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Posts posted by emeraldeye

  1. If I understand it correctly, what server you're in shouldn't matter any more (unless you're doing WvW) since it's all on a mega server now. Is that correct?

  2. The other thing I would like is proper subtitles. I have trouble understanding the dialogue sometimes, and I can't understand at all what's said when the prophet goes into his echo-y mode like the first harborage quest. Yes I can turn on NPC's in the chat box, but that can get lost if there's a whole lot of other talking/spamming going on. It's an accessibility option that should be available! Even SWTOR has it!

  3. I don't think you played GW2 enough to really grasp how different it is than the decades old "go here do x" quest system because it is NOTHING like ESO. When you meet other players in GW2 you are glad because the game naturally makes you work together for common goals. In ESO and older MMOs you're competing with other players who steal your mobs, steal your nodes, and steal your quest objectives. Players end up being nothing but a nuisance to one another.

    I agree with most of your points about GW2 (It's a good game, I enjoyed it, but it got boring fast for me and that's solely a personal preference), but that point I quoted I don't agree with. I was going through a public dungeon in the Grahtwood last night and there were A LOT of mobs, like 5 or 6 on top of each other and being that it was a cave system and I'm a squishy clothy, I had trouble avoiding all their attacks. I was relieved when another player came along to help me defeat them. I switched to healing and kept them healthy and they waited for me when I fell behind and I waited for them when they fell behind and we took turns on any chests we came across. When we finally got to the end boss we had gathered up a party of about eight or nine people. Sure it made the boss relatively easy to defeat, but we were all credited with the kill allowing the quest to continue. 


    And that's the kind of experience I've had with the entire game. Everyone is generally very polite and considerate and help each other out. Of course there's been a few douche bags, but they have been the exception rather than the rule. Especially playing in the AJSA everyone has been particularly helpful. 


    Finally, none of the quests in ESO that I've come across have been fetch quests or kill quests. Granted I'm only up to about level 20 so that could change in the higher levels, but that's not usually Bethesda's style. Bethesda has always been about story telling and that's what all their quests do: tell a story. So no, I don't think the quest system blows at all. Plenty about the game does, but not the quest system.

  4. Mine everything (duh), and craft things that don't use a lot of mats (As Gomly said, daggers usually only use 4 or 5 iron I think). If you have the money and the friends to trade with trade them, break down every weapon you have (or research if something has something you're interested in, researching is important to get good gear), rinse and repeat.

  5. I would say it has promise. 90% of MMO's have issues at and soon after launch and this game falls within that 90%. On top of that it's a Bethesda game and they are notorious for releasing buggy games. It doesn't have instanced nodes and everything except the main story line, mages, and fighters guild quest lines are not instanced so you can expect to see the nobs who enjoy making life hell for everyone else but honestly for the most part in almari dominion and the AJSA guild people have been friendly and helpful. There's been some heated discussions at times, but not a lot of people being nasty for the sake of being nasty which is wone of the things that ruin MMO's for me. 


    There has been a lot of suspicious money-grabbing, knee-jerking from Zenimax, the whole holding $15 during the free 30 days to "verify" the bank account for one, and the rumours that the thieves guild will be locked behind a paywall so it will be interesting to see how these things pan out over the next few months. 


    Over all I would say it's worth it, if you want to try it with lots of people best to jump in now. If you want to wait and see how it goes, wait three months or so to play the (hopefully) less buggy game. 

  6. Really? That's your complaint? It's an MMO, of course there are other adventurers running around killing stuff. Truly guild wars 1 felt more like a single player game to me with some multiplayer content, the instanced lands outside the towns made it feel extremely lonely especially if I didn't plan to get a group together ahead of time. I personally like the way people just run in and team up to help bring down an anchor without the whole "LFG 2 tanks 1 heals" etc shouting in the chat, it's much more dynamic. Yes there are some times when the boss is already downed and has to respawn, but it's only the first week, the first couple days for people who didn't pre-order. Everyone is fairly close in level so they all are trying to kill the same mobs. In time the levels will spread out, especially after the first month when subs drop off.

  7. The MMO fan in me squeals with delight at these, they look like they will be a lot of fun! And by the time I eventually get to that level most of the bugs will likely have been fixed lol. 

    The Elder Scrolls fan in me is crying out for the thieves guild and the morag tong to be added first. I also don't want this game to turn out like swtor did and only give new group content to end game. Sometimes I like just branching out on my own with my max level character, I don't want to be pigeonholed to only using my main with group content. 

    So yeah, mixed feelings. But it's only the first content release, was likely something that was nearly ready at launch but just not quite there, so I'm hopeful yet.

  8. Yes, I've always refused to grind. If a game can't provide fun content that doesn't involve "go here, slay X monsters, get paid", or worse being forced to kill things without some kind of quest reward tied to it solely for XP, and I wind up being under levelled then the game is quickly abandoned. I'm a notoriously slow leveller, been playing every day (except when it was down) since early access and only have one character to level 16 but I am not under levelled for where I am in the content (quite the opposite in fact) and not once have I had to kill mobs solely for the experience. I love exploring and finding chests (which give a ton of XP btw), I love crafting and I love most of all the immersion element of the quests (at least the Dominion ones, haven't gone far with the other factions). None of that is grind to me.

