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Agent of Darkness

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  1. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in Fallout 4 Ep.1 | The Beginning   
    Don't you just hate it when nuclear bombs drop and your trapped in cryogenic suspension for 200 years? god i hate Tuesdays.
  2. otrg13 liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in Doom | RIP AND TEAR!!   
    hey i hope you guys like it
    the second one
  3. MandyB liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in Which Resident Evil should I buy?   
    Well it depends one what your looking for, if your looking for a more traditional survival horror experience than i would say Resident evil HD Remaster, but if you want something a bit more actiony than RE 4, They are both good games in there own way, well i hope that helps.
  4. Brokensteel119 liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in Fallout 4 Gameplay   
    two words Laser musket.
  5. Lhouraii liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in Favourite 360 Game?   
    My personal favroites are:
    1: Mass effect series
    2: Halo Reach
    3: Skyrim
    yes, all of the mass effects! (miss spelling is on purpose)
  6. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in Im looking for a group of people to play with.   
    so im looking for people to play games with, it could be PC, Xbox Play station or Nintendo, my Skype is dark-paradoxx. the games i currently own are as follows.
    PC: Smite, League of Legends, TF2, Planet side 2, Garry's mod, Arma2, the Arma2 DayZ Mod, Starmade, Baldurs Gate enhanced edition, and some more i have in my steam library but don't have installed. note i will be a noob in some of these games.
    Ps4: Killzone Shadow fall, Minecraft, WarFrame, And Loadout. note that these are my only multiplayer games on the Ps4, the others are single player, and i don't have plus at the moment.
    Xbox: Dragon age inquisition, Assassins creed Unity and Black Flag, and Halo the master chief collection,
    Nintendo: Smash Bros (3Ds and Wiiu), Tekken Tag tournament 2, Splintercell Blacklist, Pokemon Omega Ruby (3Ds)
    so you can get to know me a little, I'm a junior in high school who works at a local grocery store as a cashier and occasional carryout. i like a variety of games ranging from the silly to the serious and as long as there good i don't care about the console there on.
    I hope to play with you very soon!
  7. RonZofo Gaming liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in Looking for Suggestions for Video Game Themes to Cover :)   
    you could always do the cthulhu saves the world theme, that themes pretty boss. or perhaps something from dust an Elysian tale?
  8. Orpo liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in Cthulhu saVES THE WORLD!   
    this is awesomeness!! also im sorry for the in game sound, im not sure how to fix the De-sync.
  9. Agent of Darkness liked a post in a topic by Zanturaz Cordanza in Unpopular Gaming Opinions   
    I like Warhammer 40K much more than StarCraft.
    I also think Starcraft is overrated in the RTS department.
    I think Valve is a lazy game developer and is over praised.
    I think Halo is a bit hollow and cheap. (But I like the 1-3)
    I think Destiny is a giant piece of shit.
    I like Mass Effect 2 more than 1.
    Dead Space 2 is my favorite Dead Space.
    I think Bioshock Infinite is disappointing and lame.
    I actually like RE5 and 6.
    I think EA gets to much shit, and I kinda like them a bit. (Microsoft is the real villain.)
    Starfox Adventures is the coolest Starfox game.
    My favorite LoZ game is Twilight Princess over OoT.
    I might think of more after I stop thinking of more.
  10. Agent of Darkness liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Unpopular Gaming Opinions   
    I have a feeling you're misunderstanding what I said.  I didn't mean dead babies in the literal sense, I was talking about "Dead Baby" jokes. I was talking about the term itself, not that the PC is a great gaming platform. The idea of "Master Race" is based around the idea of belittling another group supported by the belief that one is better. It's this sort of attitude that needs to go away from gaming, or everywhere altogether.
    It's what I an aspect of what I was talking about in an earlier post in this thread about liking PC because it's objectively better and being a dick about it. Don't tell me that terms such as "Console Peasant / Plebs" weren't ever used to insult console players. "PC Master Race" and these two other "Jokes" were made to make fun of console players, and in even worse cases, just belittle and look down on them altogether.
      It's PC Gamers going down to the level of console fanboys with their childish, petty arguments and completely unnecessary. If you think that PC is the best gaming platform and its the only one you choose to play on, that's totally cool. However, don't discount consoles and console gamers by using a term that belittles them.   The gaming community as a whole would be better off without terms like these along with "Filthy Casuals". If console gamers have equivalent terms to make fun of PC and PC Gamers, they should be abolished as well. So until that time, I will be using the joke "PC Master Racist Race" as a counterweight to that joke. (Forgot the term "Console Kiddies", but I think I've sufficiently explained the point I was trying to make.)   You might as well be saying that female gamers aren't really "gamers". Some people also say that jokingly, but like "PC Master Race" other people believe it and use it as a slight to female gamers. I find that saying why I think "PC Master Race" is the "Dead Babies" joke of gaming is very on topic, as it is clearly an unpopular opinion. Similar to "Dead Baby" jokes, I find the "PC Master Race" joke to be unfunny and uncalled for.
  11. Mr_E_Meatshield liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in Is the playstation TV worth it?   
    i already have a good pc, i play everything
  12. LoreMaster liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in any one up for some online roll playing?   
    so there is this online tabletop program called Roll20 that allows for tabletop roll playing without the need to physically be in the same area, and since i recently got a DnD 4th edition players guide i was wondering if anybody would like to play.  
    OK to set things clear, im only looking to play, i have no experience being a DM or any of the tools, i am available Friday's any time after twelve thirty in the afternoon american mountain time
  13. Eiousx liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in Could i get some help with milliris action?   
    so im using milliris action to record gameplay, and i also have it set to record my mic and to have the mic audio recorded in s seperate audio track, but when i put the video into my editing software the game audio and the mic audio where still fused together, how can i fix this?
    Never mind i fixed it
  14. Xonlic liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in LetsPlay Dust: an Elysian tale.   
    hey this is my first attempt at a true letsplay, now i had too use the ps4 built in recording system to record the footage and audio since my hauppauge wont connect to my computer, but i was able to edit the first episode with magix, though the quality is not good since my computer is a penis and overheats when even rendering something at dvd quality. but then the usb i was using stopped connecting, so im going to have to use share factory, but hey its better than nothing. any advice or constructive criticism would be very helpful, thanks for watching!
  15. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in PlayStation Network Alert (Maintenance Undergoing)   
    One question, WHY!!!!?! seriously? do they have nothing better to do than screw with console servers and websites? my god, and if they did put a bomb on that plane then they are sick people, 
  16. Hishinuma liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in What is your Mech suit or Armor Tech suit?   
    lets see, if i were to drive a mech, it would ether be this guy
    or perhaps this guy
  17. TheWolf84 liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in SCP 087-B Letsplay ep 1   
    Why is it toying with me!?!?!
  18. iEsaias liked a post in a topic by Agent of Darkness in any one for FFRR beta?   
    hey every one, i just got the FFRR beta and i was wondering if anyone wanted to make a questing group, im a conjurer, but since i just got it, im level 1, but i will probobly level up, and it would bemore fun with group. on psn im TheDarkParadoxx, and in game my character is named Thovinn Windsailor.
  19. Agent of Darkness liked a post in a topic by Craigr910 in Where The Bronies At?   
    Don't worry everyone is welcome here. All hate etc no matter who it is directed to will be dealt with.