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  1. This gives me a lot of Heath Ledger vibes, Jared Leto is a bit more interesting with the whole gangster look.
  2. Ppl are either changing their mind or more ppl are voting for it. When I joined the votes were at 49. If we can get 40 more votes and one of them being an officer. There's probably gonna be a AJSA CoD group, whether you want to be part of it or not. It's just that we won't get support. So it'll have to be a under the hood, which it already is. I hope it gets a little more organized, once we reach a 100.
  3. I just searched angery porterican, saw him, enjoyed it and still continue to watch him.
  4. They are trying, although yes they aren't as driven Santa Monica studios and not as passionate as naughty dog about their story. I still say this is NOT the CoD 4 era, they are trying to make changes. Which is one thing battlefield isn't doing. Toxic community/players means rude, mean, and harsh, a.k.a. Assholes.
  5. Wtf lmao
  6. Why are you discussing it, if you don't know? Most of the games you mention aren't FPS, the only two that are, bioshock and metro. Both of those games have casual play to their multiplayers and you're playing those types of games for it's story. CoD is played for it's multiplayer not for it's heartfelt storyline. Although, CoD also has a bunch more casual modes now like a horde mode and the new squads, which doesn't seem that interesting right now though. So again the price point would be a rip off w/o the horde, but because it's there and all the work that goes into it, plus the newer expansions get newer variations of that horde mode. All of what is said is true during the CoD 4 era. Toxic players exist everywhere, there's no such thing as a purely toxic community. I don't understand why you couldn't filter those ppl out, considering you were a admin. That's yo call of duty maaan.
  7. Happy new year everybody And thank you Sony for taking me and Croaker on a pointless adventure!
  8. Awww, then wouldn't had then we wouldn't have had this amazing intellectual deep conversation. We totally bonded man. We got to know each other from inside out.
  9. Yes you're absolutely right, but it's not human to avoid assumption. We try our best to avoid assumption but we can't, cause we do all these hours of research, experimentation and making our results as close to fact as possible. Then we practice it, oop we fucked up, back to the drawing board, because at end if the day, we can always say we may fucked up this time but we've come so far and we'll get it for sure working the next time. It all sounds like a really hard video game, the irony of it all huh?
  10. You missed the point, early Apollo models were failure and yet they were assumed to work. Assumption is part of the scientific process. You assume something, you question it, it fails, you then assume something else until you prove it to be fact, hope no one else proves you wrong and if they do, you get opportunity prove them wrong. That's science in its most basic form.
  11. The evolution of the cell, and the whole steps from 8-ball to atom. It was assumption that the cell was like an 8-ball, raisin bun and other stuff. Let's forget the "race for space", it was an asumption that the next Appollo would work. I'm not saying science is assumption alone but science is combination of assumptions, wonder and constant questioning. It's war of assumption and question with the wonder of turning fact right back into assumptions.
  12. Yes but there are such things as imaginary numbers in math such as the square root of negative two, negative pie, the numbers divided by zero and etc. , ect. In early science, a lot of it was assumptions like the world being a cube, medical science was straight up weird, and others that I can't remember. They were all assumptions, some of them did go to be be actual science by passing the tests of experimentation. As for life, we dream, are dreams are assumptions.
  13. Sorry, that was a hypothetical situation, where you did know. Im no PC gamer lol
  14. Ugh.. Assumptions absolutely not science, but I say it is scientific because the origin of scientific theory are assumptions and once they pass a series of tests, the result is science.
  15. When making most of the time an assumption why would you be only 51% sure? Why buy a game on steam 50% off, when You know you can have it for 70% off.