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  1. Hey Soldaten, I figured I would share this project I look forward to with all of you guys and gals. Let's begin by talking about Face of Mankind. Who here has even heard of this wonderfully small MMORPG? It was a game with the idea of having player run factions creating the game's lore as it progressed. There were Government factions (Army and Police), Mega Corporation Factions, and Criminal/Fringe Factions (Anarchists, Gangsters, and Mercenaries). This game was set in a future where humans had created off world colonies and cloning was a everyday thing (The lore reason people respawned if they died). It was a small game with a loyal fanbase, but after being released all the way back in 2006 and having owners of the games switch hands a few times, the game fell out of light and close. (For viewing pleasure ) There is a return as foretold by a prophecy, however. A small band of developers, artists, music composers, and writers have all come together to work on Mankind Reborn! Mankind Reborn (MR) follows a similar formula from Face of Mankind and has taken a large inspiration from it. Factions are present in the game's universe (All pre-made, however due to the early development some of the factions can be renamed to something lore friendly.) This game differs from Face of Mankind significantly, and has a new Cyber Punk aestethtic that is reminiscent of such genres like Blade Runner or maybe even RoboCop. Anyway, I would recommend anyone who is interested in finding a Cyberpunk MMO to play, this one is in development and a release date is not yet available, BUT the people working on it are hard at it. (http://www.mankindreborn.com/)
  2. Good News Everyone. I'm back to being MG2 now
  3. Not to bitch about it, but our team lead was planning on dropping it from the start and wanted to just leave without telling anyone. That's all I will say though
  4. I'm gonna start posting in the CSGO Section of the AJSA since I need a new game to tie myself to. Current Rank: MG1 (Master Guardian) Highest Rank: MG2 (Master Guardian 2) Why I am this rank? Mostly was lucky and played with good teams and used to be a part of team that had a dream of going Pro... Didn't work out in the end. I also started learning smokes for a few maps and wall banging spots. The reason why I'm MG1 right now is because of a horrible streak of losing I was cast into by a few idiots who dicked around too much and lost us games.
  5. Are we going to add The in front of each name? like The Monolith and The Valkyrie? Also are we gonna add a Ship prefix like AJSA or something?
  6. This is my Monolith bae http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammer40k/images/c/cf/Monolith_Crew.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130402203157
  7. I figured the six dollars would be an issue, but maybe it would be all right to have one and be like "If you want, you can wear this, but it's not required" Iunno
  8. I recently hopped back into Guns of Icarus Online and was looking at the new Outfits or something. I was wondering if there was any plan on having a Uniform or something in game for this Branch of the AJSA? My suggestion:
  9. Good Luck ArchAge Guild! I hope victory is swift and glorious.
  10. or Enrannord, my Main character
  11. So I recently stumbled upon this and found out that a Firefly MMO is actually being made and that many cast members from the show have voiced their characters in the game. Sounds like a Browncoat dream, who would play? Website: https://keepflying.com/
  12. I'll take the case I'll be LordAdder
  13. It Is! The Guild is on the Jedi Covenant server, and we are Imperial (and Republic to an extent).
  14. Welcome to the AJSA! Do you like Star Wars? The Star Wars the Old Republic guild is always looking for new players!