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    I love videogames, especially the good ones xD. MGS is my favorite franchis but i also like playing fighting games and RPG´s. Reading books and watching movies is next to playing another hobby I cherish. I´m playing on the PS3, GC , PSP and on PC.
  1. To be what it promises, the game has to offer multiple ways to beat a mission. It shouldn´t be linear gameplay wise and I hope the nemesis system doesn´t end up as a cheap or/and simple gimmick.
  2. I never played the old Thief games but i like where the new Thief is going. With Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I have faith in them that they can pull a good, challenging steakth game.
  3. Fallout 4. ESO has to many elements from regular MMO´s and I don´t like MMO´s. Fallout 3 was awesome and to see an awesome sequel to an awesome game is something I look forward to.
  4. Wow, there is a lot. Never expected this much hehe. The only melee weapons I use are two-handed swords. I guess I will try some of your suggestions. If someone wants to suggest more be my guest. But first, I have to study for my exam tomorrow
  5. Does anyone know of a useful mod wich makes the close combat more interesting. Skyrim to me is one hell of a RPG but the sword fight sucks. I just don´t like it and I am trying to use the bow as much as possible but i can´t kill every enemy with only one arrow. So does anyone from the Angry Army know about such a mod.
  6. UHhh Skyrim, tough call. Should I buy it? I´m not sure.
  7. OK, i will try that. Just have to reinstall the game. And yes, i have the steam version.
  8. I want to see an assassins creed game set in china or india, but especially china. They already referenced in games and movies chinese templer and assassins.
  9. I just thought that too. I´m searching for someone to play with. So if anyone from europe wants to play AC4 on the playstation 3 you can add me. And to the ship battles i also agree. It´s a missed potencial.
  10. Crash Team Racing. Played that game with my friends everyday for hours.
  11. A Godfather MMO xD. I know it sounds ridiculous. I mean you could create your own family and try to own the city. You can have wars in the city for territories(PVP) and do jobs like smuggling or assassination(quests). Round that up with a good mix of RPG and third person shooter elements (Mass Effect) and you could have a good Godfather MMO.
  12. I just tried the multiplayer of assassins creed 4 and its better than I thought. I enjoyed several games of Bounty Hunt. Does anybody recognize the fun assassin version of hide and seek?
  13. They need an ankerpoitn for the game to explain itself. That means they can throw new timelines with new protaginists at us which is kind of given and selfexplained via animus and the present-you.
  14. This weekend: studying -.-
  15. Battletoads......