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  1. Lazilot liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Sing me up!
    I love being brutally murdered by aliens brutally murdering aliens.
    I don't care about gender or class but I need the American voice thing because freedom
    for other names:
    My names in video games is Yor Hunter of the Future (you probably wont be able to fit that)
    my real name Bartholomew Kaur sounds cool so fell free to use that
    If you ever need more, I would suggest past US presidents
  2. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Lazilot in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Don't worry, my friend if it comes to that I'll sacrifice my arms and legs to save you... and also because then I can get that cool mech suit.
  3. Lazilot liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Need people's name in my xcom game   
  4. Lazilot liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Need people's name in my xcom game   
  5. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Need people's name in my xcom game   
    and i lost.....
    to be fair it was not really fun in the end when i lost every encounter with the aliens because the had amazing accauracy and my soldiers could not hit for shit
    and once you're loosing you can't really chance the tide. since your equipment and soldiers arent improving quickly enough to deal with the enemy
    The most frustrating part is how much the soldiers actually misses and how much the AI actually hits 
    it was fun to keep an eye on all of you guys and see how well you did 
    so i made a list of the people that was involved in the xcom project 
    Crazybitsbite: First Xcom squaddie and First support: MIA somewhere in the void
    Average pegasus: First Xcom sniper: MIA somewhere in the void
    Tricky Nicky: First Xcom Assault: MIA somewhere in the void 
    Pegasus junior: First to die by aliens (not counting recruits) 
    Legolas: First to be a zombie
    Mr Meatshield: First to be eaten by Legolas 
    Ancient:First to die by a plasma rifle to the face
    2and900:First to die by a sectoid, in a mec suit. (that's shitty luck)
    Dyzz: First and only one that reached the rank sergeant and also died to a sectoid
    Laserrifle125:First to enter a mec suit and the last to die 
    and countless upon countless unknown recruits 
    People that died somewhere as recruits (because i did not manage to get any recruits to squaddie rank after a while)
    Well i guess i will see you in Xcom 2 
  6. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Scohui in Need people's name in my xcom game   
    Hold do not fret I've got us covered.
  7. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Lazilot in Potential Wargaming Inc. Scandal   
    Gaijin: What are you talking about my friend? Russian Bias? You simply do not understand that historically the glorious USSR was superior to every other nation in every way. German Tiger Tanks? Ha, they are no match for glorious T-35. What? 90% of our tanks lost due to mechanical failure? Impossible!

  8. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Need people's name in my xcom game   
    desperate times calls for desperate measures 
    2and900 voluntered (maybe force voluntering, who knows) to become a mec trooper

    equipped with the new flamethrower and ready for combat. 
  9. Dane2hip48 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Fallout 4 Gameplay   
    Truer words have never been spoken
  10. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Need people's name in my xcom game   
    We haven't lost yet! Have faith in are commander .
  11. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Need people's name in my xcom game   
    We haven't lost yet! Have faith in are commander .
  12. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Need people's name in my xcom game   
    Im sad to announce that the terror mission went bad
    so bad in fact that people died on the mission
    Legolas was killed by a chrysalid in 1 hit (fucking bullshit)

    and his corpse proceeded to munch on Mr Meatshield until he died as well.
    Also 1 hit kill (fucking bullshit again)

    but at least congratulations to 2and900 for reaching the assault class
    we're all eager to see you rush headfirst into battle

