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  1. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Darkest Dungeon Name Game   
    sing me up as whatever you need most.
  2. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Darkest Dungeon Name Game   
    "Once the AJSA was a symbol of unity, it was a community of gamers. But now corruption and destruction has infested it.
    In truth, i cannot tell you how long it has been since it started.
    Our forum name once so well-regarded is now barely whispered aloud by decent folk 
    There is a great horror infested in the forum, a crawling chaos that must be stopped."
    Darkest Dungeon has just released and i have the ability to name heroes in the game and i thought it was a fun idea to make a game where the members of the AJSA were the unfortunate Heroes and Adventurers that has to stop the horrors. 
    This is very similar name game style to the last i did http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/29413-need-peoples-name-in-my-xcom-game/
    However, the probability of death is quite certain and some of you (or all of you) will loose their life. 
    The game is played as an explorative turn based combat game with a group of up to 4 heroes that each have their own advantages and disadvantages. 
    There are 15 different heroes you can choose from
    There is a max limit of 25 heroes (at the start the limit is 9), but whenever someone dies i will take whoever might be next
    The heroes will appear randomly in the stage coach, so you will not join the game in the order of posts. 
    There can be multiple people having the same class. 
    Each week there will be another batch of heroes, where i have the chance of finding the exact hero you guys are playing. 
    In order to proceed to the next week i will have to complete quests, these will be minor uninteresting quests.
    And i will not post anything about them until at least 1 of you guys are in the group.
    And if nothing really interesting happens i wont post much about that quest, even if you guys were in it. 
    Boss fights will be more "detailed" with more screenshots
    The name game can end in 2 ways
    If everyone dies and no one new steps forward, the forum game ends 
    If you manage to survive until the last boss and defeating it.
    "More arrive.... foolishly seeking fortune and glory, in the domain of the damned"
    *spoilers are pictures of the different heroes*
    The Abomination: Faily high damage class, can shapeshift into an abomination. Can't be in a group with Vestal, Cruader or the Leper. Also causes stress to the other heroes in the group when being an abomination. 
    The Arabalest: She is a ranged sniper and a healing class that usually is positioned in the back of the group
    The Bounty hunter: Crowd control and damage dealer and can be placed anywhere in the group formation
    The Crusader: Frontline tank with supporting skills, cannot be grouped together with the Abomination
    The Graverobber: Mix of range and melee, can be placed anywhere in the group formation 
    The Hellion: Tanky DPS class that also can crowd control
    The Highwayman: Ranged character with limited melee ability, not a tank 
    The Houndmaster: mix between offensive and supportive skills, not a frontline class
    The Jester:A mix of AOE bleed damage and buffs/debuffs, not suited for frontline 
    The Leper: High damage dealing tank, can't be in a group with the Abomination
    The Man-At-Arms: Mix of damage and defence for his allies
    The occultist:Supportive class with debuffs and healing spells
    The plauge doctor: supportive character that uses skills that deals damage over time, has a limited healing skill
    The Vestal: Most effective healing support class, can't be in a group with the Abomination
    The Antiquarian: Not a combat role, but increases the amount of loot the group can carry and are able to indentify value places other would see garbage
    Current Hero limit: 28
    Current known heroes alive: 4
    Deceased known heroes: 12
    Screenshots of the Deceased has the weapon and armor reset to lvl 1 for some reason
    Bosses not defeated by any known Heroes
    The Swine King
    The Inchoate flesh
    The Sonorous prophet
    The Sodden Crew
    The Siren
    Scohui: Man-At-Arms
    Status: Deceased 
    Died to the Hag
    Level: 4

    Status: deceased
    Bled out
    Level: 0

    Chumbry42: Crusader
    Died to the Hag
    Level: 4

    ichig1vsnarut0:bounty hunter
    status: Deceased
    Died at the hands of a Pelagic Piranha 
    Level: 5

