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    Plank Hill
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    Video games, creative writing, reviewing games, praising and criticizing the game industry as needed.
  1. I'm partly excited and disappointed. I think I would much rather have a new 5v5 map than another champion since they have over 100.
  2. Well, with Rockstar hinting a possible sequel we could set up a gang for the future.
  3. PS3. Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted series, The Last of Us and free games with PS+
  4. Garen. Spin to win.
  5. Through tense survival horror and a great storyline, The Last of Us, hands down.
  6. Hmm, worse game I've ever played? It would probably have to be during the days of the N64 when I played Blast Corps. Destroying buildings in order for this truck driving a nuke to make it to a safe point and anytime the truck would hit part of the building it would blow up the nuke on the back and destroy everything.
  7. My main role is usually Support or Top depending on the team comp. For support champs I usually play Taric, Leona and kill lane Nidalee. For my top role it varies on the picks/counter picks but I don't tend to stray from either Garen, Teemo, Darius or Vladimir.
  8. NA League SN: Gilthias Played since 2008, not much into the ranked scene yet but it's a work in progress.
  9. Yea, that could spell bads news MS fans around the world, but apprantly the Xbox division has been bleeding them of 2 billion dollars a year that they've kept hidden with their other divisions. It would be interesting to see who would actually buy the division if it were to be sold. Might see Apple enter the console market.
  10. The name is Phillip and I'm avid gamer and small time critic. I've been watching Angry Joe for a few years now, and it was because of him and Spooney that I wanted to get into doing review work and streaming video game content for anyone interested.