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  1. Co-op on PS3 God of War Ascension has a great co-op with co-op weapons that become more powerful when working together and even a co-op 'predator style' arm wrestle Taunt incase they've got you pushing too many pencils. Diablo 3 is good fun though I'd set the difficulty as high as possible for a real challenge. The added bonus is you can play together on one console. Dead space 3, not really scary but still a lot of fun playing together and trading weapon schematics. Again set the difficulty really high. Space Marine Exterminatus horde mode, especially the chaos unleashed levels are amazing fun especially if you're a fan of the Warhammer 40K series.
  2. Demon and Dark Souls. These games cover up the fact that they are lazily made to a point of being broken by promoting the game as being hard. It's a genius marketing strategy that has worked on many people but not me. Repetitive strategy will win out once you work out an enemies weakness any other strategy usually gets you killed. One of the most boring games I have ever played. There is a big difference between hard and clunky game mechanics that allow for ultra cheap deaths at the hands of AI that barely reacts to your attacks and usually hits you right through them. If this was any other game that didn't promote itself with the 'it's supposed to be difficult' campaign it would have got body slammed into non existence.
  3. I'm looking for people who own Warhammer 40K Space Marine Multiplayer on PS3 preferably with the Dreadnaught expansion. Getting a game on classic mode and classic maps is fairly easy but it seems no one has the expansion packs. I have all the expansions and I am looking to do a video overview of arguably one of the best Multiplayers to grace the PS3. My PSN ID is GameMarine2K Let me know in the comments below if you're interested as I can make a private match for up to 16 people
  4. Remember these choices like all award choices are 'of the Year' By that I mean January-Now not sometime last Year and not just the last few Months. These are also only for the PS3. Most hated game : Aliens: Colonial Marines Most liked game : The Last of Us (it's been a shitty year for gaming) Best Multiplayer: God of War: Ascension Best Story: The Last of Us Worst Release: Aliens: Colonial Marines (Duh!) Most patching required Award: Batman: Arkham Origins Best Loved Developer: Sony Santamonica Best Franchise: God of War Most Overated Game: Telltale Games The Walking Dead (Re-released this Year, WHY???) Best Reviewer writers outside of the AJSA sorry Joe your the Best. But you can't do all the games there is the whole other industry we need to acknowlege we need to critic. : Sorry, none have been good outside of Joe but I will endeavour to keep up my search or just do vids of my own. Worst Game Reviewer: Seriously you want just one? ummmm… Official Playstation Magazine or IGN (cross platform)
  5. Honestly, game awards just serve to annoy me. They often become a short list in, The most generic game of the Year competition. I look for the games I've played and like and there's rarely even one. All awards do is indicate the kinds of gamers in your community and are not a true indication of excellence.
  6. Picked up Mirrors Edge for £3.50. It has DICE's crushing difficulty level but free running first person is such a rush! Just received in the post Today; Fallout 3 GOTY Red Dead Redemption GOTY Fallout New Vegas UE What have I done?? There goes my life! I'm on these forums because I'm a little afraid to start them and I can't make my mind up which to play first.
  7. Yeah, Yeah, EA are bad and so are the vast majority of other game companies. You will still buy their games and if you didn't nothing would change because others would. Can we stop moaning about how horrendously bad EA is now? Pick another company ANY company and feel free to lambast them too, throw a stone you will hit one.
  8. Robocop was my very first 18 cert film and as such has a unique place in my heart. The new film (from what I've seen from the trailer) looks terrible and misses a lot of what made the original so good. So I look at it as a film in it's own right that uses the title Robocop as well. Like some bad DVD knock off film. Truth is, it's easy to make a good reboot of a bad film ( Judge Dredd, Godzilla, Rise of the planet of the apes, etc.. ) It's incredibly difficult to make a good reboot of a good film, this is just one prime example.
  9. In 'Passive' mode people can still kill you by running you over.
  10. Agreed the Multiplayer of the Year for me is STILL God of War Ascension. Admittedly the single player could be better but the Multiplayer is original, fast paced and so damn addictive.