  9. I did the same, ended up in Stormhaven at level 14 (enemies seemed to be level 15+ from the start) so I was a bit underleveled because of the missed quests I suppose but it didn't make any difference, I still kicked arse.

    Here's one thing we should be glad for though, that the Cyrodill PvP wasn't broken (besides the occasional map issue). I had so much fun doing PvP, even scouting alone was thrilling.


    Really? I want to see more of it, I hate coming into a public dungeon when there already 20+ people inside who have killed everything. Ruins my immersion, makes me think "Why am I even here? These guys have handled it already."

    I agree, I love phasing, makes me feel as though I'm actually making a difference in the world when I see the changes. Also I think they largely fixed the phasing group issues, or at least for me I didn't face any phasing issues when I was in a group; we found each other easily and it seemed seamless, working as well as any other MMO I've played. 

    The bugs, well yeah I had a shite ton of bugs, some of which the GM couldn't reproduce when I spoke to him about it. Having said that, the customer service is EXCELLENT, far exceding any game I've had before, MMO or otherwise. That alone makes it worth the subscription to me. I was just frustrated about repeating to everyone that it was a stress test beta, not a free demo. And that this build likely has a lot of bugs already fixed, it's just the most recent stable release for them to test things out on.

    Yes, the switch to a sword did kind of irritate me as it felt as though they were forcing me into a specific role, even as a caster. However the first drop you get drops a role specific weapon (or at least it did for me). And zenimax have already discussed that change as they are trying to streamline the coldharbour part to make it a better tutorial and thus free up the player to do whatever they want once they are outside of coldharbour as a lot of people complained previously that the starter islands were directing them too much.

    All in all I was rather happy with the game in it's current states. Yes it had game breaking bugs. Yes there were quite a few dialogue/voicing issues. But they are moving in a good direction and listening to the player's feedback. Of course they can't do EVERYTHING that all players say but the true detailed advice with suggestions for improvement are definitely being listened to and I have seen those changes taking place through the various betas.

  10. Don't start complaining about being charged more than the US till you have to deal with the Australia tax. To purchase the DIGITAL imperial edition here, it's $119.95 + subscription (US$107). Standard is $89.95 + subscription (US$81). The exchange rate is not that bad for us. According to xe.com US$60 is only AU$66. Though the Euro sub fee is being charged more as US$15 is EU 10. 

    Basically it sucks to be a gamer anywhere but in the US.


    As for the feedback, yes their customer service is awesome. My partner reported a game breaking bug in great detail and the guys were really helpful to him (even though they couldn't fix it at that time). Didn't call but that's not overly surprising since it would be an international call.

  11. I always play a DPS caster as my first character and they are generally my most loved. I love making them glass cannons, HUGE damage, but if I fuck up I die. Adds an extra element of challenge to the game :) My skills I have to admit, I'm no theory crafter, I just make it up as I go and add things depending on how I feel like it, test it, and change it later if I need to.

  12. Oooh I like! Though I am a huge sucker for leather bound books and lore details, especially if it has artists' sketches of the various locations and creatures to go with the lore. $100 IS pricey but it looks like it has 5 books and some art, so 6 items. Six items at $16.66 each is a lot more realistic and makes it even harder to resist for collectors like me :)

  13. I love it, it reminds me of Guild Wars 1 and as someone else said before, it makes me feel as though my gameplay style was unique; there were a few spells that we were using that were the same but the amount we used them were different as I preferred one spell to spam where another player preferred another. Although I can't make the connections skillfully enough, my partner is heavily into theorycrafting and I know he likes the limited abilities as well (we've discussed this very thing as well) as it makes his theorycrafting much more meaningful as he can work out which skills work best together to be more effective.

    I used to have a screen full of spells when I played WoW but really my rotation was only four or five spells, occasionally popping cool downs or situation specific CC. With ESO I don't need to worry about cool downs and it's a lot more interesting playing with passive skills than trying to remember what every single skill I've purchased is used for and when to use it.

  14. Personally micro-transactions don't bother me TOO much. What does bother me about them is their ability to be abused. At the moment I don't really care as even if a player does buy a horse for real money it doesn't give that player an unfair advantage over a player who can't afford to buy it with real money. The horse is exactly the same as can be bought in game and, while expensive to buy, it is not impossible. Reminds me of buying a WoW mount back in vanilla when it actually took work to save up for. So far so good. Even if they add aesthetic things you can buy with real money like new hair styles or whatever, I'm cool with that. It doesn't change the dynamic of the gameplay. What I DO have a problem with are micro-transactions that allow cashed up players to buy a super powered sword, for example, with real money, and that sword or its equivalent is not available in game in any other way than with real money. And it is so easy and so tempting for publishers to bring that in if a game starts to struggle as it nearly guarantees that players will buy it in order to remain competitive. 

  15. I wouldn't have too much of a problem with the game if it was $60 + $15/month, so long as the microtransactions are just cosmetic things and not things that alter the foundation of the gameplay (overpowered weapons for example). However, since I live in Australia this is not the cause because of the "Australia tax" that companies insist on flinging at us. $89.95 for standard, and $119.95 + $15/month subscription is what kills it for me.