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Everything posted by Gilt

  1. Atention cadets! You have been chosen to fight for the empire and for our Lord Commander Joe him self. So prepare your guns and light sabers. Charge your lightning and let the galaxy feel the power of the Angry army. You can contact following people and you will be invited on the boar of our Mighty Star Destroyer. There you will be trained. Lirith Arreyanne Giltharis See you on battlefield soldier imperial officer Giltharis, Propaganda division Please ask for invites here in this topic. We can alwas arange guild invite. Another way is to join AJSA Team speak. Officers and members should be on TS while playing SWTOR. Also if none of people mentioned above is online, you can ask any member of AJSA who you meet in game. Anyone can send you and invite. I would also ask active members to send me PM with most active Character name. I will add them to the list of potentional recruiter.
  2. Hi guys, last weekend I was working (ok Waiting) my ass to become a Vampire on my blood mage. Unfortunately without succes. But at least I want to share knowlidge I was hardly geting together on the week. To become a Vampire you have to recieve at least one hit from a mob named Bloodfiend. If you want to be sure, let them kill you. Now to difficult part. Spawn of these mobs is rare. There is a lot of theories but most poeple sems to aggre on this one: Blood fiends can spawn every night around midnight from New moon to full moon. (From full moon to new moon Vampires will be replaced by werewolfs). There are also three confirmed spawn points You can see them in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=842du82Wy40 So if you are lucky and noone will kill them when they spawn you can get Vampirism. After that you will speak to a vampire in soth of regions main city. So that is the info I have dig up. If there is any Vampire who is rank 6 and is willing to start his bloodline in Guild. Let us know. I would gladly be a Vampire
  3. Handle: Giltanas Ship: Sabre Role: Combat support, scout.
  4. Hey. Unfortunately we have guild only on Jedi Covenant. But with new released story line you will be able to create 1 lvl 60 toon for free. I thing its good way how to ge to us easily.
  5. Another Chapter of my PvP life. I finaly finished my Tier 1 PvP gear and charged in to the batte. It was my greatest beat up to date. My Ego and ilusions shattered. So I will today focus on: LvL 60 GEAR: For begining you need: Exhumed gear Full set - 4075 Comendations - You realy should save them for it. 2x Color crystal war hero (2x 41 expertise) With that you have about: 50% increased PvP Damgame 34% Increased resistance agaist players 17% increased healing in PvP If you have every piece I mentioned, you are also qualified for Ranked PvP. As I mentioned earlier do not expect miracles. On Level 60 you will be competing against people in Dark reaver Gear WITH AUGMENTS... A that is where I found my self undergeared. You realy need To Augment your gear. But do it only to your Reaver or Adaptive gear. Spend it on lover gear is waste. So you need about 16600 warzone comendations for upgrades to Dark reaver. For every upgrade you will also need Tier 1 part. So do not remove mods from them. In PvP gear you are lower on Endurance and Base stat. So Use Augments for them. Power is also allways good option. I will adress diminishing returns later. Good Hunt.