    Other than that Egypt and south africa is panicking
  13. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Need people's name in my xcom game   
    Well, I guess we can say that this is probably following X-Com canon now. XD
  14. Dane2hip48 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Fallout 4 Gameplay   
    Truer words have never been spoken
  15. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Fallout 4 Gameplay   
    As someone who replayed Fallout 2 at least a 100 times, I can't remember ever seeing there any real weaponry besides the Desert Eagle and one or 2 pistols. There was no AK, there was no M16 and such guns at all. Besides the modding community will add like 100s of weapons, real and fictional anyways. Fallout New Vegas had some real life weapons, Fallout 4 will too I'm sure. Fallout 1 nor 2 didn't have many real life ones, besides a few. 
    "YOU: The Building system looks so cool! ME: It's vague and it looks rather incomplete. I don't wanna create a town that looks like a rust bucket. I want a classic Fallout 1/2 settlement where most houses are new and made out of concrete or Vault City type homes."     -Vault City was made by the help of GECK, something that doesn't just get sold in a general store. You don't have GECK, you build towns by collecting garbage from around the wastes. That's why towns look like "dusty trash". Besides, I love it. Adds that post-apocalyptic feeling.  
    "YOU: but you can! ME: I... can? I haven't heard of that yet, but having the ability to manage the community would be essential. Getting clean water, creating irrigation for food crops, deciding how the community trades and with who and how it's managed."     -You are being greedy. Having to build my own town, build farms, get people and build trading routes is huge. Who knows, maybe there is even more to it. Be happy man. If Bethesda never announced the feature of building your own settlements, you wouldn't even say such stuff. Sometimes you gotta be happy with what you get. They can't make a perfect game...I mean what you asked for + what we already have is SO much effort...it would take a year to probably add that shit and program it...you are almost asking for Fallout to become a mini Sim City game lol       "YOU: What? ME: It wont be because in order to get truly attached to a protagonist the character you create in Fallout has to be truly "yours". You shouldn't have anything major as far as attachments and romances go. Nothing like that should be forced on you. Wives, husbands, kids, lovers and all that stuff should be "optional". Otherwise this is a pre made character with your name on it and nothing more."     -In Fallout 2 I was this bad ass guy walking around Wasteland shooting bad people but in the back of my mind I constantly was thinking about saving Arroyo because that was the main mission. If you didn't do it after a certain amount of in-game time, the game ends and you have to start over. Every character has something that ties you, a major quest. If you have to find your family in Fallout 4, well fuck it, so be it. But you still probably get the chance to "romance" others or talk to others or whatever...I don't know. In Skyrim I had to kill Alduin but who the heck cares? I could still kill all the damn chickens and not give a shit and do all the other stuff and not think I'm dragonborn. You do know that open world RPG like ES and Fallout are big enough that sometimes you can just be someone random and not think about the main mission? Besides the amount of side quests is far bigger than the main story alone.       "YOU: But how do you- ME: Because Fallout's protagonists are yours and yours alone. They should always be the ones you want them to be. The fast & hot female psycho, the tough brain damaged brute, a gifted man who's good at everything, but not the best at anything, the lone wolf who kills without mercy just to ensure the survival of his people or well a educated scholar who prefers to resolve matters with words to avoid bloodshed. You can be any of those or a combination of few. When that is taken from you... you just follow a story. Making bland, nearly meaningless good and bad choices. You can no longer be tricky. In Fallout 3 I wanted to saver Harkness after turning him in. My plan was to assassinate Zimmer once he starts moving through the ship only to find out he's immortal. Manipulation, double-crossing, multiple ways of completing quests. That's the real Fallout."       -As I've said before: 
        "YOU: The Jet packs will add verticality to the game! Can you imagine jumping from building to building during combat! ME: I'd rather go inside the buildings. Enjoy the interiors, traps and the feeling of danger and doom being everywhere."     -Then go inside buildings. They didn't say, "We added jetpacks so you can jump on buildings, but you can't go inside them." You can go inside them too...AND ON THEM!           "YOU: Well what about the cinematic mode? ME: I prefer having a much more immersive experience in 1st person mode. Talking face to face was always better for games like this. That's why you even had it in Fallout 1 with the "Talking head's"."       -This is a highly personal preference. Doesn't make the game bad.         To be honest with you man, I've replayed Fallout 2 more than any other game in my entire life. I love it. It's one of my favorite RPGs ever, but times change. Fallout series moved on and it doesn't give the same feeling as previous titles, but it's still good. You have to let go of the feeling that's keeping you bash the new games because they aren't same as old ones. Fallout 3 and New Vegas were almost completely the same, some they had more features and improved and somewhere they lacked, but oh well. They are still fantastic games.      There was a guy in the new Doom trailer who wrote, "Wow, he has no gloves in this game, but in old Doom games he had bad ass gloves. Wow Bethesda fucking sucks, fuck this game." LOL ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I wanted to reply to him to go kill himself but I had no nerves for it and it's stupid, but overall...no matter how gaming industry can be a bitch and fail, we have to admit that gamers are one of the most spoiled sons of #($/#  on face of the earth, spoiled, childish and sometimes stupid as - shit. Sometimes we have to take what we get or not buy it all. There is no point complaining. I get your points, I loved Fallout 2 as well, Fallout 1 not as much but Fallout 3 and NV were really good games and Fallout 4 looks like a major improvement.     I'm also glad the graphics suck ass and all the spoiled kids are crying over it, because at least less whiners will play it. Gameplay > Graphics. (;   
  16. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Dane2hip48 in Fallout 4 Gameplay   
    ^ Can you imagine the splatter animation for the groin part though?
  17. Dane2hip48 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Fallout 4 Gameplay   
    I want to shoot people in the nuts too
  18. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Jinzuro in Finally 5,222 Matches Complete   
    It only took about 2 years, but its done. Could have finished sooner were it not for work, but what can one do? I've had many asking me just why in the world I was doing this, it was a waste of time, etc, etc. For me, its a reminder of a time when one of my best friend's and I got together for tournaments during my early high school years. 
    Amusingly enough we used to bet money on matches going by the teams we set up when we weren't actually playing the game and focusing much on the A.I. of it itself between studies. Sadly he passed away before graduation from an severe allergic reaction, but you never forget your good friends. I felt no better way then pay a good tribute of my time to something we had fun wasting our time to. Those simpler times we all go through before we get out in the world to work, pay bills, and learn from all the costly mistakes that life has to offer. 
    To those of you who have good friends. Cherish them well because you really don't know if something may happen to them. Could be years down the road, but it could also be of the next month, week, hour, or minutes of this post. There are times you'll have your issues, but if your good friends and the problem is a petty one kill it immediately. Life is indeed a short one.
    RIP Josh, I'll forgive you for winning that last match.
  19. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in Need people's name in my xcom game   
    Is it not? I must be in the wrong line.
    Thank you for the warning, I would hate to have been thrown into a brutal conflict between humanity and a invading alien force, that would have been terrible
  20. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in [Forum Game] The Banned Game   
    Banned because no controllable AT-AT's

