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Everything posted by 2and900

  1. theirs always pornhub
  2. theirs always pornhub
  3. Bullet sponging artificially increases gameplay length and difficulty, they should increase player damage and AI damage, making combat more tactical. Throwing potatoes at a wall is more fun with someone else.
  4. I would Maybe thats because I have no income.
  5. I don't get the hoopla about this game, isn't it just gears of war with a bad internet connection and the guy playing sounds like hes trying really hard to not throw up all the money Microsoft shoved down his throat.
  6. should be a invading army from a neighbor kingdom not mystic creatures/monsters, if the creatures are necessary for the plot you could have them working for/ summoned by enemy kingdom. essentially you need a healthy lore above ground as well below. just my thoughts.
  7. Wait, is this the dinosaur game? the combat is flashy but nothing i haven't seen before, regardless I would play this because I love those "diablo like games"
  8. more meat for the grinder?
  9. isn't that what Jim Carrey normally looks like?
  10. oddly enough hearing how bad it is makes me want to go see it, unfortunately my "friends" want to see a good movie.
  11. That phenomenon is called sleep paralysis and its terrifying. Use to happen to me when I was 4, stopped for a bit and came back in my last year of high school. I have herd that if you don't sleep on your back it won't occur. when it happens to me, I never see shadows or people I just cant move.
  12. At least I wasn't eaten!
  13. I find this very disappointing no pershing no m18 (although that one is a tank destroyer) no kv1 (or 2) or is1 (or 2) and not even a churchill this game is disgusting!
  14. I'm still reading, something i definitely look foreword to. If you are tired of taking screen shots and what not, you could just report when people die
  15. I have made a terrible mistake.
  16. get the highest score
  17. I ate a sandwich and am thinking about making a pizza
  18. I'm lactose intolerant
  19. thats what you want us to think!
  20. what if we are all girls and were pretending to be guys to avoid extra attention we assume we would get?!
  21. when playing batman arkham knight, the game started to poop its self near the end but it never crashed but it had me worried.