  6. Hi folks, Yesterday I played a lot of PvP and I was realy frustrated by the way how people plays PvP. So I decided to write some basic so our members doest not dishoner Angry Army. I will be editing post so you can check it regulary. Also I expect that our PvP officer will add his post or will Edit mine. Basics Rule 1 - PvP is not about YOU its about yor TEAM I cant stress this enough. None of the PvP arenas can be won by your selves. Every is about goals. If you focus on completing them you will do much more than by just killin 100 players.. I will remind you of goals in arenas. Huttball - Love or hate it. Your goal is to score more points than enemy team. You are scoring point by bringing ball to enemy line. Team who scores 6 points first wins even when there is time. When there is a tie on time out victory goes to team which holds the ball in that time. Tips: Huttball is only arena where by killing oponents you actualy can ruin chances for your team! Attacking - When you have ball you need to push aside your oponents. Outmanuever them and lock them in local fights. But DO NOT KILL THEM. If you kill them they will spawn in their home base and if their shield is down you will find them defending place you need to go. Support, Heal, Protect your ball handler. Try to force oponents to attack you idealy in larger numbers... drag them out from the handler - whatever suits your role. Also you can move forward and wait on tactical places to recieve a ball. If you are carrying the ball - pass it forwand if you cant survive or if you see well placed team member (Idealy on different floor than you are). Stealth, Speed and good passing is far supperior to anything else you can do. Defending - Now you can unleast predator in you. When you are defending kills are encouraged. You will send them back and hold their push by that. Allways watch for ball handler. Its better to leave unfinished enemy than stop focusing handler. Slow is the key here. Slow their progres. Do not let them pass your main defence line. Keep few guys back just to kill anyone who is positioning to recieve ball and score (Mainly operatives and assassins) Final note: Huttball is mode where shine unbalance of the classes. If there is enemy who knows what to do and has good group for it. (Power tech tank, Assassin tank, 2x operative) You cant win - dont get frustrated its a game. Voidstar - Use your head and tactical positioning Your goal is to reach the data core (if attacking) or Defend it (if defending). Attack - Best known tactic is send majority of team on one door and to second you send 2 steathers with infinite stun. Then can capture it without sweat if enemy is not prepare for it (usualy he is not). During attack its needed to move through doors as soon as posible. Because times are compared during tie. Also if you defended last round first doors. When you as attacker break them, you win the game. Defend - Defence is crucial. When you do not let your enemies to place a bomb you have good advantage to next round (if there is one) or you have good chance to win. Never NEVER let the door guarder by only one person. If you do your propability to loose is near 100%. Tips: This is game of atrition. Most important thing here is to be able to fight long time. So resource management and healing are crucial. Try to save your resources to be able to make spikes if enemy is let say about half health acros visible team. You will be able to start avalanche of death. If you use your resources at the begining you risk that their healers will have time to mitigatge that and you will lack firepower (or healing power) when you need id most. Keep calm: PvP can be stresing but Voidstar is tactical game. You have to be avare of state of door you are protecting. Also you need to be avare of your resources, healtch and idealy positions of your team mates on map. Also watch chat. You can learn about problem and solve it. Hypergate Goal is to hold as many pylons as you can. If both teams have 1 pylon you gain points by transporting energy and by killing enemy players. Tips: As in Voidstar game is about defence and atrition. Keep your team together (Always guard Pylon with 2 or 3, rest can move the map). In combat remember that your death (or death of anyone in team) will cost you much. So usualy its more important to not give up life than take one. Dont be greedy. Play safe. Also if you have both pylons when reset comes you gain points of oposing tema (points are lock to pylon and are finaly writen to the team who holds it before reset) So it is good tactic to send 2-3 stealthers to get it lets say 30 secs before reset. Coast battle/Alderaan Goal is to capture control towers. Towers controls guns - Guns do damage to the target (Ship on alderaan and Bunker on coast) On coast you need to hold two at once to do damage (one tower does nothing) On Alderaan every tower does constant damage to the target. Main think is to decide whitch towers are important and focus ONLY on on two of them. Its pointless to split forces to try to get all three (Its good idea to sometimes send one man test the defences on last and thus force them to guard it and let you have one free man)
  7. Yes Alacrity works on many things. One must not take that its only 5%. It afects Channel times, cooldowns, global cooldowns and so on. It can help pretty much. I am planning to increase it with my healer dramaticly.
  8. I would like to recomend you to resubscribe immedeately even when you are going to vacation. Earli acces and missed bonuses are not worth saved money
  9. Last two weeks were hard for me. (I was moving up to a new house and city). From now on I should be able to put more effort in to the crafting part of conquest. (Its extra motivation to level up crafts) I am also closing to have every healer avaible for High end content. So I hope I will be able to help even more.
  10. Try it and will see. SWTOR fortunately in PvE does not need supreme conection. Especialy if you play DPS.
  11. I am playing from czech republic and my ping is about 120 - 200. Its not ideal but I feel no real disadvantage. You can join us and see for your self
  12. Unfortunately you was not online in time I was able to invite you. So you dont. We must be both online to send it. Try TS when you are online or contact anyone from AJSA who is online.
