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  1. You should state an opinion as such, for your method is a statement that can be misconstrude as obvious towards a point of interpreted matter of factness. In other words, it will be taken as you wrote it, not as you intended. This can piss people off.
  2. Those are opinions.
  3. Derpy is in there dummy, in the freaking stall!!!! /facepalm
  4. Phantom was easy, but he was optional? Lmao
  5. Why is there such disrespect for certain people and large amount of cult like idolotry and following with others? These are actual people, weither you are expressing your opinion or stating your ideals. Unless it is something like Justin Beiber, where his actions are proof of his character. Do not disrespect someone unless they can defend themselves. Especially since people like Felix and Athene are actually really good guy. Even when their characters are... Weird.
  6. Elder Scrolls However, I believe these should NOT be removed or, "Purged." First off, I do like Call of Duty with certain expections. Why, because it is a game you can just jump into and play. You know how it plays, you are used to how to play it and you have fun. However, I also enjoy other first person games as well. Perfect Dark for the 64 is incredible. I play Fallout and if I had a good T.V. would probably play Skyrim. However, I also play other games most people don't know about. Reckoning, Battle of the Collossues(or however you spell it), LoZ was not a very well sold game. Only the lower millions. Ilo Milo, Raskulls, etc. The thing is, you can play those games, but they can be problematic. Sometimes the controls are hard to get, sometimes you get stuck and want something to relax on. Sometimes you just want a little bit of the old feel. So, you play some well known game. CoD would be dead if they stop releasing new games, because people would hack it out of existance. Ut was not as much of a problem with Halo, because for some reason people(from what I noticed) didn't hack it as much. It seems the edicate for games themselves are dying. What IS frusterating and the most difficult pill to swallow. That would easily be D.L.C., I could understand if you want to add sh!t that was NOT originally in the game, but to purposefully hold out content that should already be there to get more money? We need to take pitchforks to the offices of Forza, Grand Turismo, CoD, Rockstar, etc. because I payed 60 bucks for the game, why the hell am I paying more for what should already be in the game? Is this just their way of dealing with market inflation? No idea, but something does not spell right. I want to get the game I bought, not half only to pay the other half of the game when I bought it. What happened to NOT FUCKING OVER PLAYERS!
  7. I gotta mention, LOZ: OoT has got to be one of the easiest game of all time. My brother and I kept doing shieldless 3 heart runs. We also fought every version on Ganon's slice back magic with bottles and did not use swords unless we had to and the boomerang we did not use either.
  8. It's in the Gif with the twins! -.-
  9. Ursula from KH, I beat her 10 levels too low, lmao.
  10. Acme 'Nough said.
  11. How about Derpy, right before Applejack walks in front of the stall?
  12. Okay, I was getting a tad flustered.
  13. Then what came out last week? I watched Testing the week before.
  14. Can someone please find me season 4 Episode 22? I didn't get to see it.
  15. The Season Finale spectulation. It will be on par with the twist of the starting point of the season. You believe they will give power, that will not happen. Twilight is stronger then all of The Peincesses combined. The different will be a blieve in herself, the same doubt she has had through all 4 Seasons. She will use everything she has learned and all of the growth as well as what is discovered to wrap-up the twist. Honestly, I think Discord will do something questionable and be redeemed. It is a cycle.