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  1. i would be there taking the woman out wish it was any other day
  2. lame i been watching this game for years
  3. anyone here anynews on kingdom under fire 2
  4. i read you had to have EA Access to play online witch is 5 a month sorry for crap spelling
  5. i have already pre ordered for xbox one i love dragon age series number 1 the best so far 2 was terrible because it had so much to match up to i still enjoyed dragon age 2 . but On the reason i wanted to post today i just read today that that are gonna charge gamers 5 bucks a month to use there dam online mode if they do this im gonna flip out. im tired of games charging me extra for core parts of games That they hype up from the git go if any one else is heard about to should help try to confirm or just rage with because im not maying month to month for a 60 dollar game
  6. in silver. skilled jungle,top,mid.support can adc not my best role but i can play it well enough not to feed
  7. sold my 360 when i got my one.. so i need to be able to get my halo back on
  8. Summoner Name: Megatonzz Preferred Champion: what ever i can do to counter other team Lane: Jungle or Top but i will play anything Additional Notes: This is my NA account, im lv 30
  9. Summoner Name: megatonzz Region: North America Areas: Ranked, Unranked
  10. i got a list of lmae champs. 1. tryndmere he can be beat by ult is gay, 2. yorik any one who has played him knows why, 3. teemo the little fucker just need to hit you and hide to win
  11. my best spot is jungle. username is megatonzz