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Agent of Darkness

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    I'm a big fan of video games, mainly Role playing, and action games, but i have a soft spot for games that are lighthearted and colorful like banjo kazooie or senran kagura. my favorite genre is horror though and i love a good horror movie or game.

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  1. Don't you just hate it when nuclear bombs drop and your trapped in cryogenic suspension for 200 years? god i hate Tuesdays.
  2. yes, yes it is
  3. hey i hope you guys like it the second one
  4. Lets Plays have become a major part of online entertainment, hell its probably the biggest second only to porn, and so its very difficult to break out of the sea of recruits and take your place among the old guard. one thing that makes it so hard is your style, which is getting pretty hard to have one of your own with so many, so i had the idea of having Atop the fourth wall esque story lines in my lets plays, maybe a story line a series or every couple of series, and i was wondering what other people thought of the idea.
  5. so what i mean by the title is that in skyrim certain books give you quests only problem is that you get the quest before actually reading the book, you get it on the cover page, so i was wondering if there was a mod that made it so you actually had to read the book to get the quests.
  6. hope you guys like it!
  7. so i want to start a gaming Chanel, and I'm thinking of using face cam, but im having trouble figuring out what a good viewing angle would be, any tips?
  8. this one is actually kinda recent, Minecraft Story Mode, I was kinda surprised this game got the reception it did, i thought telltale actually did a pretty creative job making the story and the world, plus it was lighthearted, charming and funny, which you dont see in a lot of triple A games now adays.
  9. Probably Ps4 since my PC is really only good with last gen games at the moment
  10. Hmm, Well i dont have much experience with either, i got HD remake on Xbone and its good, but yeah, RE 4 is considered the best in the series, and its easy to see why, has a nice blend of tradition and modern action, so RE 4 is probably the safe bet, and if your looking for a good silent hill experience i suggest lone survivor, its a great horror game that is more silent hill than the modern ones, or if you have an older system like a ps2 i would recommend silent hill directors cut.
  11. Well it depends one what your looking for, if your looking for a more traditional survival horror experience than i would say Resident evil HD Remaster, but if you want something a bit more actiony than RE 4, They are both good games in there own way, well i hope that helps.
  12. thanks for posting guys, and sorry for not being very descriptive,
  13. I'm generally a lonely person, I don't know how to talk to people, I can never think of things to talk about, is there anything i can do? to help myself get out of my shell?
  14. http://www.gamesgrabr.com/competition/streetfighterv/OWxUd3dB enter to win a chance to get one of the games they are offering!
  15. Greetings my friends, i'm hoping to upgrade my graphics card so i can play some of the current gen games, but i was wondering what would be a good one to buy, and thanks for taking time to do this for me!