    Legolas_Katarn: Occultist
    Status: Alive
    level: 4

    AveragePegasus: Graverobber
    status: Deceased
    Slew the Wizened Hag 
    Died to a heart attack

    2and900: Vestal

    IcedAjack: Arabalest 
    Slew the Apprentice Necromancer
    Died to the Hag

    MadDemon64: Abomination
    Slew the Brigand 8 pounder
    Slew Wilbur

    status: Deceased
    Killed by the shriek of pigs

    lxnatifual: Houndmaster
    Killed by the shriek of pigs
    Level: 1
    Slew the Swine Prince

    Kaz32: Highwayman
    Status: Deceased
    Succumbed to blight spitter

    Demonbane775: Bountyhunter 
    status: Lost to the sea
    Level: 2

    Wvilvern: Plague Doctor 
    Status: Deceased
    Stabbed herself
    Level: 1

    Lazilot:Bounty Hunter
    Status: Deceased
    Level: 1
    Died to the shamblers remains

    status: Alive

    I will try to keep this thread as frequently updated as possible 
  3. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Everyone Needs a Laugh   
  4. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in post your cooking skills!   
  5. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by LaserBunny in StarKiller may become canon? theory.   
    Fuck Starkiller.
  6. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in post your cooking skills!   
    define "cooking"

  7. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Modeling is a pain in the butt.   
    So i always wanted to get into 3D modeling, and i have tried to do so for years, yet each program i use has so much stuff you need to look at, and the controls are just all so wacky and hard no matter the program. And once you get the hang of extending, culling the vertices you just loose it soon afterwards when your creation just goes direct into a flop and becomes a monster with leaks. <(My projects always)
     I wonder if there is a program where you can just like sculpt as if it was a art class where you  need to make stuff with mud. you start with a simple stick and just sculpt it with the mouse, adjust sensitivity for smaller brushes, solidify one cube to another, smoothing tools etc... that isn't so damned brain shattering as tools provided in like 3ds max. Maybe i just suck, ye probably.
    I am familiar with the Hammer editor from the source engine, now that is not a modeling tool, yet i have made some pretty nifty things with it using the brush tool, cutting tool, texture browser etc... and converted them to .mdl or .dx with a almost broken and outdated third party tool into source games/engines like hl2 or Unity, Easy peesy, you got a static or dynamic model you can convert to blender for example, which you there need to animate. But it lacks everything else you would and could've had, had you made it in 3ds max or blender, maya.
    If anyone dominates in this field please o please would you be so kind to give me a lecture or a paper? These Youtube tutorials are so uninformative and unnecessarily long.
  8. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Raspharus in My recent guilty pleasure   
    Yes folks. Beneath my thick shield of cynicism, I have found myself a guilty pleasure. Batman Arkham Knight. 
    Even though I never liked much the older games(City and Asylum), this one glued me pretty badly. The performance is utterly amazing. Yes you heard it right. On my 750ti it runs great on normal details and it doesn't even dip below 30, 30 being the lowest I ever went. Of course the fact that it works good NOW and not at launch date is not passable.
    If we ignore the performance issues that the game had, even so the action itself is very very engaging. Multiple villains, the batmobile, a new villain to rival Joker's disasters and even Joker himself gets into the game even though he is well dead. And the batmobile. Oh the batmobile. Even though people hated this shit, I love it, especially when it comes to racing or just tank fights. 
    What is happening with me...
    Anyways for people that are having second thoughts about the game's performance being dodgy, the game runs actually great(on a budget build keep in mind) with the latest patch.
  9. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Jinzuro in ETS 2.....   
    Uh huh... and just how far over the speed limit are we talking here?