  13. I am sorry but we are on the good side (Empire) so I cant send you and invite....
  14. I will be on today as usual between 19 - 21 CET. About 1 PM to 3 PM EST. So if you guys will be on just contact me on Giltharis. Also you can visit TS during your play time. Someone will join you. Anyone from AJSA can recruit now.
  15. Nice to hear from you recruit. I will contact you as soon as I will be able to get in.
  16. Last few weeks I had no time to play. So I still ned to make some progress (need lvl 6 vampire) before I will be able to bite someone. But When I will be I will contact you.
  17. Morvenna is different kind of leader than Joe. But I think she is perfect just like that. Speeches are fun and everything, but I like her way too and miss nothing when she leads
  18. Still in the phase of teoretizing (though I already start with leveling him), too much work lately. Its not ment as pure healer. But mostly like support healer. So you can count on totaly crazy cat.
  19. On saturdays event I was smiling because of Thundercats leader (at least I think he was a leader). And I kind a like idea of Thundercat group. Its a great name to special ops squad. And its also put my imagination out of chains.Even when I am not part of this group, temptation was simple too strong. I am playing almost exclusively healers. So I tried to think up build for healer. Who should be able to move fast and long in steath. Be efective in it, but not just some usual scout DPS. I need him to be able to provide support for other thunder cats and if posible take some punishment. I think I want too much from this little kitty... but may be I just found best combitnation for thundercat healer. I will give him a try to see if he can realy be build that way. I present to you: Gilt Thunderclaw Sure I wanted to made him Thunder - so sorcerrer was obvious choice. He has some advantages which in combination can even work. Stealth: Full medium armor + Racial + Vampire stage 4 (when posible - now its just pure sci-fi) this combination should greately decrease cost and distance for detection. So this kitty should be able to get close to the enemy before he strikes. Hit and Run: Again medium armor increases sprint speed by 21%. Also there is lighning teleport which can stun enemy for others to catch up. Same combo when well applied can also break enemy pursuit and survive (if lucky) Sustain: Medium armor provides.... well medium defence which is furder increased by bound armaments. Teleport gives imunity to spells and surge self heal. Ultimate should provide some power for these litle tricks Heal: This build is based on Resto staff heal so its unable to provide burst heals, but should be able to provide constant healing. Weapon dmg of the staff is increased by pasive in resto tree (up to 10%), 11% bound armaments and 9% ultimate. There is also 20% crit chance for active healing spells - Rapid regeneration and blessing of restoration. Rersto staff attack should also be considered melee attack, so there should be other crit and damage bonuses from race and Medium armor. Those were pros. It look well on the paper. But will it work. We may even see next saturday. What about cons? To be honest I did not find many and that scares me.... it usualy means that I will suffer when I put him in to the field. We have one obvious. With medium armor I dont have spell cost reduction, no spell penetration and will have lower resist than I am used to with my breton templar. With two togling abilities I will also suffer high magicka reduction (15%). It means that bigger poll I make, than more I will suffer. So main question is. Is ulty enough? Will I be able to negate impact of this by gear (spell cost reduction, regeneration. Warlock set..... and so on) Hope so because I love picture I see in my mind.
  20. Soo. At this moment I am Vampire lvl 3 and working on leveling. I hope that I will be ready to start my bloodline soon. When I will be level 6 I will write it here for those who want to become my children
  21. Yeah. Dark brotherhood wold be fine. I loved it in Skyrim. And My Vampire NB healer is great adept for it.
  22. I must say that I wasnt so in the MMO like I am in this one since SWTOR. I do expect to play it in the future. So yes I am playing it and not planning to stop.
  23. They are not thinking about that. They said that some dungeons have difficulty VR 11 and VR 12. It doesnt mean, that you will be able to reach that rank
  24. Chat bubbles allows people to actualy chat and play Role playing. Without them is role playing imposible... or almost imposible. It will be propably visible just for /say