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  1. Depends on the game really, I used to rage at Halo but I don't really anymore, CoD I did many times xD If i'm doing a hard difficulty I usually do like Heaven or Hell difficulty on Devil May Cry xD
  2. Welcome!
  3. Welcome to the Angry Army, I hope you stay with us!
  4. You see I love Kefka from FF6 because he actually does what most Villains fail to do so yeah. I love The Master, he is so cool, especially the latest version of the Master
  5. Edge had his problems..... xD
  6. Definitely before TLC, I think what they did with him was pretty silly really, spoilers here for anyone but the game is very old, but with the whole dragon thing I think it was just a cheap trick, but not as bad as the Fable 3 villain but the idea of Jack Of Blades I think is fascinating xP
  7. Mr. Freeze's origin is so tragic it's untrue, I remember thinking he was scary when I played the batman game on the PS2 but now I have learnt to feel sorry for him and that is something that does not usually happen.
  8. One Villain I have loved for a long time is Jack of Blades because of the way he looks simply badass and he is so powerful. I just think he is awesome
  9. I do like the way they develope Ocelot, especially in MGS3, but Boss is my favourite in that game
  10. I agree totally! All those villains are so cool
  11. The Joker is pretty awesome, an unconventional kind of villain
  12. I am interested in which Villains or bad guy armies or species are peoples favourites, I like the idea of the Reapers from Mass Effect because of the way they operate and how they judge the galaxy, if it gets too developed wipe out all life. I also like Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 and DmC, I just love the way he speaks and his fighting style. There are too many Villains that I love though, what are yours? IT could be from Video games, tv shows, comics, anything really
  13. I am a huge anime fan, have been for a while, The ones that I am re-watching at the moment are Soul Eater, one of my all time favourites, Black Butler and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I am always looking to expand my anime knowledge and am more than happy to recommend anime to anyone who asks.
  14. I don't think I will be upgrading soon, not for this year anyway, it is a lot of money to muster up when I can just play the newest games on my Xbox 360 now. I will probably wait until December 2014 when the price has gone down a little bit hopefully and then I can start my next gen experience
  15. Thanks guys!! I hope to get to know you