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Everything posted by emeraldeye

  1. Is there a required amount of time that needs to be spent in game? I ask as my workloads vary greatly, sometimes I'm able to play every night, other times I'm only able to play maybe once a month. Also only willing to guest over as I still have friends on my home server (not really an issue for me since I'm not interested in WvW anyway :0 )
  2. I agree with the above poster, the server locations can't be considered a con as they are an issue with ALL MMO games and, coming from Australia, lag is always an issue since no servers are ever hosted here. I do have another con though: * The story arcs are very disjointed. This is the main reason I haven't played the game much at all. I'll be getting right into the story, but then the next stage will require some levelling and by the time I'm strong enough to do that next stage, I've forgotten what was happening or why I was doing it. The stories are fantastic, as is the more unique levelling system, but the jumps between story sections are just too much for me.
  3. This has a number of different ways to try and fix it (http://pcsupport.about.com/od/findbyerrormessage/a/mss32-dll-not-found-missing-error.htm) but, honestly, it just sounds to me like your install fucked up somewhere. I didn't have any issue that sounds like that and I've played both the normal and enhanced versions, and the versions on steam (I kept losing copies so kept buying more)
  4. It' really not worth playing f2p, far too many restrictions. I just have a monthly subscription and look at it as part of my monthly entertainment budget. It's the same as if I go to see 2 movies a month, or one if I include snacks and drinks. It's STILL very buggy (I'm noticing bugs that still exist that I reported in the beta!) but as far as I can tell most of the game breaking bugs are fixed. I wouldn't say it's pay to win though (maybe for pvp but i'm not a pvp-er) as most of the stuff you buy are cosmetic, convenience, or consumables that you can buy in game so f2p is manageable, just annoying when you find something and think "Oh that's cool I'm gonna do that" then find you have to unlock it.
  5. Henge of Denravi for me. Don't intend to change servers (have friends and family on that server) but can guest on others.
  6. I didn't want to support this game because they were pro-subscription (GW2 proved you don't need a monthly subscription to keep the content coming out and without it being pay to win) but... dayum it is looking so awesome! I will likely end up buying it anyway, even more so if there are a bunch of awesome people to hook up with on it.
  7. I would be in on this if I had some people to play with. I still have an active subscription though I don't play often, got bored playing on my own. That won't happen with a fun active guild
  8. I'd love to get back into the game. Not willing to leave my server though (Henge of Denravi) since it's an awesome server and I have friends on there but since the only thing you can't do cross servers is WvW and I'm more of a pve player, that doesn't really bother me, I'll just guest wherever. A suggestion re multiple AJSA guilds though, perhaps pitch them to a specific element of the game, WvW guild, PvE guild, sPvP guild etc, and have multiple guilds within those groups if there are more than 500 on a server for that interest. That way people can have a main guild they hang out with for what they normally enjoy doing, and switch guilds if they feel like changing it up a bit.