  10. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Would you Kindly in What do you hope for to happen in 2016 for you guys?   
    Finish college and get the fuck out of here.
  11. Mr. Molotov liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in [FORUM GAME] You Know... When...   
    ...the "Party Van" has been out side your house all day
    you know you need to take a brake for video games when...
  12. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in TFW your dad is part of the PC mustard race   
    How exactly does that show that he's part of the Mustard Race? He may be an XBot.
  13. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in D. Gray Man is Coming Back Guys!! As Well As BERSERK!!!   
    Finally for Berserk! Last time it ended halfway through the manga. In 1998. Finally it can continue where it left off.
    Expect a lot of gore and girls getting naked. A lot.
  14. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Lord Wayne in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    PM me. 1 game per user.
    Games not available will be crossed out.
    Bonus Steam keys ( Can claim as many as you want  as they are available):
    -Batman Arkham Knight Harley Quinn DLC
    -Total War Battles: KINGDOM – Exclusive Humble Banner Heraldry & In-Game Resources (1000 Silver & 1000 Stone)
    -Total War: ARENA Stuff (Get both of these)
          30 Days Premium Account and Exclusive Humble Warrior Greek Shield (available in Closed Beta)
          Total War: ARENA Premium Spartan Hoplite Unit
    Steam Keys/Humble Bundle links (1 game/user):
    -Bionic Commando: Rearmed
    -DmC: Devil May Cry
    -Resident Evil 4
    -Remember Me
    -Total War: SHOGUN 2 Collection
    -Empire: Total War Collection & MEDIEVAL: Total War Collection
    -Medieval II: Total War Collection, Viking: Battle for Asgard, & Shogun: Total War Collection
    -Dead Space 1
    Steam Gift (1/ user. Must add me on Steam so i can gift it to you):
    -The Ship 2 Pack Gift (I have 2)
      Includes 2 items: The Ship: Murder Party, The Ship: Single Player
  15. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Raspharus in virtual reality and so... crazy stuff   
    Please no.
    I'd rather much prefer my screen with my trusty old kb/m and occasionally controller rather than VR bullshit.
  16. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Would you Kindly in What so bad about Phantom Menace   
    The whole midichlorian thing bugged the hell out of since it wasn't and to my knowledge still isn't mentioned in most if not all lore. Also acting was pretty bad, not that Anakin in later movies was any better but still episode one was kind of bad. Also Jar Jar, he is worth 100 sins on principle.
    That said the lightsaber duels in the prequels were better, hands down.
  17. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in What so bad about Phantom Menace   
    Explanation of how the force works in a boring way that ruins the mystery. The acting of Anakin, Jar Jar, and the boring characters, acting, and lines of everyone else (not that any of them are capable of saving a script like that). That you never feel or see any kind of connection between any of the characters in any of the prequel movies the way you do in the older series (or even in The Clone Wars animated series). The dull action due to how useless the droids are, how little emotion is present in the action scenes, horrible space combat of running the blockade and Anakin destroying the control ship. That nothing really makes any sense plot, time, or location wise. The extremely poor editing of the film.
    Watching Red Letter Media review the film is pretty much as good of an explanation as you can get as to why people would hate the movie both as a Star Wars film and how it fails to be a good movie with just basic film critiques.
  18. Platina32 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Why is the mobile market so crap?   
    TotalBiscuit made a video on this a few months back

    Also my wireless 360 controller doesn't like anything but my 360 and my key bored is from 2003
  19. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Lightning in AJSA's hated videogame characters   
    I loathe Hope from FFXIII the most. Hes weak, whines, cries, uses a boomerang that he shoves up his ass as a weapon, only really good as syn, has stupid character arc and despite being the weakest character in the game, Squenix saw fit to return him in subsequent entries as a central character so he can annoy you all over again.
    I also hate everybody in the Walking Dead game series including Clementine and specially that bitch that shot Carly for absolutely no reason at all.
    I detest the stupid Gaylord Eternal boss from Halo 5. I dont even know where he comes from but, every time hes there he starts spouting his pretentious bullshit just like the other forerunner gaylord from Halo 4 and doesnt shut up. To make the fights worse hes hard because of cheap one shot attacks, copies himself and summons minions! Having fought that guy 7 times in a single Legendary run was 7 times too many.
    Theres more characters that I dislike but, devoting thinking power to these garbage characters is giving me a headache. But you know what? Add Locke from halo 5 as well. Just the fact that this boring stinker of a character took Master Chief time away from us is enough to land him on the shit list.
  20. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Blurmania53 in JAR JAR BINKS sith theory explained(darth jar jar) reddit   
    Just found this video while browsing an online newspaper in my country and found this video around the most hated character in Star Wars prequels.
    Crazy theory huh?

