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  1. Area85 liked a post in a topic by emeraldeye in AJAS ESO Event   
    I would love for it to be held maybe an hour later? Sadly I wasn't able to participate this time, family obligations, and won't be able to next week either. But after that IT. IS. ON!
  2. emeraldeye liked a post in a topic by fawster in Features you think the game needs.   
    what this game really needs is speech bubbles for the Say channel.
    it would bring so much more immersion to the game
  3. emeraldeye liked a post in a topic by Jackschmit in Features you think the game needs.   
    More emotes, you can NEVER have enough.
    But what I would like the most is a way to keep non combat pets in a collection so they can be summoned without consuming inventory space.
  4. emeraldeye liked a post in a topic by Kedric in Admit it, the Questing System Blows   
    If you don't want to encounter other people, or just can't deal with it, then don't play a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. They make single player RPGs, too.
  5. emeraldeye liked a post in a topic by forzsaken in Admit it, the Questing System Blows   
    i dunno what is the point of this thread.. if its about us admitting or you trying to convince us.. or asking us to convince u its not..

    If that is the case then my answer is no theres nothing to admit
    my only prob is bugs and that is all

    as for 78 turning 79 on level 5 mobs.. you might think it is unlikely but it happened to me.. i returned to the game 3 months ago..
    and i found my character deleted(not that it matters) but there is a new character a 78elementalist(which i dunno nothing about prolly the hackers character, again not that it matters) with less than 10% xp so it still needs 90% xp to level up.. since i am kinda new to the game again
    i was just spamming killing mobs and doin the event........ and it was really a matter of minuites.. that it turned level 79...
    level 5 killing a high level.. sorry about that.. i meant.. a level 5 mob killing a level 79 elementalist.. and aggroing.. when you just want to be at peace since you are already a high level and cleared that area already.. but no.. you cant be at peace.. you must get rape by 3-4 level 10 centaurs..

    As for KSing.. saying that wasnt my intention.. i know that you get reward base on your participation.. the thing is on ESO while there isnt the reward system Gw2 has.. there are no ks so long as you land a hit.. in a way you might think its a fail.. in a way its not much and not like gw2.. but its better than most mmos that they are really ksing for that boss.. that you have to be the one to last hit in order to get the credit.. here in ESO you dont.. 

    As for helping each other in events in Gw2.. It is the same in ESO.. or have you never played ESO much grasp it? just last night. my gf and i come upon a boss area(skull logo on map), and the rings that fall from the sky(tornado logo? on map)... we couldnt take it.. so we had waited for other people... my gf who is a semi healer semi dps.. turned full heal.. and i am just ccing and focus on killing the mobs attacking healers and range people... 

    As for bosses dropping like flies in gw2.. there are.. in case you havent notice.. if a bunch of people gank up on it.. i dunno because you are high level already thats why you have forgotten or u prolly didnt notice.. there were.. i just played the game before eso came out because i was bored and there were elites / bosses that are hard but u prolly can take on your own.. but when theres a bunch of people in it.. it dies like a fly.. like ESO..

    But there are also bosses and events.. that you cant take on your own hence thats where we help each other like gw2 (rings/skull bosses)
    You said you want solo.. There are also quests that are really for SOLO... you wanna be teleported to another instance channel? you got your wish it also teleports you to a dif channel

    So in the end.. are you complaining because its not GW2?
    are you the same as other Wow fans complaining its not WOW?
    or are you complaining because its not Skyrim/morrowind/oblivion?
    You complain too much on ESO.. other games has what it has.. other games doesnt have what it have.. it has its good points.. it has its bad points.. 
    its a dif game.. for the good or the bad.. it has both..  just learn to accept it.. or  just quit..

    Let it be that.. lets not argue or laugh with each others comments..
    we all have our own opinion

    I am not a fan boy.. I dont worship skyrim and oblivion.. i dont say "fuz rho dah" or whatev
    didnt get to play morrowind..
    I am stating my opinion because i played the game.. 
    hence my answer and verdict..
    No, theres nothing to admit.. cuz i like it this way.. 
  6. emeraldeye liked a post in a topic by RadioGeek in Admit it, the Questing System Blows   
    The phasing is the problem here, not the questing system itself. Admit it, it's so much better than having to read 4 paragraphs on why some farmer needs you to being him the stomachs of 5 wolves.
  7. emeraldeye liked a post in a topic by Daknar in Is E S O Worth it? -Cartman   
    Most of this depends on your play style, and that's the only honest answer. You should have tried out one of the many beta keys if you were on the fence.
    That being said, If you are looking for a game to gank low level people, this isn't the game for you as the opportunities are in one area. If you hate quests where other people can be there to interfere...pass this one by. If you want an easy game without much thinking in regards to leveling up, the incredible amount of options is going to scare the heck out of you. And if you want a taskbar with every single ability you can have easily displayed, you will be frustrated.
    But if you want everything available for your character without limitations as you progress; if you love the idea of crafting and don't know when to stop, if OCD is something you need to suppliment with an MMO, and if you are in the AJ army and like to help or receive help from your guild mates...this is definitely your game. It's wide open on what you do and where you go. You can spend hours searching for materials or questing - whichever you want to work on. The PvE is limited only by your funds and determination (and given my few times of playing, if you enjoy being overrun and squished). There are people in the guild over level 30, you should ask them what they think, but I think you could easily get a months worth of quality play time out of this game if not more.
  8. emeraldeye liked a post in a topic by SloppyG in Any guild members forsake the Dominion. for the pact?   
    To clarify:
    If you want to group/pvp/raid with the majority of the AJSA's members, roll a toon on the dominion. A single toon should be able to experience every zone in the game and see most quests. If you preordered you can also be any race vs the three AD standard choices.
    If you chose/choose not to join the AD, note there is no interaction between the alliances outside of guild chat in this game. The only possible exception might be in Cyrodil/pvp.
    However, in keeping with the spirit of the AJSA and it's mission, having players on multiple sides of the the same campaign might make it appear that we are trying to unfairly influence the game. Feeding information to or from one alliance to another or manipulating the game will not be tolerated.
  9. Jackschmit liked a post in a topic by emeraldeye in Any guild members forsake the Dominion. for the pact?   
    I plan on making characters on all the factions simply to experience everything the game has to offer. My main remains on the Dominion, however.
  10. emeraldeye liked a post in a topic by Eleglas in Broken quests   
    Wow, clearly they can't win. They need to listen less to people? What? 9/10 people will complain they don't listen enough if they don't hear back from them after 5 seconds. I remember during testing of SWTOR everyone complained Bioware didn't listen enough.
    As for the sword, you're hardly forced into it. If I remember right you have to fight 2 enemies before the last drops a class weapon (like staff for sorcerers). Even so, why not just fight them barefists if you want what does it seriously matter for the first 2 minutes of gameplay. In Skyrim you never get a staff in the opening segment, you're forced into a sword for a while.
    What you're complaining about seems completely arbitrary to me.
  11. XXwarthogXX liked a post in a topic by emeraldeye in Elder Scrolls Online **[Poll Pending, needs to be a full release]**   
    I didn't want to support this game because they were pro-subscription (GW2 proved you don't need a monthly subscription to keep the content coming out and without it being pay to win) but... dayum it is looking so awesome! I will likely end up buying it anyway, even more so if there are a bunch of awesome people to hook up with on it.