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  1. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Psychochilla in 1 fact about yourself   
    dude... thats disgusting!
  2. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Firewater-Elixir in 1 fact about yourself   
    I prefer honey on my toast to jam or butter
  3. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by xSomeGamer in Fallout 4 possibility?   
    I don't understand why people want multiplayer for it. You don't need multiplayer for everything. The game mechanics would more than likely collapse or be reduced for multiplayer. Fuck that, if you want multiplayer go to Battlefield, Call of Duty, ARMA.. So on.
  4. ElvenBlossom liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Thankyou AngryJoe!   
    Your a fangirl or idiot for liking a particular game
  5. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by ElvenBlossom in Thankyou AngryJoe!   
    I don't know if this has been done before but I can't find anything to post in so I thought I'd start this.
    I just wanted to say thankyou to AngryJoe his team and how greatful I am to be part of such a wonderful community.
    Plus gives everyone else a place to show their appreciation and talk more on what they love about the site so far, personally I love this idea of raffles, I love how I feel free to post about a topic without being called a fangirl or an idiot for liking a particular game!.
    So to summerise, thanks go out to you Joe, your team and the whole community for simply being amazing!.
  6. ultimakillX liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in GUILD WARS 2   
    I would assume you put the disk into your computer
    But i don't know, I've never played it
  7. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by krsnik666 in Hardest Decisions in Gaming   
    my hardest decision. keep playing or go to bed and sleep
  8. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by AJSA Strazyplus in How famous is the guy above you?   
    I also don't know anything about 2and900 but my grand dad wont shutup about his grandma.
  9. Demon Joe Minion A1 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in How famous is the guy above you?   
    I dont know anything about the guy above but my grandma wont shut up about him
  10. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by vanhoe in How do you like your anime