  21. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Lazilot in Need people's name in my xcom game   
    Sign me up! The only good Xeno is a dead Xeno.
  22. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by PlasticFrogCG in Derailing the hype train   
    Heck, I'll freely admit I want FF7 HD just to oogle Tifa in high-res 3D.
  23. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Dane2hip48 in Fallout 4 Gameplay   
    Why Jetpacks? They're  not doing it simply because CoD, its because it adds verticality to the game. A fully explorable City with skyscrapers! How can you not get excited about that!
    Are you kidding me with the unimproved combat? Fallout 3 barely counts as a shooter. This game adds improved hud, Enemies that react to your hits differently rather than the old Fallout 3 Cripple animation, not static people moving towards you as you fire guns that  feel like peashooters.
    Motorcycles and cars would break the experience and be quite stupid. Yes it worked in Fallout 2 but that's a totally different game!
     Cinematic conversation is a gimmick? You do realize 90% of games and all movies use these right? If its a gimmick its a F**king well working one. Also its optional! A cinematic view edited by the developers is totally optional.
    Todd Howard has said the voiced protag has sacrificed a bit of freedom, I will give you that, but they say there doing it for a more emotional storyline, and if it works as well as say Telltale, I'm all in.
    Also you know nothing about the minute men besides the fact that there a new faction, so shut up about the whole their just generic mercenaries until we you know, Actually know who they are! 
    Also how can you tell me about the Institute when they've only been referenced in previous games? You literally know close to nothing about them.
    This is the best Crafting I've ever seen in a game. What level were you expecting?!
    How does the opportunity to build a base and home for other NPCs not excite you?!
    I do agree with the perk system, it was perfect how it was, but I'm open to change if it works well.
    Also in the trailer and concept art we saw all kinds of different locations in gameplay. Even a new snowy area, and a swampy area. Also a area close to were the bombs fell which will have the closest color palette to fallout 3- new vegas.
    This is looking to be one of the best RPGs ever!
  24. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Dane2hip48 in Fallout 4 Gameplay   
    @ Patrycjusz
    I'm sorry. I know how it feels to have a franchise and watch what you loved about it drift away as time passes. But for me Fallout 3 and Fallout new vegas are what I know and love about Fallout. This is why I'm excited for 4. Because to me. This is FALLOUT. Again, I apologize.
    I suggest you try wasteland 2. carries very many elements from fallout 1 and 2
  25. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in Which has more promise?   
    You mean Battlefront.  Battlefront 3 was cancelled years ago.
    To be honest, either of them could be a flop, and either of them could be a success.  From my personal experience, I think that Fallout 4 has more promise, because even if they release it as a bug-ridden mess, you have the talent and dedication of the modding community to fix the game... and to keep improving the game, years after the devs have left it for the next big game (like Skyrim, Oblivion, FO3, Morrowind).
    On the other hand, EA doesn't like them pesky fansmodders to tamper with their masterpieces (like BF4).  So if battlefront is released as a bug-filled DLC-ridden mess, you will have to wait for the devs to release the fixes and for EA to pay for the servers.