love it, thanks awesome server guy's
  6. It's nice. I've been playing it since my friend recommended it to me. It's a nice "drop-in drop-out, i have 20 minutes to play" game
  7. TO WAR!!
  8. Good game, i say give it a shoot
  9. I'm waiting by leveling by Izanagi-no-okami, i hope it will be released next year
  10. Starbound's beta has launched not so long ago, and its one of the most played steam games already, its open world and multiplayer makes it one of the most fun to play with friends games of all time. Pros:- Open world sandbox- Easy to learn- Supports parties and multiplayer with many players Cons:- Still Beta- Limited at the moment- Server needed for multiplayer
  11. Invictus Gaming, nothing special here.
  12. Long live the mandate!
  13. Bully 2, one of the best rockstar titles for PS need a sequel.
  14. The game is nice, and team-work is the very basic, so having a guild in it would be great.
  15. I am so exited, i just keep replaying KH 1 and 2 on my good old PS2. KH 3 is just the best game to come for next gen in my opinion
  16. And we shall grow even stronger with this.
  17. I have to say Guild Wars 2, best so far in my opinion.
  18. I am waiting for every single feature of the game. Already pre-ordered and waiting for BETA.