  11. I'm not addicted. I pop in daily because I like the community here
  12. Absolutely spot on, EA didn't start DLC that was a mixture of Bethesda with the infamous Horse Armour and Ubisoft with the ending of Prince of Persia. Thing is, people bought into it, US! The gamers, bought this shit! It made lots of money and couldn't be ignored as a money making opportunity. ALL companies now produce DLC content for games because it's proven to make money and no business person is going to pass that up. WE ONLY HAVE OURSELVES TO BLAME! WE BOUGHT IT! WE CONTINUE TO BUY IT! WE EVEN DAMAND IT! The developers are the ones changing their own game because we, the gamers, demand something new from them every time. Sadly for us not all their ideas are great ones but it is US who are making demands on THEM to enhance our experience. Making games IS about making money, if you don't like a game don't buy it or sell it we know companies get zero from preowned sales. However, the only difference you will make is, the development company behind the game will close and EA and other companies will not even notice and just replace them with another. AS super powered and great the PC is Consoles take priority the majority of the time and that isn't going to change any time soon because Microsoft and Sony have cornered the market and support their machines by paying for priority. So PC gamers expect to be an after thought the majority of the time, it's not right, but that's the way it is. I feel for you PC guys, you have the machine but the majority of the time you don't have sufficient game support that would help to show what your machine can really do. I whole heartedly agree, that's a crime against gaming. Maybe Valve can turn it around for PC, as for right now, that's the way it is.
  13. Like I said I don't know, nor would I presume to know, nor do I care to know. I don't believe in anything but the void. Being human is a physical state one which changes over time. Belief is a none tangible psychological thought process that requires something to believe in. That is, unless you feel it's not a necessary thought process but rather a hinderance to real progression. I don't expect a person of logic, which is flawed by our very nature, to understand. In the same way I don't expect a person of religion to understand either. Space and the sprawling chaotic universe, if it is alive, is it a god? Is it an entity? It would be far from explainable and it defies logic and reasoning on a regular basis. Just when we have it worked out it surprises you. Define Art and Music are they not a force that moves us but also does not really exist and is constantly changing form from one person to the next. Just because you feel safer by being defined as something why does it bother you there may be something beyond the labels you have? As belief is a state of mind if I wish myself to be a Bald Eagle in my dreams and imagination, I can be.
  14. I have a Vita and previously had a PSP. Sony Handhelds are always well made and designed. I'm really glad the new Vita isn't a massive leap forward so my early adoption still feels valid. My kids have DS and they break for no reasons a lot of the time, they just simply stop functioning. Tearaway is tearing up the reviews at the moment with some crazy high scores. Media Molecule and Vita were always a match made in Heaven since LBP Vita. I really hope we get God Eater 2 outside of Japan as we need a good Monster Hunter type game. Having PS+ makes Vita even better I have only bought 2 games (Killzone and Tearaway) yet I have over £100 worth of games downloaded. It's only flaw is the Memory card, After the price cut though it's well worth just investing in a 32GB. i haven't regretted buying mine. Overall the best handheld on the market even if it is seriously underrated.
  15. I never said what I believe in because I hate labels. Labels dehumanise people making it easier to be shitty towards them. I will be the first to say I honestly don't know and more over I don't care and nor should I care. After years of research into belief and the psychological connection with it, I know it really doesn't matter. It's all down to personal psychology and how your brain works. People need a crutch wether that be a god, science or something else. Something they can fall back on because they feel it's reliable. Science admits it doesn't have all the answers and Religion claims to have them all, albeit highly dubious ones. As soon as you break away from that train of thought that you 'need' to believe in something and become independent as a being you know none of it is worth 'following'. So what do I believe? I believe in the space between space. Time with no time. Order within the Chaos. I believe in the few years we have on this Earth we will never ever know and there is nothing wrong with that. Just be glad to be alive and give people a reason to believe in humanity again. By your actions they will know you and by their actions you will know them.