  21. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Best games for the poor   
    Starbound, Kingdom, Age of empires 2 HD, Half-life games. Hotline miami, portal, terraria,  Civilization IV, King arthurs gold, i recommend these personally.
  22. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Shagger in I just had a thought about Battlefront.   
    The post launch support will suck, and here's why.
    And no, it's not this news that they're already announcing sequels, although that is a factor in that ideas for improvement may just be saved for the newer games instead of being patched in. It's about the season pass.
    To explain what I'm on about, we first have to look at another multiplayer only shooter published by EA, Titanfall.
    When the game first launched, allot of people were bummed buy it's lack of content for a full priced game (familiar story, eh?), but was heavily tweaked with better balancing, matchmaking, levelling, emblems and a multitude of new game modes in the months following the games launch. Werther one feels with all this game was still worth it the price comes down to the individual, but the most important thing is this was added at no additional cost completely separate from the games DLC packs and season pass. The season pass also was eventually offered for free with DLC maps put into general circulation, but that was after quite a while from launch and I'm not gonna count them for this, it's still worth noting that happened though.
    Now on to the season pass. Each of the three DLC packs offer new cosmetics, but more importantly three new maps for $10 each or $25 for the season pass. So if I'm getting my maths and assumptions correct that's not far of the same amount of content currently advertised as being a part of the Battlefront's season pass for about half the cost. So, already Battlefront's DLC looks bullshit by comparison, but I fear it's going to get worse.
    Here is what was put into the game for free outside of the bug fixes and balancing ect.
    Marked for Death Game Mode
    Marked for Death Pro Game Mode
    Pilot Skirmish Game Mode
    Frontier Defence Game Mode
    Private Matches (TBH, should have been there from the start, so you could call that a patch)
    New Insignias
    New Unlockable OS Voices
    Deadly Ground Game Mode Stipulation
    DLC Maps Added to Circulation
    Now on to the point
    Given that Battlefront's season pass doesn't offer much more (IMO) that Titanfall's did, what do think the odds are that Battlefront will have this much added to the game for free? Not a chance. EA and DICE simply can't afford to not lock this stuff behind the season pass to help justify it's cost. I'm not saying DICE aren't gonna improve the game, but it'll be the kind of patching and general improvements that are necessary and always, nothing extra. Being a seasonal EA game, DICE will inevitably be kept busy with these bug fixes and balancing. Titanfall was developed by Respawn who weren't exactly very busy in year post Titanfall except for post launch support on that game, not like DICE who'll be working on at least one other Battlefront and probably a new Battlefield over the next few years. DICE won't have the time nor the budget to develop the equivalent of what we got for free in Titanfall and the amount of DLC to justify that kind of cost of that season pass planned for Battlefront separately, there's just no way.
    This coupled with new Battlefronts already announced means the post launch support of Battlefront is going to suck. That is my prediction. That's something EA were actually doing pretty the last year or two. What a shame.
  23. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in It's time.....   
  24. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by MadDemon64 in If I have phobia towards insects is it safe to play fall out 4   
    Believe me when I say that when you play Fallout 4 you will lose your phobia towards insects, only to have it replaced with a phobia towards Deathclaws.

    Unless they have Cazadors in Fallout 4.  Then your phobia towards insects will only get worse in addition to you gaining a phobia towards Deathclaws.
  25. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in If I have phobia towards insects is it safe to play fall out 4   
    Fallout 4 isn't a insects based game so there shouldn't be too many bugs, also I wouldn't be supersized to if a mod to replace them with bares popped up