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    Rugby, Scotland, Video Games, Video Game Development
  1. I bet that valves VR headset will only work with the steam box.
  2. Well, I heard Sony's got a VR headset, maybe they'll port it over to PC if we beg them to do it...
  3. I really want to know what everyone's reaction to this was. I was first confused then sad, because Oculus now has a very unclear future as no one really has a clear prediction as to where Facebook wants to take this. All I know for sure is that I's gonna take a HUGE price hike. Opinions people! I need them!
  4. I would play any time period in AC, as long as they fix the god-awful combat
  5. Did not mean it in a xenophobic way, just the fact that the references in AC4 kinda made it look that way, no offence intended! Plus William Wallace was not, as you stated, a hero. Example: At the Battle of Stirling, Wallace skinned the enemy general and had his skin made into a sheath I believe. Didn't show that in the movie, did they?
  6. I'm an [AJSA] man myself
  7. I personally think that it's all not that bad. It's average, definately, no doubts about that, but it's definitely no ride to hell. The reason it's so successful as I see it is because it's a very easy game to learn, thus giving it a wide appeal. This has stuck Activision in a corner as they want to keep the wide appeal, and innovating may alienate a large chunk of the audience. As long as people are enjoying themselves by sitting down and playing a video game, I'm happy to leave them be.
  8. GODAMMIT! There were a bunch of references to jacobites in AC4 that I thought we Scots would get to be hoodie wearing, hidden dirk wielding assassins! France hasn't got much potential. I mean what mechanics can live up to the sailing of AC4? I guess if they ACTUALLY HAD A COMBAT SYSTEM it could live up to AC4. Now, the Jacobites could make a very interesting game for if they bothered to render a large chunk of land known as Britain, they could set up the equivalent of the Stormcloaks vs Imperials but have centre stage, but swapping the Stormcloaks for Jacobites and the Imperials for the English crown. Depending on what way they want to write the story, you could join the Jacobites as an assassin or the English as the Templar. (Note: This is because the Jacobites are referenced as assassins throughout AC4, not because the English beat us at rugby over and over) They have Ireland as well, which allows them to continue the sailing mechanic form AC4 for Britain has a very strong naval history and sailing from say Glasgow to London, keeping a strength of the series and possibly expanding upon it further by adding different types of ships, making smaller ones more nimble and larger ships more heavy hitting. Oh, and they might actually have to add a combat system that actually takes skill. Also a difficulty slider, that'd be nice. Baby steps I guess
  9. Working title= Titanfall 2 Real title = Titanfall: Medal of Titan
  10. I'd support this as I feel the assassin's creed multiplayer deserves much more praise than it gets. It's just a breath of fresh air from all the other multiplayer games (mainly battlefield 4/ Call of Duty)
  11. Prop hunt + AJA = AWESOME INCARNATE
  12. Banned for expecting people to know what "mirg" is
  13. THE STORY SO FAR Once upon a time I killed a zombie that was human that was a spy who had family in the woods searching for underpants but got murdered. Twas a full moon when I found Delrith singing Poker-face so badly that everyone decided to get a shrink who is insane in order to enact Exterminatus upon. But then suddenly Humphrey Bogart appeared with Harley Quinn said "shut up!" He wouldn't stop force feeding Cheese Pizza Bagels. I said "Don't sing about Kony!" The private inspector was a velociraptor genetically modified to fire eye lasers and shred guitar to destroy organics in Gotham City with the help of Big Boss who could fly if he spun his head like Miley Cyrus "The Miley Copter". However, futa girls decided to eat an ice cream and a pop corn because why not. Then an invasion of the suta threatened to make bottles of lotion for all the world's hungry children because they like playing with their rockets. But this upsets the JibberJabber so he then... (this doesn't count, obviously )
  14. Cars 3 development process: "I'd like to return this horse" "Why?" "It's dead!" "No it's not, it's just sleeping..."